The thing that EVERY GOP candidate must demand of EVERY reporter until we get answers.

The thing that EVERY GOP candidate must demand of EVERY reporter until we get answers.

“Every Democrat should repeatedly be asked whether they support the police state tactics used by Democrats in Wisconsin.” ...

White House Won’t Deny Clinton Foundation Donors Got Special Treatment

The corruption scandals just keep getting worse for Hillary Clinton. Charges have been bandied about for a while now that foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation received special treatment by the State Department while Hillary was in charge. Yesterday, White House spokesman Josh Earnest was asked about the issue, and he refused to deny it. Here is video courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon: He | Read More »

John Kerry Gets To Be Barack Obama’s Fall Guy on Iran

Your Credibility When They Toss You Under The Bus. I have good news and bad news for Secretary of State John F. Kerry. The good news is that he holds an illustrious position and is in the direct line to be POTUS in the event of a major disaster*. The bad news is that he just received an addendum to his | Read More »

Mike Flynn For Congress

Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL)Heritage ActionScorecardRep. Aaron Schock45%House Republican Average39See Full Scorecard45%‘s Peoria, IL based congressional district is vacant after his resignation. Darin LaHood, who is the son of President Obama’s former transportation secretary, is seeking Schock’s seat as a Republican. He’s received money already from the left-wing Republican Main Street Parternship. There is currently no alternative to LaHood, but I believe that before the sun sets today we | Read More »

April 20, 1914: The Ludlow Massacre

While we rightfully criticize the excesses of labor unions and decry the way capitalism is degenerating into crony capitalism, rent seeking, and lobbyist cage matches we have to keep in mind how we got here. Coal mining is a dangerous occupation today, it was even moreso at the turn of the last century. Miners worked in a system of peonage that treated them as virtual | Read More »

Should a GOP presidential candidate attend a homosexual wedding?

There has been a garden industry erupting among GOP presidential contenders over whether or not they would attend a homosexual wedding… as a guest. Scott Walker (via CNN) “Even though my position on marriage is still that its defined as between a man and a woman, and I support the constitution of the state but for someone I love, we’ve been to a reception,” he | Read More »

Some thoughts on shame and social media in the political sphere.

We need more shame and less social media, in my opinion. Also, fewer witch hunts, which social media frankly fosters.

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Green Cronyism Hasn’t Gone Anywhere

Back in the good old days of the Obama stimulus, green energy companies were looking for a boost direct from the federal government, in the form of straight-up financial subsidies to promote “green-collar jobs.” Fast forward to 2015, and the terrain has changed some. We’ve seen that the stimulus was a bust. There was the Solyndra mess. Candidates less willing to hand out federal cash | Read More »

Assisted Suicide is Not Dignity

Another indication that our society doesn’t see the value in every stage of life is the increasingly popular idea of assisted suicide. This isn’t a new push of course, as we’re all aware of Jack Kevorkian and what was his controversial campaign to normalize a twisted version of end-of-life compassion. The well-publicized case of Brittany Maynard, a beautiful, young, terminally ill woman who took her | Read More »

History tied to the rack to justify homosexual marriage

One of the most damning traits of the left, a trait that would actually be humorous were it not so pernicious, is the attempt to frame whatever fad they wish to inflict upon the rest of us as a “reinterpretation” of history where “manufactured out of whole cloth” would be a better description. The underlying impulse here is two-fold. First, they try to gaslight you | Read More »







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  • #rsrh Clinton Foundation still planning to take money from foreign governments. No, really.:


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