Sean Spicer Cracks Down On Leaks… From His Own Staff


Donald Trump has thin skin. So much so to the point that he’s a guy that doesn’t like to make fun of himself. Self-deprecation is a good quality to have, and he doesn’t have it. President Obama did, despite also being thin-skinned (Obama couldn’t take criticism of any kind) and therefore the White House Correspondents Dinner became like a Beatles (or if you don’t like | Read More »

Seton Motley | Red State |

Nothing in the history of humanity has grown bigger, faster or better – than the World Wide Web.  In just about a quarter century, it has become an economic and political force of nigh immeasurable impact. The Internet is a magnificent, unparalleled private sector success story.  Yes, the Left reflexively and rightly states that the earliest, nascent Web steps were taken by the government – | Read More »

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