Carly as Cruz’s VP Beautifully Disrupts Liberal Feminism

As a conservative, anti-feminist woman, there is nothing more satisfying, politically-speaking, than seeing one of your own stick it to the mainstream media. And Carly Fiorina’s new position as the Vice Presidential half of the Cruz ticket did just that. The liberal media clearly can’t deal with this new addition to the Cruz team. Yes, it’s a female, but it’s a conservative female who can hold her | Read More »

Senator Cruz – 1, Smarmy Millennial – 0

As the son of a Cuban immigrant, Cruz has some knowledge of the evils of Communism.

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Universities Take Up Dumb Divestment Trend Along With Bernie Sanders

The new trend at Universities now – aside from throwing temper tantrums, and worrying about your fellow student’s hairstyle – is petitioning for your college to divest from stuff.

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Food, Booze, Parties…Its ALL Included at #RSG16

We get quite a few questions about what you get for the $249 registration fee for the RedState Gathering. Unlike all other conservative conferences, we go to great lengths to take care of you the whole time you are onsite with us in Denver. In other words, we feed you and make sure you have one heck of a great time in the evenings. As | Read More »

Your Absolute Must Read of the Night

Really, the only reason I am writing this post is to call your attention to this excellent Twitter rant by former RedState Contributor (from back in the prehistoric days) Jay Cost. Jay hits on the key thing that many Trump supporters seem not to realize about the #NeverTrump movement – that it really has very little to do with ideology. We are willing to accept | Read More »

The Vichy Republicans Welcome Donald Trump to Paris

There are a lot of elected Republicans who don’t know how to do anything but lose, or kowtow to an authority figure. When Bush was in power, they gave him everything he wanted, including every bloated spending bill that came down the pike. When Obama was in power, they let Obama run roughshod over them. Their cowardice and complicity with Obama’s agenda contributed directly to | Read More »

Newt Gingrich: That Donald Trump Is Super Smart On Foreign Policy

The one singular talent Donald Trump has demonstrated throughout this election cycle is his ability to utterly humiliate and destroy anyone associated with him. The latest victim is New Gingrich

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Will Ferrell Nixes Plans for Reagan Comedy

Will Ferrell Nixes Plans for Reagan Comedy

Decency prevails. ...

Water Cooler 4/29/16 – Carly Fiorina – Cancer Survivor, Business Warrior, Faithful Believer

Carly Fiorina – A Warrior’s Breast Cancer Survival Story I’m going to devote this Water Cooler today to one of my real heroes in life, Carly Fiorina, and her remarkable story of courage, survival, and achievement. What many Constitutional Conservative friends of mine were unaware of is that in 2009, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and underwent chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and a double mastectomy | Read More »

Donald Trump Henchman, the Racist Nutbag Roger Stone Calls Carly Fiornia A Racist

When Carly Fiorina made the civilized statement that she didn’t think rapists were tough guys, she really made Donald Trump henchman, Roger Stone, mad. Did it hit too close to home?

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BREAKING: New Game-Changing Poll Shows Ted Cruz CLOBBERING Trump By Double Digits in Indiana!!

A new poll is out today, and the results are great news for Ted Cruz and America in general, showing Senator Cruz Trump with a double-digit lead.

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David Jolly Gets Free 60-Minutes Campaign Commercial For Bashing His Colleagues

Florida Senate hopeful David Jolly is using a favorite media subject, political fundraising, to attack other Republicans and to make himself more competitive and he gets a free campaign ad courtesy of 60 Minutes

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Ted Cruz And John Kasich Deny They Have An Alliance Because They Don’t

Must be a slow news day. Ted Cruz and John Kasich were accused of breaching an alliance that never existed.

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BREAKING: Mike Pence Officially Makes His Endorsement

This is huge news. Pence is universally known in Indiana and is by far the biggest Republican name in the state.

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New Indiana Poll Shows Virtual Tie for First Place

A new Indiana poll has just been released by the Republican polling firm Clout Research, and it shows a virtual tie for the top spot.

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Rick Perry is CONFIRMED for #RSG16 – Are you?

The program for #RSG16 is heating up, and RedState is pleased to announce that regular attendee and fan favorite Rick Perry has confirmed that he will attend the RedState Gathering in 2016 – have you already confirmed your attendance? Order your ticket now and get special pricing on both the event and the hotel. Enjoy the opportunity to meet with your favorite conservative office holders and candidates, | Read More »

Donald Trump Touts the Endorsement of an Infamous Convicted Indianapolis Rapist

During the course of a campaign stop yesterday, Donald Trump touted the endorsement of the most high profile convicted rapist in Indianapolis history.

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BREAKING: Gov. Mike Pence rumored to Make his Endorsement Today on Greg Garrison show.

Mike Pence might be about to make an endorsement announcement today.

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Carly Fiorina Responds to John Boehner’s “Despicable” Comments About Ted Cruz (AUDIO)

Carly Fiorina was on the Hugh Hewitt show this morning, and showed why she has value to Cruz quite apart from having reset the news cycle. She is probably the best and most media savvy attack dog who was available on the market, and she showed it today. You can listen to the whole interview here, and there’s a transcript of the relevant portion below: HH: | Read More »

Donald Trump Named in Lawsuit Alleging Rape of Teen Girl

Whether true or not, the allegations are disturbing.

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HARD TO BELIEVE. US Army Does the Right Thing And Keeps SFC Charles Martland On Active Duty

As hard as it is to believe, the US Army under Barack Obama had a policy in Afghanistan of coddling child-rapists. More than coddling, actually. The policy was to let militia and police commanders who were nominally on our side have their harems of young boys (bacha bazi). Never mind that the did it on American bases, which makes it against US federal law, never | Read More »

Ted Cruz Set to Score Significant Delegate Haul in Virginia

Cruz’s ground game is unmatched.

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Mike Lee Unloads on John Boehner in Defense of his Friend Ted Cruz

Mike Lee spoke to Mark Levin Thursday evening and didn’t hold back when addressing John Boehner’s attack on Ted Cruz. Keep in mind, Mike Lee is basically the most mild-mannered person in the entire senate, and even he isn’t tolerating this nonsense anymore.

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