"There can be no compromise on basic principles. There can be no compromise on moral issues. There can be no compromise on matters of knowledge, of truth, of rational conviction."

"There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil....In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit." Ayn Rand


    The NLRB’s Opening Of Pandora’s Box Beyond Boeing

    Since President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board announced its prosecution of the Boeing Company last month, there has been much commentary around the topic and its possible effects. Some have stated that the attack on Boeing is an attack on Right-to-Work states (even though it applies to companies in all states), others have correctly stated that the NLRB wants to make unions an ‘equal partner’ | Read More »

    Nation’s First Unionized Pot Farm Goes Bust, Oakland Loses Bid to Be Cannabis Capital

    Last year, prior to the defeat of California’s Proposition 19, it appeared as though unions had a budding new industry in which they could grow their memberships. First, the United Food & Commercial Workers jumped onto the cannabis bandwagon. Then, the Teamsters waded into the weed growing business when Jimmy Hoffa’s union unionized 40 pot growers in Oakland, California. Pretty soon, all of the unions (it | Read More »

    The AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka Pledges a Constant Campaign of Class Warfare

    The Leninist leader of today’s labor movement, the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka, is not happy with the progress of progressivism that the hundreds of millions of dollars his union members have forked over to buy the Democratic Party should have produced. So, he says, unions’ aren’t going to be in the business of party building anymore. In a speech to the National Press Club Friday afternoon, Trumka | Read More »

    SEIU: New Wisconsin Voter ID Bill Is Racist!

    Somehow, it’s okay to have to show ID to the clerk at 7-11 for cigarettes and chewing tobacco, or at the liquor store and college bar to buy any form of alcohol. Heck, you even have to show ID to a cop if you get pulled over. Despite all of this, though, as Wisconsin passes a new law to require IDs in order to vote | Read More »

    Unions Panic as Reality Sets In: Obama’s EPA Will Kill ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Jobs

    Union bosses dumped hundreds of millions of dollars of their members’ dues into getting Barack Obama elected. They chastised the racists in their ranks, downplayed his socialist rhetoric, and they thought he would be their union savior. Worse, union bosses put both their members’ money and their livelihoods in his hands. Apparently, union bosses could have their cake and eat it too (or so they thought). In | Read More »

    Pay to Not Play: More ObamaCare Waivers Pile Up

    Well, another few months have gone by and another chunk of unions have gotten their waivers from the job-killing health care law known as ObamaCare—the law AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka said unions shoved down America’s throats. In January, a full forty percent of the ObamaCare waivers went to unions. Now, according to Mark Hemingway in the Weekly Standard, over half of the ObamaCare waivers have | Read More »

    Herman Cain is going to announce that…

    Though I’m puzzled why candidates have to go through different phases of announcements, I’m pretty sure Herman Cain is not announcing a return to successfully running a business. Rather, it appears that the ‘Hermanator’ may be making some sort of major announcement this Saturday. Following Herman’s hands-down win in the South Carolina debate, and judging by this video and new website, it appears Herman Cain will | Read More »

    Navy Names Ship ‘Cesar Chavez’ As Cali Strips Farmworkers of Secret Ballot

    In a San Diego shipyard on Wednesday, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus told a largely Latino workforce gathered for a ceremony that it was an honor to name a Lewis and Clark class cargo ship after United Farm Workers co-founder Cesar Chavez. According to the Associated Press, Democrat Senators Boxer and Reid, as well as several others sent a letter praising the Secretary of the Navy’s | Read More »

    Former Clinton-NLRB Chairman Opposes Obama-NLRB Attack on Boeing

    For labor relations practitioners who are seasoned enough to remember practicing under the Clinton NLRB, most would not consider Clinton’s NLRB as anything other than pro-union. From 1994 through 1998, the NLRB was headed by William Gould IV, a Stanford University professor, author, as well as the great grandson of an escaped slave. Like today, in the 90s, the Clinton NLRB was a source of | Read More »

    Who’s the Boss? AFL-CIO Afilliate Seeking to Unionize Office of Management & Budget

    Most Americans only hear about the Office of Management & Budget (OMB) and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) when there are disputes over budget numbers. However, for those who are unfamiliar with the differences between the two, here’s a brief summary: The CBO’s mandate, according to its ‘fact sheet’ is as follows: To provide Congress with Objective, nonpartisan, and timely analyses to aid in economic | Read More »

    Actor-Activist Danny Glover is on the Wrong Side of SEIU’s Forced Dues Debate

    It’s a dispute that has dragged on for months and the Service Employees International Union has struck over the issue twice—once in February and again in March—in order to try and get the hospital to bend to its wishes. It’s not higher wages or better benefits the union is after. No, it’s something much more important to the union—the ability to require all employees to | Read More »

    None Dare Call it Hypocrisy: The Left’s Outrage Over Teaching Free-Enterprise in Universities

    For the last few years, America has been slowly awakened to the level of Marxism taught in American classrooms. From the of taking public school students to Cuba and the NEA’s reccommendation of Saul Alinsky to the most recent revelation of the University of Missouri’s “Introduction to Labor Studies” taught by two Marxists who, in addition to allegedly giving a Communist organizer two hours of | Read More »

    Why Rand Paul’s Right to Compare Universal Healthcare to “Slavery”

    Whenever someone uses the term “slavery,” you can almost hear Lefties’ heads exploding–they get so apopaleptic. Immediately, they go into a frenzy, break open their Alinsky manuals, and attempt to ridicule the person making the point. An example of this occurred just yesterday, when Sen. Rand Paul [R-KY] stated that those who believe that health care is a “right” believe in slavery. Yep. He used | Read More »

    Harry Reid Comes Clean: NLRB Acts As Check on Employers and *Employees*

    We’ve long said that the union-controlled National Labor Relations Board is undermining both employer and employee rights. Regardless of the current scuffle over Boeing, the most shameful aspect of the NLRB’s doing union’s bidding is the manner in which the NLRB is undermining the very employee rights it was purportedly established to protect. For a listing of examples where the NLRB has undermined employer and | Read More »

    Teachers’ Union Protects Teacher for Standing Idly By While Student is Beaten

    WARNING: Some viewers may find the video below, of a student being punched in the face repeatedly by another student, disturbing. What many may find even more disturbing is the fact that the teacher stood by, with his hands in his pockets, as the student was beaten. However, what is truly appalling is the fact that the American Federation of Teachers is protecting the teacher’s | Read More »