RedState Gathering Memorial Day Discount Extended

At RedState, our thoughts and prayers are never far from our service members and their families who sacrifice every day for the freedom we enjoy.  In honor of the Memorial Day holiday, we are extending our weekend discount, which offers $100 off our regular registration rate using the promo code SALUTE now through midnight. That means, you can save your seat for our 2016 Denver program for | Read More »

NYT: The Obama Administration Bullied their Own IRS to Violate the Law on Obamacare

The New York Times had an astounding article yesterday about the lengths to which the Obama administration went to bully everyone to accept the dubious legality of their massive insurer bailouts; bailouts for which there was absolutely no Congressional appropriation. A Federal judge has already ruled that these payments were illegal, and the administration has appealed – principally on the basis that Congress had no standing | Read More »

Government Subsidizes, Government Warps and Distorts – Government Bails Out

My favorite joke about government and its inanity goes something like this: A guy is running late for a meeting. He’s in his car – stuck on a single lane blacktop behind a county government truck. He can’t pass – it’s a double yellow line. Every fifty yards the county truck stops and two guys jump out of the back. Right beside the road, one | Read More »

Former State Department Inspector General: Hillary Is Full Of It

Hillary Clinton’s standard go to excuse for using private email (she won’t address the use of a private server in her house) is that she’s doing nothing different than any other Secretary of State did. “They used private email, too!” Except that is not true. She is not telling the truth at all about Condoleeza Rice and with respect to Colin Powell, it was not | Read More »

Rubio on Trump’s Campaign Style and Running for Office

Sen. Marco Rubio, during an “extended” interview on the May 29, 2016-edition of CNN’s “State of the Union,” talked reflectively about the presidential campaign and his future. Rubio said Donald Trump shouldn’t change his campaign style, and that he won’t be running as Trump’s VP, for reelection to the U.S. Senate nor for Governor of Florida.

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WAIT. Did Mitch McConnell Actually Compare Donald Trump To Dwight Eisenhower?

In perhaps the most exotic statement of a distinctly strange election year, Mitch McConnell has compared Donald Trump to Dwight Eisenhower.

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Trump Earns Praise of North Korea’s State Media

What could go wrong?

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The French Revolution?

The French Revolution?

The rumors are flying that Bill Kristol’s probable choice for his independent bid is conservative lawyer, veteran, and National Review writer David French. I don’t know either David or Bill ...

Trump Foils Hillary’s Veterans Trap

Trump played by his rules and turned his news conference into an attack on the media which is be music to the ears of Trump supporters and will drown out the Hillary criticism. This is one of the successful techniques that Trump uses to continually dominate the new coverage. It is part of the reason Trump refuses to change his campaign style that so many find offensive, unpresidential and unacceptable for a presidential candidate.

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Outlaw Hero Puts This Awesome Message about Trump on a Texas Traffic Sign

Early morning commuters in Dallas had a good laugh Tuesday morning after an unknown hacker/hero/professional tamperer decided to take control of several TXDOT electronic construction signs.

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Here’s the REAL Reason Trump was Furious at the Media Today

Donald Trump is just the most disgusting and despicable person to ever get even reasonably close to the White House, and it isn’t even close. The spectacle of his asinine press conference, at which he acted like a petulant three year old child who called the media names for daring to attempt to verify boasts about his alleged charity to veterans that he repeatedly made | Read More »

RUMOR: Bill Kristol’s Third Party Candidate has been Identified, and it is…

According to Bloomberg Politics, people who are close to Bill Kristol have identified the third party candidate he has recruited to run against Trump and Clinton, and it is…

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I Stand With Glenn Beck and Brad Thor

Outrage should not be the measure of our freedom of speech.

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Jeff Sessions: Donald Trump Is the Will Of the American People

Jeff Sessions has gone full metal Branch Trumpidian and declares that Donald Trump represents the GOP and America

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Trump Change

Trump’s change, expected or not, isn’t coming any time soon. After all Trump has said that President Trump will be different than Candidate Trump. If that wasn’t clear enough, earlier this month to continue to campaign as an a**hole, or as the Times headline put it, to be “provocative.” And even Sen. Marco Rubio says Trump shouldn’t change his campaign style because it is who Trump is and it is successful

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Venezuela Runs Out Of Everything, Businesses Leaving. Still Want Bernie?

If you’re still looking to support someone like Bernie Sanders, and the socialist policies he espouses, then this is the end result.

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Watercooler 5/31/16 Open Thread:

7 Reasons You Should Vote For Hillary Instead Of Donald Donald Trump is not worthy of your vote. He is manifestly unfit to be the president of these United States; he is perhaps the least qualified, most unqualified candidate to ever secure a party’s nomination. New York AG Abuses Governmental Power, Goes After Domino’s Pizza On Tuesday Mr. Schneiderman announced that he is suing Domino’s | Read More »

Watch Tom Cotton UNLOAD On Harry Reid And His “Cancerous Leadership” (VIDEO)

Tom Cotton has gotten tired of Harry Reid. Tired enough that Senator Cotton blasted Harry Reid on the Senate floor, pulling absolutely no punches as he lit into Harry Reid. This kind of thing has been building for some time. Watching Senate proceedings are usually sleep inducing but after another apparent pointless and hyper-partisan exercise by Harry Reid, Tom Cotton said to himself, “enough is | Read More »

This Is The Dumbest, Fakest, Didn’t Happenest Thing Hillary Ever Said

Let’s skip the intro and get down to the brass tacks here. In an interview with New York Magazine, Hillary Clinton said this: The sexism is less virulent now than it was in 2008, she said, but still she encounters people on rope lines who tell her, “=‘I really admire you, I really like you, I just don’t know if I can vote for a | Read More »

Obama Administration Files Motion to Stop Judge’s Request for Info on Immigrants

Texas is one of 26 states currently suing the administration over Obama’s executive action.

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Donald Trump Finally Comes Clean On Veterans Contributions (VIDEO)

Donald Trump delivered a belated accounting of where his promised donations to veterans groups went, but he did something much more important

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Why Are We Still Discussing This Damn Gorilla?

I’m being 100% serious about this. I don’t understand what the outrage here is. If you did not catch the story, zookeepers shot and killed a gorilla that was dragging around a four-year-old boy who had managed to get into his cage. The argument seems to be divided into three camps. Those Who Apparently Think The Kid Should Have Died So The Gorilla Could Live | Read More »

Nevada ESA Decision Hopeful Step Towards Revolutionary Promise of Education Savings Accounts for Students

A Las Vegas judge dismissed the case against the nation’s first near-universal education savings account (ESA) program, which allows parents to control most or all of the funds the state spends on their child to create a personalized educational experience. This is a win for students and parents who want more control over their educational decisions. The case centered around the state’s Blaine Amendment, a | Read More »








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