John Hayward began his blogging career as a guest writer at Hot Air under the pen name "Doctor Zero," producing a collection of essays entitled "Doctor Zero: Year One." His work has also appeared at Human Events, the Daily Caller, Breitbart News, and the New York Post. His journey from prolific evening commenter in blog forums, to full-time professional writer, took just under two years. Prior to this mid-life career change, he had a long career in the computer software industry. John has an extensive background in technical writing, with an enduring interest in issues related to the Internet, technology, economics, and individual liberty.


    You don’t want a job

    The August jobs report gives us some depressing new numbers to chew over.  The workforce shrank again, hitting another historic low.  Job creation fell far below expectations, and far below the level needed to keep up with population growth.  Wage growth continued its anemic limp through the “recovery.”  Recent data from the Federal Reserve paint the “income inequality” gap as worse than ever, as the rich quite | Read More »

    Be polite to the police

    I guess I’ll take up the RedState counter-point position on whether it’s “fascist” for a former police officer to encourage polite behavior during encounters with the cops.  That word is remarkably ill-chosen.  Even if you think the author in question, former LAPD officer and current Colorado Tech professor of homeland security Sunil Dutta, is endorsing arrogance or authoritarianism, that’s well short of “fascism.”  The Eff Word should not be | Read More »

    Swept away on the Tides of Narrative

    I made an observation on Twitter about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri this morning, and a helpful reader noted that C.S. Lewis had already expressed the same idea with great eloquence: @Doc_0 C. S. Lewis “How monotonously alike all the great tyrants and conquerors have been; how gloriously different are the saints.” — Darla (@Darla2015) August 19, 2014 There are many different ways for a | Read More »

    The wisdom of the cheap

    In the course of dissecting the latest “conservative fix to ObamaCare” from Avik Roy, Drew M. at Ace of Spades makes a profound observation: Here’s the dirty little secret politicians and health care wonks either won’t admit or only acknowledge silently to themselves in the dark of night…you can’t provide health insurance and health care services to people who can’t afford it without bankrupting the | Read More »

    Society cracks along the Ferguson fault line

    A third night of riots and looting swept through Ferguson, Missouri, a largely black suburb of St. Louis, on Tuesday.  This time the festivities ended with a man getting shot by police, after he brandished a gun at them.  The shock waves may have reached as far as the Galleria mall in St. Louis, which was the scene of a melee with over forty participants | Read More »

    The best lack all conviction

    It was depressing to watch President Obama fawn over a collection of African thugs, dictators, and thieves at his big Africa summit this week.  Sure, diplomacy means occasionally inviting bad people to share good food… but it matters what the “leader of the free world” says when he’s surrounded by people who routinely loot their $2-per-day populace to fund their art collections and hundred-room estates | Read More »

    What marriage conserves

    Damon Linker has an interesting article at The Week in which he makes the case that the Culture Wars are really all about sex, and while he identifies himself as in tune with the new understanding of sexual morality, he urges respectful contemplation of traditional beliefs.  In essence, he’s saying that maybe those traditions endured through centuries – right up through the late Two Thousands – because | Read More »

    Speak-o softly, and carry a big subsidy stick

    While we’re all having a good time with the concentrated stupidity of ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber (who allegedly holds some sort of advanced degree from a major institution) claiming he repeatedly made “verbal typos” when clearly stating that only state-run exchanges would be eligible for ObamaCare subsidies, let’s keep an eye on the big picture.  Gruber’s “speak-o” is another way of saying that ObamaCare is | Read More »

    Did Obama help Hamas score a “great victory” at Ben Gurion Airport?

    After American authorities canceled flights to Israel’s Ben Gurion airport, the rest of the West quickly followed suit.  “The success of Hamas in closing Israeli airspace is a great victory for the resistance, and is the crown of Israel’s failure,” crowed a spokesman for the terrorist gang. The single Palestinian rocket that prompted this action didn’t actually hit the Tel Aviv airport.  The New York | Read More »

    The deep waters of entitlement

    If you live in Detroit, you’ve got (at least) 99 problems, and water might be one of them.  Nolan Finley at Detroit News explains that people haven’t been paying their water bills, but liberals see no reason that should prevent them from getting water: The legion of lefties in town for the Netroots Nation gathering have scheduled a march to protest the water shut-offs underway in Detroit | Read More »

    Breaking the system

    Illegal immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas was detained (as it turned out, briefly) by the authorities this week, after running into trouble at a Border Patrol checkpoint en route to catch a plane.  The trouble is that he’s been flaunting the immigration laws of the United States with impunity for years.  He’s a legal citizen of the Phillipines, but not of the United States, having | Read More »

    The freedom of money

    USA Today recently tried to come up with a price tag for the “American Dream,” and somehow concluded that it costs $130,000 per year.  Since only about 1 in 8 households pull down that kind of income, the American Dream is clearly slipping out of our grasp.  The darn One Percenters went and stole it from us! The specifics of USA Today’s formula are debatable | Read More »

    The stress of citizenship

    I once worked for a company that put its employees through one of those lengthy performance evaluations that included psych-test essay questions, such as “How do you define ‘stress,’ and how could you reduce the amount of stress in your workday?”  I was young and new to such evaluations, so I’d never really thought much about “stress” before.  I was convinced it had nothing to | Read More »

    The Battle of Murrieta

    The well-oiled machinery of citizenship-destroying government was in the process of making a regularly-scheduled delivery of illegal aliens to the town of Murrieta, California last week when a group of unhappy local residents turned up, and engaged in what our friends on the Left used to describe as the essence of patriotism: they staged a protest.  They prevented several busloads of illegals from entering the | Read More »

    Liberty: the road not taken

    The Left’s cherished new idea is that if someone doesn’t give you something for “free,” such as birth control, they are “denying your access” to it.  That’s clearly absurd on the most basic common sense level, the kind of thinking a reasonably clever child would shred in a matter of moments, but it’s becoming something like a religious imperative for liberals – a new commandment | Read More »

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