John Hayward began his blogging career as a guest writer at Hot Air under the pen name "Doctor Zero," producing a collection of essays entitled "Doctor Zero: Year One." His work has also appeared at Human Events, the Daily Caller, Breitbart News, and the New York Post. His journey from prolific evening commenter in blog forums, to full-time professional writer, took just under two years. Prior to this mid-life career change, he had a long career in the computer software industry. John has an extensive background in technical writing, with an enduring interest in issues related to the Internet, technology, economics, and individual liberty.


    Choice and competition on the ObamaCare reservation

    I’ve always believed a key insight to public thinking about health-care reform is that they don’t want to think of it like any other free-market product, including the examples we might hold up as competitive success stories.  People don’t go bargain-hunting for health care with quite the same gusto that they’ll bring to the quest for a new car, or even a new pair of shoes.  The | Read More »

    ObamaCare is greed sanctified through politics

    Money gets a bad rap from some people, because it’s supposed to be the instrument of greed.  Wanting more money is said to be crass.  Indeed, in our modern political culture, wanting to keep your own money is treated as “greed.”  The noble and virtuous demands of the collective, as interpreted by a priesthood of politicians, completely trumps individual self-interest. But it’s easy to be greedy without | Read More »

    The high cost of ObamaCare deception

    President Obama’s Rose Garden press conference on the ObamaCare disaster featured a group of 13 human props, lined up on stage behind him to put a face on the alleged virtues of his health care scheme.  It turns out none of them had actually purchased an ObamaCare insurance plan, and only three of them had even completed the application process. What a perfect summary of the disastrous | Read More »

    The Tea Party vindication

    Tea Party supporters are supposed to be disheartened by how the great shutdown saga turned out.  We’re back where we started, following an expense of political capital that achieved nothing, with polls showing damage to the Republican “brand.”  Worse, the balance of power in our representative government has permanently shifted toward the executive branch.  The legislature is now virtually powerless.  Raising the debt ceiling is | Read More »

    Power and obedience

    There is nothing more pernicious than the illusion of liberty surviving, or even flourishing, alongside growing government power.  It doesn’t work that way, not once you get past the transition from anarchy to lawful government.  Personal liberty does not exist in a state of anarchy, because individuals can be defrauded, robbed, and killed at will by lone predators and organized gangs.  Some degree of government | Read More »

    Debt default: global threat, or greatest stimulus plan ever?

    The World Bank and International Monetary Fund declare themselves deeply troubled by the U.S. government shutdown crisis, and the looming possibility of “default.”  There is absolutely zero possibility of actual default, mind you.  Such a thing would only happen if President Barack Obama explicitly directed it, because there is a vast amount of spending the federal government could cut before it became necessary to think about defaulting | Read More »

    Dignity and self-interest

    Rest assured, there will eventually be some happy ObamaCare customers.  It’s comical, and highly significant, that the media can’t seem to find any after ten days of diligent searching, but they’ll be along eventually.  It’s just about mathematically impossible to throw a trillion bucks around, and redistribute a trillion more, without someone on the candy end of the lollipop declaring themselves extremely satisfied with the | Read More »

    Tyranny of the majority

    There was a time when the Left was very concerned about the “tyranny of the majority,” as everyone of all political persuasions should be.  Once in a while, you see a few sparks popping and sizzling on that old ideological circuitry, mostly when the discussion turns to same-sex marriage. But for the most part, tyranny of the majority is liberal policy now.  A single politician | Read More »

    The priority problem

    The shutdown drama has given Americans an eye-opening look at our massive government’s inability to prioritize.  If you take the apologists for President Obama and his Shutdown Theater performances at face value, the Administration assigns extra manpower to keep people out of national parks and memorial sites… and also has plenty of warm bodies available to facilitate an immigration rally on the National Mall.  Great: the four-trillion-dollar | Read More »

    ObamaCare will survive by suppressing dissent, not satisfying customers

    It’s been interesting to watch the unlucky souls who managed to navigate the Glitch Forest, cross the 404 Wasteland, evade the Bugs of Unusual Size, and finally access recoil in shock from their sky-high premiums.  They had no idea how expensive “free health care” would turn out to be.  More to the point, these people didn’t realize they would be paying the freight, even though ObamaCare | Read More »

    Fifty shades of Big Government

    Today’s installment of Shutdown Theater includes the Obama Administration trying to rope off the ocean, as charter fishing boat captains and tour guides were informed by the National Park Service shock troops of His Imperial Barricading Majesty that Florida Bay is closed for the duration of the current “budget crisis.”  (Disclaimer: no actual “budget,” or anything remotely resembling one, will be involved in its resolution.) Given that | Read More »

    Next time, Democrats will take your doctor hostage

    Every true “independent” voter in the United States should be clamoring for the full and immediate repeal of ObamaCare after watching a few days of Barack Obama’s Shutdown Theater.  Do you really think the man who vandalized the World War II Memorial with barricades to make elderly veterans suffer will hesitate a microsecond to use your health care as leverage against you, the next time you defy | Read More »

    ObamaCare software is incompatible with American hardware

    When you try to run software that’s incompatible with your hardware, this is what happens.  ObamaCare’s failure is spectacular, and not just the coast-to-coast sharknado of error messages, system crashes, pages not found, and unresponsive technical support.  The data processing problems will eventually be worked out; every computer problem can be solved, if you’re willing to spend enough time and money on the effort.  The | Read More »

    We get the government we submit to

    An old chestnut holds that we get the government we deserve.  To some degree, that’s true.  The American public has a huge amount of theoretical leverage over its Ruling Class.  Broadly speaking, no nominally free population can be eternally bound by any system of laws it profoundly disagrees with.  Any aspect of law or government could be changed.  The Constitution has been amended many times. But as a practical | Read More »

    Government by demand

    The laws of supply and demand are beautiful things – expressions of logic as elementary as the basic laws of physics, which govern everything except the more unruly subatomic particles, which thumb their noses at laws, dress like slobs, and listen to the kind of music that drives their parent atoms crazy. Supply and demand even applies to the use of government power, although the | Read More »