Hot Take from the American Revolution was a mistake

Hot Take from the American Revolution was a mistake

Upfront, let me say I disapprove of link-whoring and click-baiting. Because of that, and because that is what is doing doing with this article I am not providing a ...

Parents, don’t worry about your kids’ sexual health!

Are you the parent of a teenager or a child getting close to those troublesome teenage years? Do you wish to avoid those awkward conversations about sex, sexual practice, and sexual health with your children? Wish you could dump off all that embarrassing part of parenthood on the State? Good news! Schools are already doing this for you. Middle and high school students can’t get | Read More »

A Disappointing Jobs Report and Greece’s Big Vote

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss the disappointing June jobs report, Greece’s big bailout vote, and Independence Day.

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Mainstream Pols Get Trumped and Berned.

When You’ve Had It With Politics As Usual The American People have gazed long into the swirling abyss.* They stared long and hard and discovered that Hillary Rodham Clinton, Martin O’ Malley, Chris Christie, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100%, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 90%, and a plethora of other disgusting, slug-like midget vote suckers were | Read More »

George Takei: Racist. Bigot.

What is the difference between George Takei and Ku Klux Klan member? The Klan member can pretend to not be a racist while on television. George Takei is a racist. There is no other way to put it. He might as well have his valet send his white robe to the cleaners to have it pressed and starched while his gardener makes a nice, flammable | Read More »

Rick Perry is the Republican Who Finally Said It

Yesterday, Rick Perry gave a speech on economics to unveil his plan. Perry, of course, created 1.5 million jobs while the rest of the nation lost 400,000. In delivering his speech, Perry did what so many of us have wanted — someone to point out that our first black President has left the black family worse off. His whole speech was rock solid, but the | Read More »

The Red State advantage for families

One of the mainstays of the the left is making obviously false statements about conservatives and then using that strawman to prove their own superiority. No where has this been more prolific than on the subject of family life. Over an over the left claims that Red States have higher divorce rates than do the socialist states in the Union. When left wing academics Naomi | Read More »

Tweet of The Day, Did @DavidAxelrod Rip Me Off? edition.

How do you KNOW that David Axelrod didn’t rip me off?

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Bob Corker wins Oscar in Failure Theater

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker continues to amaze with his virtuosity at Failure Theater. Just to review the bidding: Bob Corker arranged to strip the Senate of its ‘advise and consent’ authority given by the US Constitution. He did this by allowing Obama to negotiate a nuclear surrender deal with Iran and present it to the Senate where it required two thirds vote to disapprove it rather than | Read More »

The New York Times Celebrates Its Declaration of Surrender

The New York Times has published their own ode to Independence Day—a Declaration of Surrender to Islamic terror—while freely offending a billion Catholics who don’t shoot journalists for publishing offensive art. Roundly criticized for publishing a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI made entirely of 17,000 colored (non-lubricated) condoms after refusing to publish the cartoon from the cover of Charlie Hebdo last January, the Times standards editor Philip B. | Read More »








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