FLASH! Report that Delegates Have Enough Votes to Nominate Cruz on 1st Ballot

(from the diaries by streiff because wishful thinking isn’t a bad reaction to impending doom) The Media have declared Donald Trump has gained the required number of delegates for nomination, plus one: 1238. This is a misstatement, because he is not officially nominated until 1237 delegates vote for him at the convention. So not only has the fat lady not sung, she’s still in her | Read More »

Pakistan Considers a Huge Leap Forward by Only Allowing Husbands to Beat their Wives “Lightly”

Here’s another healthy reminder that the real war on women does not occur anywhere in America. Not even at the hands of Donald Trump. Pakistan is considering a measure that would allow husbands to beat their wives “lightly,” – which, if enforced, would actually be a huge step in the right direction. Of course, this was in response to a group that proposed a law | Read More »

A Lesson from 2016: Politicians Will Always Act Like Politicians

The 2016 election cycle has taught us a lot about ambition, celebrity, substance, and policy. Elections shouldn’t be taken lightly nor treated as a reality show. Increasingly, though, they feel like these things. This week when I mentioned my #NeverTrump stance on social media, someone responded by chastising me for choosing conservative principle over party. They even said “Good luck with that. You’re never going | Read More »

Water Cooler 5/28/2016 – Open Thread – 3pm. Memorial Day. Stop for 1 minute. Remember Not to Forget.

National Moment of Remembrance – Memorial Day, 3pm local time The first unofficial National Moment of Remembrance was Memorial Day, May 1997 at 3pm. “Taps” was heard by Americans across the country on radio and television stations as a reminder not to forget the men and women who committed themselves with their lives to protect and defend our borders and our American Way of Life. | Read More »

Trump Attempting to Book Cleveland Browns’ Stadium for Nomination Acceptance Speech

Well, here’s yet another thing that many people criticized Obama for doing but will doubtless call Trump a genius for doing the exact same thing. Trump feels that his acceptance speech for the nomination should be a much bigger deal than a typical convention hall speech. So he is going to try to book the Cleveland Browns’ stadium for his speech. Donald Trump’s campaign is | Read More »

Gary Johnson Courts Sanders Voters and Lost Republicans Before Slamming Trump

The Libertarian may have a significant showing this election season if Johnson can woo both disaffected Republicans and Democrats

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Donald Trump Disparages Judge in Trump University Fraud Case

He hasn’t seen “hostile” yet. Wait until the general election.

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Hillary and Trump Leave Americans with Angst, Malaise and Little Confidence

Hillary and Trump Leave Americans with Angst, Malaise and Little Confidence

A new poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research finds that the choice of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for president leave Americans feeling frustrated, angry, helpless ...

Here’s Why Rubio’s Supporters are Freaking Out about His Endorsement of Trump

As the rest of Rubio’s interview with Jake Tapper hits the airwaves today, Rubio fans are met with the news that Rubio apparently apologized backstage to Trump before the last debate about his “small hands” crack. More broadly, Rubio supporters have been probably the most visibly agitated people on the conservative side that Rubio has endorsed Trump. We’ll see how Cruz supporters react if and | Read More »

The Difficulty of Mainstreaming Libertarianism

Like a lot of disaffected Republicans, I spent some time watching the Libertarian Party’s Presidential debate last night. I say “some” time, but that might have been a little bit of an exaggeration – really, I managed to survive about 10 minutes of a deeply disconcerting experience that nonetheless completely met my expectations. Of the five candidates on stage, only Gary Johnson and Austin Petersen | Read More »

Paranoia Alert: Trump Campaign Staffers Think Trump Tower Offices Are Bugged

Are the pressures of trying to run an actual Presidential campaign starting to get to Trump’s people? Seems some of them are taking a page out of their bosses book. Trump, who regularly engages in conspiracy theories, is quite the role model for such absurdities. From The NY Times: A constant stream of changes and scuffles are unsettling Donald J. Trump’s campaign team, including the | Read More »

Tech Firm Offers to Pay Trump’s Ransom for Sanders Debate, as Internet Trolls #ChickenTrump


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Today is a BIG DAY at the Libertarian Party National Convention, WATCH LIVE Here

A fascinating list of speakers and of course, the big moment. Catch it live here at RedState.

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Trump Name Game: Add Your Own

It will soon be a year since the worst thing ever to befall the Republican party was forced on us. From the moment Donald Trump recreated a scene from a 15-year old episode of “The Simpsons,” nothing about him should have suggested he was offering an adult, reality-based solution to the nation’s myriad problems. Possibly the most disgusting display of his illegitimacy as a candidate | Read More »

Donald Trump: Don’t Believe the People Who Work For Me, They Are Idiots

Donald Trump’s campaign staff has long been a laughingstock, now Trump makes their status as assclowns official

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Bob Dole Urges GOP Unity And Pimps Newt Gingrich As VP Nominee

After saying he would not vote for Ted Cruz, Bob Dole is not extolling the virtues of supporting Donald Trump

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Judge In Trump Univ. Fraud Trial Releases Documents Trump Tried To Hide

Shortly after Donald Trump blasted the “Mexican” judge presiding over his fraud trial, the judge released documents that had been under seal

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Family Of Katie Steinle Sues Immigration Officials, San Francisco Sheriff

Nearly a year after the murder of Katie Steinle, her family has filed a lawsuit aimed at the immigration and law enforcement officials that set the killing in motion

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Elderly Christian Woman Stripped Naked And Beaten By Peaceful Egyptian Mob (VIDEO)

If our eyes were fully open, every single day would provide us with a cornucopia of reasons why accepting Muslim refugees is a horrible idea

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Tomblin, West Virginia Democrats Continue to Play Games with Budget

With over six months in his term, Tomblin is largely phoning it in. If the Senate passes the House budget next week, Tomblin should do the smart thing and sign it. The people of West Virginia need certainty, not political games.

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Why A New Taliban Leader Means Peace Is Imminent In Afghanistan

The new Taliban leader might be just what is needed to bring peace to that nation and steer the Taliban away from violence

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Did Bernie Sanders Use “Homophobic” Music At A Rally? (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders is accused of using a rap song with homophobic lyrics at a campaign rally. I swear I am not making this up

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Sanders Dodges Socialism’s Effects On Venezuela During Interview

Sanders danced away from the question so fast, I was actually impressed. I wasn’t even mad.

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