An Unserious Candidate for an Unserious Country

An Unserious Candidate for an Unserious Country

It's time to stop assuming that the Trump phenomenon will collapse under its own weight. Trump has held a continuous lead in the RCP polling average ...

Ben Carson leads in Gallup’s favorability poll

A new Gallup poll tracks the favorability ratings of the GOP field. Donald Trump’s net favorable rating among Republicans increased significantly over the past two weeks, putting him among the top six Republicans overall on this measure. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100%‘s image also improved, while Carly Fiorina’s and Ben Carson’s images remain significantly better than they were before the Aug. 6 | Read More »

The word of the day is ‘Völkerwanderung.’

“History does not always repeat itself. Sometimes it just screams ‘Why don’t you ever listen to what I’m SAYING?’ and then lets fly with a club.”

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Iran Deal: The Devil is in the Details

Thanks to some truly spectacular failure theater on the part of the GOP, the President now has his Iran deal. Listening to President Obama and John Kerry, they have prevented Iran from getting a bomb instead of making it more likely. This video made by RedState’s own Ben Howe shows that, in the case of the Iran deal, the devil really is in the details: | Read More »

Rick Perry campaign on terminal trajectory

In what looks to be a metaphor for his campaign, Rick Perry got plenty of attention yesterday but it was only because Donald Trump was trolling him, and in the end it was a verbal gaffe by Perry that got more attention than his substantive response. Via The Hill: Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Thursday gave a puzzling response to Donald Trump’s assertion that he is | Read More »

Great new Jeb Bush strategy: attack Trump

Desperate times call for desperate measures… or just for desperation. Via The Hill: Jeb Bush is trying to get off the mat and prove his mettle to the Republican Party after a tough summer. No longer the front-runner, Bush has reset his campaign strategy and is now directly engaging Donald Trump, in part to show that he’s capable of the political knife-fight it takes to | Read More »

Hillary Clinton, Ashley Madison and the Strange Beauty of Karma

Hacktivism isn’t my favorite activity. I understand why people like Edward Snowden or Julian Assange do what they do. I even concede that they sometimes have a point. However, it often comes at a terrible negative externality cost. It happens because people who have significant power abuse that power when they feel immune from consequence. The only way to take them down is to go | Read More »

A Nation of Laws No More

When five largely unrepresentative and unaccountable people can decide to impose their moral values on a nation of 320 million, we really are not a nation of laws, but a nation of men. When clerks in Washington, D.C. can deny citizens access to guns, despite there being an individual, constitutional right, we really are not a nation of laws, but a nation of men. When | Read More »

The #BATF: Kim Davis, European Migrant Crisis, Emailgate

Welcome back to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Friends! This week, local candidate Laura Fillault joins the regular panel featuring F. Bill McMorris of the Washington Free Beacon, Scott Lincicome of the Cato Institute, Jeff Blehar of the Ace of Spades Decision Desk, and Neal Dewing of the Federalist to discuss Kim Davis, the European refugee crisis, the latest development in Emailgate, and perhaps | Read More »

The Establishment can’t even criticize Trump correctly

My distaste for Trump is well documented at this point, but when I read this evening about Hugh Hewitt’s interview of Donald Trump, I was struck by how terrible Hewitt’s whole line of questioning is. Hewitt – who gave Harriet Miers a “solid B+” and thought that was good enough – has essentially declared that Al Gore would have been a better President than George | Read More »









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