Global cooling predicted, again

Global cooling predicted, again

The June 24, 1974 Time Magazine cover asked if we were heading into another Ice Age. Global cooling theory was popular, but of course became politically unpopular starting in the ...

The Cult of Death that Hates America

There is a cult of death that hates America. It worships what it sees is the right of man to give and take life when it becomes a threat to its way of life. This cult has been aiming to see the end of America as we know it for a long time, but lately it’s become much worse. This cult is not ISIS. It | Read More »

Democrat Alan Grayson Goes Full Birther on Ted Cruz

Let’s talk about Democratic Congressman and Senate candidate Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) 17% and his threat to file a lawsuit challenging the eligibility of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% to be President on grounds that Cruz was born in Calgary and is the son of a Cuban immigrant. One of the many things we have been told repeatedly over | Read More »

Semi-Retired President to Spend His Final Year Fighting Fake Problems

I often wonder if President Obama is capable of the kind of introspection that causes him to ask what went wrong in his presidency. Obama came into office with huge Democratic majorities in Congress and a laundry list of things he wanted to fix. He wanted to close Guantanamo Bay within the first 100 days of his administration, but it still remains open today, as | Read More »

Five Reasons No One Believes Colorado Springs Was Terrorism

  Nothing I have read thus far convinces me that Robert Lewis Dear, the guy arrested for the shootings in Colorado Springs, CO, knows or cares very much about abortion. Violence is a tragedy and those who perpetuate violence, be they Dear or Cecile Richards — and let’s be serious, here, in terms of mere fatalities, Dear can’t hold a candle to Richards — should | Read More »

At Last, Students at Mizzou Have Something Legitimate to Protest

A shocking thing has happened to a young girl in Columbia, Missouri, at the hands of an assistant professor at the University of Missouri, no less. I can safely say that what happened to this young woman was more harmful than the sum total of alleged grievances brought up by hunger striker Jonathan Butler. And, unlike the list of #ConcernedStudent1950 grievances, this one was directly | Read More »

Planned Parenthood is ill-clothed in robes of self-righteous hypocrisy

This has to be one of the worst cases of confirmation bias and self-righteous hypocrisy I’ve ever seen. Before anything official has been released about Richard Lewis Dear, 57, the man who killed three, including a police officer who gave his life in the line of duty, the press and Planned Parenthood have pulled the chocks and rolled the bandwagon down the hill. Planned Parenthood | Read More »

Those 100 Black Pastors: “We Never Said We Would Endorse Trump.”

  Last week, Trump made a major deal out of the fact that 100 black pastors were going to endorse him after a major meeting with him at Trump tower. This announcement was touted in a major way, to the point that it was reported virtually everywhere as major news. And in fact, it would have been major news. As my colleague streiff noted yesterday, the | Read More »

No, I Still Don’t Stand With Planned Parenthood

No, I still don’t stand with Planned Parenthood. The attack on the Planned Parenthood clinic yesterday in Colorado Springs was atrocious. There is nothing that justifies that kind of behavior. Granted, a motive has not yet been established. We’re unclear what the shooter, Robert Lewis Dear, was thinking before, during, or after the incident. Sadly, three people lost their lives, including an officer who was doing | Read More »

Narrative Down? Neighbors Say Robert Lewis Dear Never Talked Religion Or Abortion

If there is anything the left (and by extension the mainstream media) loves more than anything else, it is maintaining their own little narratives about events in the news. The same people who will scream bloody murder over the phrase “radical Islam” are the first to claim any violence directed at or near a Planned Parenthood facility is without a doubt, a radical right wing | Read More »








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