Three way tie in early New Hampshire Republican Primary results

Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. John Kasich and billionaire Donald Trump are tied with nine votes each after the midnight voting in the little New Hampshire towns of Dixville Notch, Millsfield and Hart’s Location. Among the Democrats, Sen. Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton 17 to 9. Breakdown courtesy of the New York Times: Dixville Notch Kasich – 3 Trump – 2 Sanders -4 Clinton – 0 | Read More »

New Hampshire: The Establishment Enters the Thunderdome

A lot of people will be deceiving themselves before this day is done, but don’t let anyone deceive you: there are only three tickets (at most) out of New Hampshire, and Donald Trump and Ted Cruz already own two of them. Since 1968, no candidate has ever won the nomination without winning either Iowa or New Hampshire. The unique political phenomenon that is Donald Trump might allow that to | Read More »

Marco Rubio Guilty of Using Rhetorical Device Taught To Middle School Students

Marco Rubio has been hammered pretty hard since Saturday night about sounding “too robotic” to be a viable candidate. The basis for this accusation was his repetition of the idea that Barack Obama isn’t someone ignorant of what he’s doing to the country. He is maliciously doing exactly what he planned to do all along. He was called out on this by Chris Christie in | Read More »

Donald Trump Just Called Ted Cruz ‘A P*ssy’ [VIDEO]

His supporters are going to say “no he didn’t, he just told you what someone else called him.” But that’s because those people are dishonest and think you are stupid. He called him a pussy, in as snidely and as “cute” a way as possible. And yes, just like his F-bomb from the weekend that he lied about, he said it aloud, into a microphone, | Read More »

Conservative Horror Film ‘The Bound’ to Confront Radical Feminist Anti-Masculinity Harpies

You know what they hate? Being called harpies. It’s sexist, you see, because you aren’t allowed to insult someone from a protected gender. And that’s part of the problem isn’t it? Take a look: My friend and fellow Truth Revolt writer Paul Bois has new project out this month, a film, that confronts the radical feminist (read: anti-male) movement in the United States. It’s a | Read More »

Obama Shoots Himself in the Foot on Trade Bill

While there’s no doubt that in a lot of ways, Obama is successful as a president in that he set out to reshape the country in his image and has succeeded in frightening ways, there have also been several examples Obama being a fairly incompetent leader who is prone to shoot himself and the country as a whole in the foot. Case in point: In order to try | Read More »

RUMOR. Hillary Clinton To Fire A Crap Load Of Staff After Losing New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton is rumored to be planning a purge of her campaign after she takes a beating in New Hampshire.

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A reminder with regard to the New Hampshire primary: you will be lied to, today.

A reminder with regard to the New Hampshire primary: you will be lied to, today.

The New Hampshire primary is today. Expect bald-faced mendacity. ...

Should State Legislators Embrace Bernie Sanders’ Policy?

Bernie Sanders is posturing against a reasonable reform he once supported – a commonsense lawsuit reform protecting gun manufacturers from scheming theories of liability. He has received undue pressure in progressive circles to backtrack his position and introduce legislation to undo this fair reform. In 2005, then-Representative Sanders voted for a largely symbolic bill that confirms common sense in lawsuit laws, and he voted with 59 Democrats and 223 | Read More »

Study: The Media Responded to Cruz Winning Iowa by Covering Him LESS

We have already covered at some length how the media – especially the network news – pays disproportionate attention to Donald Trump, relative to his position in the polls. One of the things that’s been most interesting is that they have covered Trump over five times more than Cruz, who is often not even the second most covered candidate, even though he has been #2 | Read More »

Trump’s Use of Eminent Domain is a Problem of Character, Not Politics

Eminent domain is part of the United States Constitution for a reason. It can be incredibly useful for the sake of the common good of the nation when applied properly. Donald Trump has a history of utilizing it for projects that do not benefit the common good. In fact, the way that he’s used eminent domain should be drawing very pointed investigations into the politicians | Read More »

DC trains barely avert head-on collision, Obama admin blames everyone else #WMATA

On Wednesday, January 27, a DC subway train was stopped at the Smithsonian station, near the site of the recent derailment. Passengers were getting on and off the train. That train came dangerously close to a head-on collision due to completely avoidable failures, and the Obama administration is seeking to blame everyone but itself.

Marco Rubio’s Biggest Flaw

Accused of everything from being a part of the establishment to being a robot, Marco Rubio has somehow defied the odds and outperformed expectations. It’s a credit to Rubio’s bona fides that all the right people (read: The Media) are attacking him as too much of a robot now so soon after they praised his ability to pull out a personal win in Iowa. However, | Read More »

Barack Obama’s Budget an Endorsement of Bernie Sanders?

That is certainly what it seems to be, given his final budget submission to Congress. Ever a troll to the very end, President Barack Obama has turned in a budget that has as much chance of passing as every other budget he’s submitted to Congress, even when the Democrats were in charge. This budget calls for increased spending on Medicaid, education, and clean energy and | Read More »

John Kasich Does Not Enjoy RedState

Just now on CNN, Kasich surrogate John Sununu, Jr. was asked about why conservatives do not like John Kasich. He started rattling off some talking points, then host Carol Costello dropped two separate RedState quotes on him. He didn’t seem to enjoy the experience very much. Take a look:

Trump Spox: You Know, the Founding Fathers Called Each other “P*ssy” All the Time

Last night on stage at one of his events, the hugest, classiest person ever to run for President called Ted Cruz a “p*ssy” on stage. You can watch the video here for yourself. Of course, Trump was too cowardly to own the childish insult himself, but of course that’s exactly what he did. This morning on CNN, Alice Stewart (Ted Cruz spox) and Katrina Pierson | Read More »

This OH GOP Official Endorsed John Kasich Yet His PAC Gave Thousands To Democrats

Who is Matthew Cox? Many people outside of Ohio probably have no idea. Cox is an attorney and lobbyist, President of Cox Consulting Group. Cox also works with a company called GOP Convention Strategies. While not affiliated officially with the Republican National Committee, the firm promises to connect their clients with high powered people in government, the RNC, the media and private organizations. Cox is also | Read More »

West Virginia Sends Right-to-Work Bill to Governor’s Desk

It’s all but official; West Virginia is overwhelmingly likely to become the nation’s 26th state to expand both worker freedom and economic opportunity by adopting a Right-to-Work law. If adopted, the law (the Workplace Freedom Act in West Virginia) would make it illegal to require employees to join a union as a condition of employment. Ending this scheme of forced unionism exemplifies the states’ ability | Read More »

What Was That Chris Christie Was Saying about “Pat Answers”?

You know, Saturday night’s debate was just the last piece of evidence in a pretty long string that Chris Christie is a fundamentally dishonest person. When you run for President, you have to give hundreds if not thousands of speeches over a very short time period. You get asked the same question – or variations on it – by hundreds of members of the media. | Read More »

Here comes the next big corporate bailout?

In the past we’ve seen large, well-connected businesses run into trouble, and then run to government to keep afloat and unafraid of competition. The airlines do it, GM did it, the banks did it, and every time Democrats and establishment Republicans oblige. We appear to have found the next industry cozy with politicians that’s going to ask for one.

Inventors Pass Away – Let’s Make Sure Invention Never Does

Fame is a distorting and highly overrated quality – as the late, great David Bowie knew so well. Especially now in the Internet Age – when everyone shares publicly every tiny facet of their existence. Especially now in the Omni-Media Age – in which was born the phrase “Famous for being famous” (See: Kardashians). But the things that allow people to achieve and maintain fame | Read More »

Why Would Team Cruz Raise New Hampshire Expectations?

His messaging in that first hour and going through the debate, was remarkable that’ going resonate on Tuesday. But I’m gonna be very curious to see when Senator Cruz out produces expectations and comes in a first second third place, if he’s gonna get the same kind of press.

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Donald Trump Tries To Exercise Eminent Domain Over Veterans Charities

Interesting. The only veterans groups that have actually received money from Trump’s fundraiser are in Iowa and New Hampshire… and to get the money they have to pick it up on stage at one of his rallies.

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