The Idolaters’ Holy Trinity

    When Moses descended the mountain on which God gave him the Law, he saw the refugees he was leading worshiping a golden calf. It is a story directly tied to one of the Ten Commandments: You should not worship any other gods before the one, true God. The future people of Israel violated this on day one. We are human, destined to sin. It’s in | Read More »

    Mary Landrieu’s re-election now a “toss-up”

    U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana is suddenly in more trouble than even the Politico may realize. More than a year until the Congressional mid-term elections, and a group of Washington “political handicappers” say Senator Mary Landrieu’s chances of reelection have dropped to “pure toss-up.” Why is Senator Landrieu seen as vulnerable by the non-partisan Rothenberg Political Report? While Mary Landrieu’s hasn’t exactly been a | Read More »

    250 clergymen can be wrong

    250 clergymen can be wrong

    In the latest effort to make Jindal feel really bad about his tax swap proposal, 250 clergymen sent a letter to his office. A handful of ministers delivered the letter to the governor’s office at the State Capitol Monday morning. Jindal wants to eliminate the state’s personal income and corporate taxes in favor of increasing the state sales tax by 47 percent and taxing services such | Read More »

    National Taxpayers Union endorses Jeff Landry

    Hey, Louisiana folks. Fantastic news. With only a few days left to go, the National Taxpayers Union has endorsed Jeff Landry for U.S. Representative in District 3. “It’ll take a combination of tenacious veterans, recently-tested tax-fighters, and many energetic newcomers to get the nation’s finances back on the path to sustainability,” said National Taxpayers Union Campaign Fund (NTUCF) President Duane Parde. “Congressman Landry is an | Read More »

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