Five Reasons I’m Thankful for Donald Trump

Five Reasons I'm Thankful for Donald Trump

Look, I really dislike Donald Trump. The viscerally negative reaction he inspires in me is pretty close to hatred. And as far as I am concerned, about the only thing ...

Why Does Global Warming Only Cause Muslims to Become Terrorists?

I’ve got some thoughts on this.

Ted Cruz Super PAC Responds To Rubio Attack

Yesterday we reported on how a Super PAC that has apparently supports Senator Marco Rubio has taken up Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 94%‘s attack line against Senator Ted Cruz. Back in July, Ted Cruz was one of a super-majority of senators who voted to curtail the ability of the NSA to bulk collect the phone use data of Americans. In the wake of the Paris | Read More »

Obama Says Don’t Forget To Mention This At The Thanksgiving Table

Ah, Thanksgiving:  the annual family soiree when Americans get dressed up to sit around a table and stuff themselves full of turkey and pie, imbibe alongside relatives to ensure everyone stays happy, and then park themselves on the couch to watch football in a food coma (cheering on the Cowboys like a good American should do). It used to be a delightful holiday when Americans | Read More »

Mother Jones leads with an incredibly racist story against Marco Rubio

Mother Jones came out today with a racist article, and led their home page with it today. The publication has come out with an attack on non-violent convicted felons participating in the political process in Florida, because they think it’ll hurt Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 94%. Don’t take my word for it though, that this very concept is racist. It was just | Read More »

President Mom Jeans Fiddles While the World Burns

It is the time of year when we would all prefer to stop thinking about the serious news so much and focus more on the holidays and our families. All this week, the cable news channels have prominently featured guest anchors as the regular folks leave in anticipation of lower ratings and a slow news week. There’s only one problem: the news around the globe | Read More »

President Obama Planning a Major and Devasting Attack Against ISIS

It’s about damn time. Yesterday, President Obama announced that he will personally participate in delivering a devastating blow to ISIS. This news came at the same time as United States military sources confirmed that the American Air Force could not take out ISIS oil tankers because we ran out of bullets. Undeterred, President Obama has a plan. He announced it yesterday in France with fanfare. | Read More »

Chicago Policeman Facing Murder Charges After Gunning Down Black Teen

A black teen running down the road was shot sixteen times by a Chicago police officer. He had PCP in his system and a small knife on his person. At no point did he seem to make any threatening moves toward any of the multiple police officers who were on the scene that night. Here we are, months later, and we are seeing the video | Read More »

Jeb Bush is Touting the Endorsement of Kermit Gosnell’s Unindicted Co-Conspirator

Jeb Bush is out there touting what he apparently thinks is a big get: the endorsement of former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge:   Thanks for your support, Gov. Ridge. We need proven leadership in the White House. — Jeb Bush (@JebBush) November 25, 2015 Now, Jeb Bush can’t control who endorses him. But the fact that he’s touting this endorsement means that he’s glad | Read More »

Marco Rubio Helps Kill Obamacare

Back in 2013, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 94% was very vocal about “risk corridors,” which were essentially guarantees that any company that took part in the government’s health care exchanges would get help in preventing losses. Rubio did not like this, and so he went on to fight it, eventually getting a rider put into a budget agreement effectively killing the program | Read More »








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