Danny Huizinga is a freelance reporter for the Daily Caller and a syndicated political columnist for the Washington Times Communities. Danny was the Turning Point USA "Columnist of the Year" in 2013 and has won a Gold Circle Award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. He is currently studying at Baylor University, pursuing three business majors in Economics, Finance, and Business Fellows with minors in mathematics and political science. Although originally from the Chicago area, he is a Texas resident. Danny's writing began when he founded a political blog called Consider Again located at Follow him on Twitter - @HuizingaDanny.


    Personalizing Gatsby’s “Green Light”

    (Promoted from the diaries) The story of Jay Gatsby can impart wisdom to our life goals in a particularly powerful manner. Though I was not disappointed by the new adaptation of The Great Gatsby, neither was I enthralled. Instead, the movie seemed to begin with a forced storytelling of rough scene cuts that eventually found itself understanding the deeper meaning. It must be admitted that, by many accounts, | Read More »