Why Did the Washington Post Let Democrat Operative Edward Price Lie To Their Readers?


Half a million applications for healthcare under the Veteran’s Administration system are set to be discarded at the end of March due to errors on the applications themselves. The problem is that the the VA is labeling the applications as incorrect due to application error. A whistleblower says the errors are the VA’s fault. Scott Davis is a well-known VA whistleblower out of Atlanta, Georgia, | Read More »


Though much attention is directed at defunding Planned Parenthood at the federal level, addressing funding at a state level will be a long road, too. On Tuesday, a federal judge in Austin halted state plans to address a portion of the state’s Planned Parenthood funding. Reuters reporting: A U.S. judge in Austin issued a preliminary injunction on Tuesday halting Texas’ plan to cut Medicaid funding | Read More »

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