This Bernie Sanders Tweet Is Way Funnier Now That The FBI Is Investigating Him And His Wife

Joe Cunningham

Friends, it’s about time we sat down and had a chat. For Trump apologists, as well as fervent supporters, there is this notion that there’s no difference between the #NeverTrump movement and the Trump Deranged. This is the discussion we need to have, because it’s as false as it is embarrassing. #NeverTrump is a movement I can completely understand. I don’t identify myself with the hashtag, | Read More »


Right now, I think it’s fair to say both parties are worried about the House of Representatives in 2018. Either way you slice it, President Donald Trump is the deciding factor. Either Trump can rally the base, continue making the Democrats overreach and embarrass themselves or Trump can sink and take the Republicans down with him. Those are really the central tenets of either side’s | Read More »

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