Trump’s Fantasy: He’ll Beat Clinton and He’s Got Foreign Policy Skills

Donald Trump stumbled through dual delusions in the early hours of Monday morning.

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Checking the polls, Indiana is winnable for Ted Cruz

Lately I’ve been leaning hard on the 538 projections to see where we’re at with the Republican nomination. After a good stretch he’s close enough that uncommitted delegates could get him over the top. But he’s projected to take a near sweep in Indiana. Will he perform?

John Boehner’s Attack on Ted Cruz Upsets Satanists

Don’t be looking for any “Satanists for Cruz” bumper stickers. You won’t find them.

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The Media is Playing Mouth of Sauron for Trump

If you’ll forgive me, I’m going to nerd out for a bit. I never really got into comic books or anything, but I love Tolkien and have read all of the Lord of the Rings books several times. The Hobbit was the first book I genuinely fell in love with as a kid. Anyway, there’s this scene in The Return of the King that got cut | Read More »

Pay attention to the West Virginia *Democratic* Primary, too.

The Democratic primary in West Virginia will likely give us some interesting data on how badly coal is going to hurt Hillary Clinton.

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Water Cooler 5/1/2016 OPEN THREAD – Green Zone Protests, AfD Conference, May Day & Baby Parts

Iraq Green Zone Protests Sunni Muslims have called off their protests in the Green Zone in Baghdad for the time being. Sunni clerics aren’t happy with the current configuration of government, and factions aren’t happy with each other. The fear of a rift between Shia factions will stoke instability in Iraq, which is already at war with IS. And the crisis will alarm key allies | Read More »

New York Times Trolls Pennsylvania Delegate Count To Keep Trump Revenue Coming

I’m not a pollyanna. Ted Cruz is in a tough fight for the nomination. If he loses on Tuesday in Indiana I think the wind goes out of his campaign and Trump goes to the convention with 1,237 delegates and the momentum necessary to stop any attempt to challenge the credentials of his delegates and, ultimately, ultimately he takes the nomination. The polls have been | Read More »

White House Reporter Makes Super Duper Sure Obama Truly Likes Her Network For Really Real [VIDEO]

White House Reporter Makes Super Duper Sure Obama Truly Likes Her Network For Really Real [VIDEO]

That miserable get-together in Washington known as the White Correspondents’ Dinner took place this weekend, more’s the pity, and President Obama (and everyone else) took shots at the press, as ...

Senator Cruz Confronted By Barking Branch Trumpidians In Indiana

One gets the impression that we’re one generation away from President Honey Boo-Boo.

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Ted Cruz Responds to Caitlyn Jenner and Hammers Trump On Political Correctness

Ted Cruz had some hard hitting words for Donald Trump during an interview on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper.

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Arkansas Democrat Features Trump’s Anti-Woman Remarks In New Senate Ad

It’s the worst (but entirely predictable) of our fears: Donald Trump’s views and statements on women are being used not just presidential ads, but now Senate race ads. Look no further than this devastating ad released by Arkansas Democrat Connor Eldridge. It’s no taking words out of context. It’s not inferring things from what Donald Trump has said. It is explicitly using his words to | Read More »

VIDEO PROOF: Sorry Trumpers and Libs, Ted Cruz Did NOT Ignore Carly Fiorina Falling Off a Stage

It should be no surprise to anyone who is informed that Trump fans and rabid liberals would be on the same page on something, since it happens all the time. Both groups love socialized healthcare, both groups love allowing men in women’s restrooms, and now both groups are telling a fresh new lie about Ted Cruz. In this case, that he’s a heartless cad. It’s | Read More »

[VIDEO] Trump’s AZ Chairman Screams at Staffers for Delegate Ineptitude

In true Trump fashion, Trump’s Arizona chairman Jeff DeWit promised a lawsuit over the delegate debacle because everything in the whole world is unfair when it doesn’t go Trump’s way. But behind the scenes? Apparently DeWit was well aware it was the Trump team’s own shortcomings that led to the delegate results, and let’s just say he was less than thrilled about it.

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Prosecute, Fine, Imprison and Deport Illegals

John Culberson has introduced three bills which will strengthen immigration enforcement by ensuring that every illegal alien over the age of eighteen is prosecuted wherever they’re found in the U.S., illegal immigrant convicts are fined, imprisoned, or both, and felony criminal illegal aliens are deported upon completion of their sentences.

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BREAKING: New Hampshire GOP CANCELS Vote Blocking Trump Delegates

Earlier today, we reported on the New Hampshire GOP’s attempts to vote Republican National Convention leadership slots via e-mail vote. The controversy stemmed from the fact that the list of candidates for state delegate leadership included no Donald Trump supporters, despite the fact that Trump won the state. Word has now come out that the NHGOP, caving to pressure from Trump supporters, has decided to cancel | Read More »

CNN Host Laughs as Trump Whines About Unfair Double Standards and Says “the Indians” are Mad at Clinton [VIDEO]

Chris Cuomo couldn’t hold back his laughter while interviewing Donald Trump on CNN Monday morning, and who could blame him? Trump was on “New Day” to discuss his comments about Hillary Clinton benefiting from a double standard, and as usual he tried everything he could to deflect attention from his own atrocious behavior.

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Toxic Trump: Poll Says Bye Bye Cuban Vote In Florida If He’s The Nominee

Is there any demographic that Donald Trump has not alienated to the point where he’s more hated than a sexually transmitted disease? Despite closing in on 1,237 delegates for the GOP nomination, he’s a reaching a point when it comes time to debate Hillary Clinton, she will walk on stage, cackle, point at Trump and walk away. One of the more solid pro-Republican voting blocs in | Read More »

Veterans Affairs: It Was Just Armed Robbery, No Big Deal

By Reps. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) and Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.). The Department of Veterans Affairs has been putting on a master class in impunity. We have seen VA employees assist in armed robbery, possess controlled substances and commit a sex offense – yet they have not been fired. There are some questions that shouldn’t have to be asked. However, during a committee hearing last week we | Read More »

Newt Gingrich Desperately Wants to be Trump’s VP

There are a number of people who are at least possibly shamelessly auditioning to be Trump’s VP – including Ben Carson, who saved several states for Trump on Super Tuesday, and John Kasich, who is busy saving states for him AFTER Super Tuesday. Also, Chris Christie has been completely irrelevant in every contest this year, but he is an allegedly serious person who is doing | Read More »

Ted Cruz’s Awesome Response to a Young Heckler [VIDEO]

Anyone who has been paying attention to this election cycle for even a short period of time should have noticed by now that Ted Cruz possesses the unique gift of being able to decisively destroy opponents using only his words. Apparently, a young boy in La Porte, Indiana has not been paying close enough attention and thought he could get the best of Ted Cruz.

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Is the New Hampshire GOP Trying To Torpedo Donald Trump’s Chances?

Over the weekend, an e-mail went out to the New Hampshire delegation to the Republican National Convention. In it, the state’s GOP director said a vote for leaders and committee positions will take place via e-mail. Attached was a slate of delegates to be appointed – none of them were Trump supporters. More from New Hampshire Public Radio: Trump got 35 percent of the vote | Read More »

Will Marco Rubio Endorse Ted Cruz?

This question has lingered for quite some time with no clear direction on whether or not it will happen. Things are still a bit murky but it’s starting to become clearer what Rubio’s plans are and if he’ll eventually endorse Cruz. Right now it is a bit complicated. With no candidate over the 1,237 delegate threshold and the conclusion being up in the air, Rubio | Read More »

Everyone Loathes the Latest Obama Power Grab – Except Google, and That’s All That Matters

A key Barack Obama Administration legacy item is its wanton abuse of the Constitution’s separation and balance of powers. No Executive Branch in history has spent more time pretending to be the Legislative Branch – writing regulations where the requisite preceding law doesn’t exist. As this Administration’s time runs down – its minions ramp up these unilateral power grabs. As the grabs get larger and | Read More »








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