John Hayward began his blogging career as a guest writer at Hot Air under the pen name "Doctor Zero," producing a collection of essays entitled "Doctor Zero: Year One." His work has also appeared at Human Events, the Daily Caller, Breitbart News, and the New York Post. His journey from prolific evening commenter in blog forums, to full-time professional writer, took just under two years. Prior to this mid-life career change, he had a long career in the computer software industry. John has an extensive background in technical writing, with an enduring interest in issues related to the Internet, technology, economics, and individual liberty.


    Spending tomorrow’s money is easy

    The short explanation for the demise of Detroit is that time caught up with it.  Decades of corruption built a mountain of liabilities, while scaring off the taxpayers needed to finance those promises.  It’s like a movie trailer for the blockbuster disaster film to come, when America’s declining demographics catch up with the federal government’s vastly higher mountain of unfunded commitments.  Detroit is the city | Read More »

    How to be stupid

    Scientists spend a lot of time studying intelligence, and arguing over how it can be measured.  They should invest more effort in studying stupidity.  Intelligence is largely potential and theoretical, but stupidity is practical.  As a great philosopher once explained to her son, “Stupid is as stupid does.” The key ingredient in applied stupidity is lack of effort.  Intelligence without effort is a high-performance engine | Read More »

    Jobs are the answer to social questions

    In this hour of social unrest, let me take a moment to trumpet free-market capitalism as the answer to most of the big vexing questions. Capitalism is the practical expression of freedom.  It is also fertile soil for cooperation. Cooperation is the universal solvent for unrest.  People who are cooperating are not at war with one another.  They may still harbor unfriendly thoughts about each other, but | Read More »

    Trayvon mythology and anti-civilization

    The “Justice for Trayvon” crowd is perpetuating a number of myths that have nothing to do with the facts of the case, beginning with the fashionable new notion that “justice” was not served at George Zimmerman’s murder trial.  On the contrary, the law was bent and warped out of shape to allow that trial to exist at all, leading celebrity lawyer Alan Dershowitz to say | Read More »

    Rubio calls for balanced budget, ObamaCare defunding

    It’s time for our more-or-less annual Debt Ceiling Joust, in which Democrats tell us the national debt has to keep growing forever, while a few Republicans briefly threaten to keep the debt ceiling right where it is, unless they receive a balanced budget promise… which would probably end up being another one of those 10-year plans that dissolves into a mass of wet tissue paper | Read More »

    Living in the small spaces around the State

    Like Erick, I hate the hyper-politicization of American life.  I despise totalitarianism, no matter what uniform it wears, or how popular its leaders profess themselves to be.  I don’t understand why people with a birthright of dignified liberty are so eager to indulge the totalitarian impulse for supposedly benevolent ends.  How many enforcers of any blood-spattered total State did not claim to act in the best interests | Read More »

    Freedom is resistance

    As ObamaCare collapses into a pile of flaming garbage on the eve of full implementation, there’s a cottage industry of liberals screaming that it’s all the fault of those dastardly Republicans, because they won’t fix the idiotic program that none of them voted for.  We’ve heard this sort of complaint throughout the Obama presidency, of course – his endless failures are always the fault of | Read More »

    Very special interests

    The quest for “clean” energy has involved a lot of expensive jousting runs at windmills, but that’s nothing compared to the even more ruinous quest for “clean” Big Government.  The great and disastrous fantasy of the Twentieth Century was the dream of a wise central government, staffed by selfless and brilliant public servants, who could honorably employ coercive power to accomplish what individuals are too | Read More »

    Trust in government dies with the rule of law

    As far as I know, Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) became the first elected official to say what a lot of conservative bloggers and editorial writers have thinking, ever since Barack Obama claimed the new trans-Constitutional power to rewrite legislation on the fly… something our unitary executive ironically chose to do on the very eve of our great national Independence Day holiday. Speaking on NBC’s Meet the | Read More »

    The weed of politics bears bitter fruit

    The spooky old pulp avenger known as The Shadow was fond of hissing a lesson at his defeated criminal enemies: The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. The fruit of total politics is bitter, too.  One cannot help noticing that everything in our hyper-politicized culture is becoming a teeth-and-fingernails struggle in which the losing side is demonized.  This kind of thinking even found its way into | Read More »

    We must promote marriage, not just defend it

    The Defense of Marriage Act took a big hit at the Supreme Court this week.  We really should be promoting marriage, not just defending it.  But traditional marriage has been on the defensive for a long time, and it’s not just because of the same-sex marriage crusade.  Marriage began looking weak long before anyone thought gay marriage had a chance of obtaining widespread legal sanction.  In fact, | Read More »

    Let’s give the Republic another chance

    Texas was all set to pass a set of restrictions on abortion Tuesday night.  The legislation would ban abortion after 20 weeks, a position supported by a heft 62 percent of the local electorate.  Stricter health and safety standards for abortion clinics would have been imposed, with an eye toward preventing further horrors in the style of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s ongoing re-enactment of the | Read More »

    Restraining the ambitions of the State

    “Nobody is talking about preventing the legalization,” Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) assured his audience during an interview with the Spanish-language network Univision a couple of weeks ago.  ”The legalization is going to happen. That means the following will happen: First comes the legalization. Then come the measures to secure the border. And then comes the process of permanent residence.” Here we are, on the verge of | Read More »

    ObamaCare suckers needed, inquire within

    In the course of explaining why the White House is still spending huge amounts of time and money to convince Americans that ObamaCare doesn’t stink, even though we hate it more with every passing month, Time drops this little nugget of information: At the White House, health care implementation has become an obsession. Chief of Staff Denis McDonough spends two hours a day on Obamacare implementation, staffers said, and senior | Read More »

    It’s our world, the CBO just lives in it

    The first thing to keep in mind about the Congressional Budget Office estimate of costs and benefits for the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill – or any other estimate the CBO prepares – is that Congress is very good at gaming CBO estimates.  There are lots of little tricks that can be used to hide costs and inflate benefits, once you understand how the CBO | Read More »