DOJ Hosts Event To Honor Virginia Transgender Teen, Who Sued Her School For Bathroom Access

Susan Wright

Dr. Andrew Snelling, a geologist who was denied a routine request to take samples from the Grand Canyon due to his creationist Christian beliefs, has been granted his research permit. Snelling, who holds a PhD from the University of Sydney, has been published in peer-reviewed journals, undertaken research in Australia and the United States, and has decades of experience including in the Grand Canyon, had been waiting for his permit | Read More »


We know that Twitter is run by liberals. We get that. Sure, there are prominent conservative voices that get to build their audiences there, but for the most part, the management of the social media site is very liberal. However, this story pretty much proves Twitter doesn’t see fit to include conservative ideas even in its advertising model. Pro-life groups are free to advertise on | Read More »

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