Poll: Majority Wants Congress to Investigate Trump/Russia Ties

Jay Caruso

Rat Busters: After discovering a rat as an uninvited guest in their home, college roommates Jody, Brianna, Logan, and Meg had to come up with a better plan after failing to catch it in a trap. The tools used were a mop, bucket, garbage can, swiffer, and a broom wielded by Logan’s boyfriend for the slap shot that finalized the eviction. The video posted by | Read More »

Hillary Clinton

It has been more than obvious that the Democrats are reeling from their election losses. If you’re not convinced, then you’ve missed the many protests, #NotMyPresident declarations, and their general flailing about. In an attempt to encourage the disgruntled, frustrated liberal masses, Hillary Clinton spoke to them in a pre-recorded video on Friday. The “thank you” message, coming more than three months after her loss, | Read More »

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