Does Obama’s outburst against SCOTUS mean that the Obamacare decision has been leaked to the White House?

    It’s been pretty much a universal article of faith in the country that Supreme Court decisions are absolutely secret until they are announced. No one knows the result, except  for the justices, their clerks, and the few staff people who input the text of the decisions. And it needs to be that way, because advance knowledge of a particular decision can be a tremendous advantage | Read More »

    The last stand of the old line civil rights establishment: Ferguson as Selma

    Virtually all of the black leadership in the country today came of age in the civil rights movement of the 60’s. From Jesse Jackson to Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) 14%, this was their launching pad as they began their ascent into national prominence. Simply put, it made them. For decades since, they have defined their importance in the civil rights hierarchy  by | Read More »

    Wendy Davis is NOT running the worst campaign ever.

    Many wise persons here at Red State have suggested often that Wendy Davis is running the WORST CAMPAIGN EVER.  And yes, it’s true, she’s doing an admirably good (bad?) job of it.  From the wheelchair bicycle ad, to the now-last-minute act of desperation “hail Mary”: the all-out embrace of the increasingly unpopular Obama; Davis and her campaign staff are truly putting on a how-not-to-do-it clinic. | Read More »

    I suppose we should be grateful that Obama didn’t invoke Michael Sam at the UN.

    Yesterday, during his speech at the UN General Assembly, Obama continued his tradition of knocking America at every opportunity, holding the recent events in Ferguson up to the world as a shining example of, “nope, we ain’t perfect, but we’re trying.” Not surprisingly, it’s the one line in an otherwise totally blah speech that got any attention. But we shouldn’t be surprised, it’s what Obama | Read More »

    Read my lips: We don’t have a strategy yet….

    **Promoted from the diaries. – Aaron** There are misspeaks…there are gaffes..there are cases of political foot-in-mouth disease, and then there are monumentally self-destructive comments like Obama uttered yesterday: “We don’t have a strategy yet….” for dealing with ISIS The WH scrambled to try and dismiss this as just a verbal gaffe…Obama paying an “aw shucks” homage to  Harry Reid. Maybe they should invoke Joe Biden instead, | Read More »

    In case you hadn’t noticed ( or forgotten);Thad Cochran is in line to be the next chair of the Senate Appropriations committee

    Much has been written about the contested Mississippi GOP primary. How Haley Barbour and the GOPe..along with their K street pals… will do anything to hang onto power, etc…. As one who has followed the primary  in Mississippi carefully for months, I suddenly realized that one simple fact has rarely, if ever been mentioned: If Thad Cochran is re-elected, and the GOP takes control of | Read More »

    So, would it really be THAT bad if we don’t win the Senate in November?

    (from the diaries by streiff) The latest election results in Mississippi have generated considerable anger among conservatives. The tactics of the GOPe are disgraceful; there’s no question about that. And some are saying that it’s time to play hardball..Republicans in Mississippi should either NOT vote in the Senate race, or even better ( or worse, depending on one’s perspective) vote for the Democrat.  That would | Read More »

    OMG!!!Eleanor Clift loses her mind: Chris Stevens wasn’t murdered, he died of “smoke inhalation.”

    Just when you think it couldn’t get any crazier, it does. Eleanor Clift, the shrill harridan apologist for the left, on “The McLaughlin Report” today, somehow, I surmise, trying to defend Hillary, opined that Stevens’ death was an unfortunate industrial accident: Next she’ll tell us that the 30o girls in Nigeria weren’t kidnapped by Islamic terrorists..they were actually just out on a school field trip, | Read More »

    Whoa!! Pat Caddell channels Erick Erickson at CPAC, and other observations.

    Don’t know how many of you caught Pat Caddell’s  address at CPAC, but it was fascinating. He excoritated the GOPe, the money men, the Roves in our midst. And then he went after Boehner.  He all  but called for the House GOP caucus to toss him overboard. Powerful stuff. Note: I’ve looked for a video of Caddell’s talk, but couldn’t find a link. If anyone | Read More »