Dynamic scoring takes another step forward in Congress.

Dynamic scoring takes another step forward in Congress.

Well, this is a promising first step: “House Republicans are moving to increase the use of dynamic scoring through a rules change that would require long-term estimates of the economic ...

Goodwill toward men

Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men.  That’s not just a hopeful prayer, it’s a formula.  Peace cannot be long sustained without goodwill. The third ingredient in the formula, according to Luke, is “Glory to God in the highest heaven.”  That’s unfashionable to mention these days.  The critic of religion – all of them in general, or specific examples – will rush to point out that | Read More »

So, France is Scrapping its 75% Tax Rate

France is providing us with a very good case study on what happens when you raise taxes too high. The 75% tax rate imposed upon the richest French residents* was a centerpiece of Socialist Francois Hollander’s campaign for the French Presidenc *=Unlike the United States, which bases its tax laws upon citizenship, French taxes are based on residence, meaning anyone living there is subjected to | Read More »

Why God Used Angels To Announce Christmas

Erick wrote a post yesterday titled “To Understand the Beginning of the End, You Must Understand the End of the Beginning” which beautifully described God’s covenants with Abraham, Moses and Israel, and the connection to Christmas. I posted a comment posing the question “Did you ever wonder why God used angels to speak to Mary and Zechariah and Joseph?” with a possible answer. This post is the expanded version of that answer with lots of Scripture to back it up and an interesting twist at the end.

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Christmas From Eve to Mary

As we wind down for the holidays and I gear up to fill in for Rush Limbaugh (12/26, 12/30, and 1/2), I will be doing a special presentation on WSB Radio for Christmas Eve. Putting my seminary learning to good use, I spend an hour tying Eve to Mary, explaining the significant of the smoking pot to Abraham, and breaking down why in 200 AD | Read More »

George HW Bush hospitalized.

For shortness of breath; obviously, when somebody’s ninety you don’t want to take any chances.  Hopefully it’ll be nothing and the former President will be back home in time for Christmas. Until then, our prayers and good wishes for him and his family.

The Daily Beast ‘realizes’ that the Black Bloc blackshirts have infected the #ferguson protests.

The Black Bloc uses protests the way that a digger wasp reproduces. Now it’s the Ferguson protests’ turn.

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Stop hoping and start doing

There’s a good reason the term “community organizer” has become a sarcastic joke.  As a class, they haven’t been covering themselves with glory.  The term has become more-or-less synonymous with “left-wing agitator’ or “political hustler.” But it doesn’t have to be that way.  The negative impression is created by the community organizers who develop strong political connections, rake in a ton of money, and rise | Read More »

December 23, 1941: The Last Dead of Pearl Harbor

Every once in a while I, and my colleagues, take a break from bringing Writs of Fire and Sword to the Democrats and write about something that interests us personally. This is one of those occasions. Up until recent years, after progressives gained control of academia, most Americans knew that the Japanese bombed the US military complex at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941, and | Read More »

To Understand the Beginning of the End, You Must Understand the End of the Beginning

In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. And it was perfect until temptation and sin crept in. In the last 24 hours, left-wing articles have attacked Christianity, accused God of raping Mary, and denied there is a deity at all. They have no understanding of either the theology or history of Christmas. For sane people, to understand what this is all about, | Read More »







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  • #rsrh Vermont abandons single-payer plan. As we told you they would.:
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  • Susan J. Douglas Hates GOP But I Love Her via @ftr__radio "hateful relics of the “Peace & Love” generation" #rsrh
  • #rsrh I can say with some pleasure that I don't have to give a tinker's dam at this point if Harry Reid is upset:
  • #rsrh Time for the Screwtape Letters Cowardice quote again, apparently.:


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