"There can be no compromise on basic principles. There can be no compromise on moral issues. There can be no compromise on matters of knowledge, of truth, of rational conviction."

"There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil....In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit." Ayn Rand


    Union Coalition Scores Victory on Sick Days, But At What Cost?

    Milwaukee, meet Detroit. Last Thursday, a Wisconsin Court of Appeals lifted an injunction on a 2008 voter-approved measure requiring businesses to provide employees with up to nine sick days per calendar year. It may now head to the Wisconsin’s Supreme Court. If the Court’s decision is not overturned, businesses with 10 or more employees will be required provide nearly two weeks of paid sick time | Read More »

    The Chicken & The Egg: London unions school Madison mobs on anarchy

    Today, England’s trade unions and their friends on the Left had a massive demonstration on the streets of London. It devolved into ‘madness’ as anarchists hijacked the demonstration, breaking in windows, assaulting police, and generally causing mayhem. Union leaders were not displeased. Trade union leaders, who put on 600 coaches and nine trains to ferry protesters to the capital, insisted they only wanted a ‘safe, well-stewarded | Read More »

    Crickets Chirp as Obama’s NMB Nixes Flight Attendants’ Right to Strike*

    Granted, it would probably be bad optics for union bosses to put a Hitler mustache on President Obama. However, the way they’ve been prattling on of late about so-called “rights,” you’d think union bosses would be filling up the buses and hightailing it to Washington to storm the offices of the National Mediation Board. You see, while the right to collective bargaining in the government sector is | Read More »

    When States Stop From Being Union Bosses’ Dues Collection Agencies

    One of the big unspoken fights in Wisconsin over these past few weeks has been Scott Walker’s proposal for the state to stop collecting union dues for the unions. The other has been to make paying union dues voluntary, as opposed to requiring payment as a condition of employment. To unions, that is like cutting their oxygen off. Unions cannot survive without the millions they | Read More »

    GOP Moves to Stop Wasteful Spending on Union Strikers

    Here’s a question: If a union voluntarily calls a strike and would be available, were it not for the fact that the union strikers walked off their jobs, should those strikers be eligible for food stamps? [Remember, the work is available.] If you answered ‘no’ to that question, then you’d probably be in agreement with this: Rep. Scott (R-SC) Rep. Garrett and Rep. Burton (R-IN) | Read More »

    The UAW’s Mid-East Model? UAW’s King Recruits Global Activists to Assault Foreign Automakers

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the United Auto Workers’ Bob King thinks he’s just the union boss to make a go of it. With negotiations about to start with the Big Three American auto companies (two of which are UAW-owned), King is ramping up his rhetoric against the CEO of the only automaker that taxpayers did not bail out (Ford’s Mulally), while plotting | Read More »

    The SEIU, Illegals & ‘Human Trafficking’

    We know that the SEIU wants to convert millions of illegal aliens into U.S. citizens. We know the SEIU’s goal is to turn those illegal aliens-turned-U.S. citizens into a “progressive voters.” We know that the SEIU’s membership consists of illegal aliens from whom they collect union dues because they say so—freely. We know that the SEIU does not want enforcement of immigration laws, be it in | Read More »

    Bill Ayers, You’re Wanted For Questioning…

    San Francisco—On Monday, February 16, a bomb blew up at Park Police Station, killing a police sergeant and wounding several others. Sergeant McDonnell caught the full force of the flying shrapnel, which consisted of heavy metal staples and lead bullets. As other officers tried rendering aid to the fallen sergeant, they could see that he sustained a severed neck artery wound and severe wounds to his eyes and neck. He | Read More »

    Are Union-Bought Democrats Rushing to the Aid of the Union-Controlled NLRB?

    For the last several years, outside of union bosses themselves, there has been no greater proponent behind the hallucinogenically-named Employee Free Choice Act—the failed bill that effectively would have killed secret-ballot elections on unionization in the workplace—than California Democrat Congressman George Miller. In fact, going all the way back to 2003, Miller has introduced the job-killing legislation in the 108th, 109th and 110th Congress’, where | Read More »

    Wisconsin Judge Maryann Sumi & Her (SEIU, AFL-CIO) Political Operative Son

    On Friday, unions scored a temporary victory to maintain their ability to collect union dues from Wisconsin public employees when Judge Maryann Sumi (the same judge who refused to order striking teachers back to work in February) issued a Temporary Restraining Order preventing the implementation of Wisconsin’s new law governing public-sector unions. Via the Wall Street Journal: Judge Maryann Sumi said a lawsuit filed by | Read More »

    AT&T to Buy T-Mobile, Union Targets $15 Million/yr in Dues Through Card Check

    Sunday’s breaking business story is the announcement that unionized AT&T will be buying union-free T-Mobile for $39 billion. With 42,000 mostly union-free employees, German-owned T-Mobile has long been a target of the red-shirted Communications Workers of America. Now, as the mostly unionized AT&T Mobility has agreed to allow the CWA to unionize its employees without secret-ballot elections (via neutrality and card-check), the red-shirted union bosses are seeing | Read More »

    Arianna Huffington’s Hilarious Hypocrisy: Union-Busting Like…a Capitalist Pig?!?

    We probably won’t hear AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka comparing Arianna Huffington to Hitler; nor will we likely see Joey “BFD” Biden weigh in on the merits of collective bargaining in this case either. However, ever since Arianna Huffington suckered convinced AOL to give her gobs of money ($315 million), a cushy new job, and some prestige for her rags-to-riches rise to the top of the blogoshpere, she’s had a | Read More »

    The Band of Mothers Needs Your Help Supporting Our Troops Tonight & Tomorrow in DC

    Many people are aware of the Band of Mothers and the exemplary work they do on behalf of our troops. In sum, they are, first and foremost, mothers. They are also mothers who happen to be activists with an easy-to-understand mission: To support America’s warriors. The Band of Mothers conducts postcard campaigns, they write letters, they rally, and they show up in support of our | Read More »

    Sodexo Slaps SEIU Cockroaches With RICO Suit

    Imagine being at a dinner event and having your plate served with (plastic) cockroaches scattered over the food. Envision going to a hospital with a loved one only to be confronted with the hint that the hospital food is infested with bugs, flies, mold, and rat droppings. Pretty disgusting, right? Well, imagine how disgusting it is that these tacticss are due to a union’s efforts to | Read More »

    Wolf Packs: Wisconsin’s Public-Sector Unions Turn Into Neighborhood Thugs

    In Wisconsin last week, it was the police and firefighters unions threatening local business* with boycotts should they not support the union efforts to turn back the clock on their so-called collective bargaining rights. Now, like a pack of wolves, the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) has jumped into the age-old racket of shaking-down businesses. WEAC has sent an e-mail to hundreds of businesses belonging | Read More »