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    House Republicans Just Can’t Bring Themselves To Cut Spending

    Did you know that House Republicans are still defeating amendment after amendment to cut spending — even relatively small amounts? You probably didn’t realize this because, for some reason, no one is reporting it. So here are just a few of the amendments the House defeated last week. If you’re not happy with this record House Republicans are compiling this election year, let them know | Read More »

    The 911 Call and 80+ Members of Congress

    As most of you know, my family was swatted on May 27, 2012.The police, at the time, told me they were responding to a 911 call about an accidental shooting.I now have the 911 call. It turns out that the call was not about an accidental shooting. The caller said I had shot my wife, she was dead on the floor in front of me, | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for June 11, 2012

    RedState Morning Briefing June 11, 2012 Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge. 1. Vote No On The McGurk Nomination 2. Doing Fine? 3. Obama really does believe ‘the private sector is doing fine’ 4. Darcy Burner: Bringing The Crazy to the WA-01 Election!

    From the Mail Bag

    My morning post has set off a firestorm. From: alan@curbking.usSubject: ?Date: June 8, 2012 11:13:39 AM EDTTo: I am unsubscribing to your bull shit! To make fun of Ron Paul, who stands for true American principles and freedom, and to make fun of those protesting the Bilderbergers just reinforces my original premise that “Red State” is nothing more than another liberal brain washing publication. | Read More »


    The Greatest Conspiracy

    Please stop and read this post at Hot Air right now.Go on. I’ll wait for you to come back. It is required reading this morning.Go on . . . . .Welcome back. As you can see, it is a flat out lie that the left was outspent 7 to 1 in Wisconsin. In fact, considering the money unions spent on things like “voter education”, which | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for June 8, 2012

    RedState Morning Briefing June 8, 2012 Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge. 1. The Greatest Conspiracy 2. Now Bleed Them Dry 3. Holder Stumbles Under Questioning About David Alexrod 4. Romney/RNC outraises Obama/DNC in May. 5. Spokesman for Colorado Democrats Refuses to Say If He Voted in March Caucuses

    The Greatest Conspiracy Never Told #EERS

    Tonight on my show, I want to talk about the greatest conspiracy never told — what I call the ongoing dementia on the left and some on the right to blame others and come up with elaborate conspiracies for everything rather than accept that their own ideas are not popular.You can listen live tonight on the WSB live stream and call in at 1-800-WSB-TALK. The | Read More »

    If Only They Don’t Go Wobbly

    Our Republican Leadership in Washington, D.C. is extremely risk adverse. It is very clear the leadership has convinced itself, despite historic truth, that Newt Gingrich lost his job because of the government shutdown way back when. They do not want to have protracted fights. They want to appear reasonable. They crave the press’s adoration of “grown ups” and “reasonable men.”I expect Barack Obama to capitalize | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for June 7, 2012

    RedState Morning Briefing June 7, 2012 Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge. 1. If Only They Don’t Go Wobbly 2. From Sen. DeMint: The Other Big Elections 3. Saxby Chambliss Does the Right Thing, Re: SWATting 4. Taking a Second Look at those #WIRecall Exit Polls–And Other Things

    DOOM: Tonight We Feast on Tears #EERS

    Oh do I have a fantastic 2 hours in store for you people tonight on the nation’s most listened to talk radio station. I’m going to take the first half hour and talk about D-Day, then it’s going to be all Wisconsin.Tonight, we will feast on the tears of the left and, most especially, the MSNBC gang.You can listen live tonight on the WSB live | Read More »

    Sixty Eight Years Ago Today

    On this day in 1944, 195,700 naval and merchant navy personnel and 160,000 soldiers participated in Operation Neptune, the landing on the beaches in Normandy to begin the end of World War II in Europe. One of the most famous remembrances of that effort is Ronald Reagan’s speech to, at the time, commemorate the 40th anniversary.  The Reagan Foundation has posted it in its entirety | Read More »


    In Which @MoeLane Wins the Internets

    As the Editor of RedState, today I stand proud of one of our front page contributors. If you can handle salty language, please, please go feast on these tears all inspired by our very own Mr. Moe Lane.Oh, and after you are done feasting on those tears, make your way to the comments where you’ll get gems like this one: Moe Lane is a special | Read More »

    The Whupping in Wisconsin: Seven Key Conclusions

    “Now I know what MSNBC means by lean forward. I leaned forward as I was viewing, watching for signs of possible coronaries live on TV.” Last night in Wisconsin, Democracy died because Republicans spent a bunch of money and Wisconsin saw record voter turnout levels across the state where they decisively sided with the incumbent Republican Governor against the ongoing childish assault on representative democracy | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for June 6, 2012

    RedState Morning Briefing June 6, 2012 Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge. 1. The Whupping in Wisconsin: Seven Key Conclusions 2. Scorecard: Solyndra vs. Konarka 3. A Risk of Contagion: The Growing Threat from Syria’s WMD 4. Obama and Reid: Destroying the Economy; Stimulating Trial Lawyers

    Wright McLeod: Poseur in GA-12

    I don’t have a dog in the fight in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District, but the district has a history of fostering crappy Republicans to take on the imminently beatable John Barrow. The latest seems to be Wright McLeod and I am troubled.He seems to want to run as a tea party candidate, but his record is anything but tea party.Here is his voting history and | Read More »