"There can be no compromise on basic principles. There can be no compromise on moral issues. There can be no compromise on matters of knowledge, of truth, of rational conviction."

"There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil....In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit." Ayn Rand


    For $25, You Can Learn to Be a Marxist Troublemaker…and Grab Lunch Too!

    You may have noticed over these last few weeks that the protesters in Wisconsin and elsewhere seem to be well trained at trouble making. It’s almost as if they have their B.S. degrees from the University of Alinsky. Well, as every good community organizer knows, you can’t astroturf without being properly trained in the science of trouble making and that is why you too can | Read More »

    Twilight Zone: Maryland’s O’Malley Keynotes Union Protest of His Own Budget

    Yesterday, as in states around the country, another union protest took place. This time, the public-sector union members crowded around and chanted in Annapolis, Maryland—a state that has no chance of reforming the monopoly that public-sector unions have on its government. In attendance were up to 15,000 union activists, according to an AFSCME spokesman who helped organize the protest. Among the speakers at the rally | Read More »

    By What Right? A Primer for Union Thugs, Village Idiots and Other Collectivists

    There is a fierce battle taking place across this country that, if not resolved and walked back, will ultimately destroy the nation—if it has not done so already. Today, we are seeing the battle on full display in the halls of Congress, in front of statehouses, and in courtrooms across the country. In its most basic form, the battle is really over the concept of Rights. | Read More »

    Cheap Trick? WI Secy of State Gives Unions Extra Time to Lock in Contracts

    This may make things a bit stickier in Wisconsin: Democrat Secretary of State, Doug La Follette, is giving public-sector unions until the last moment possible (March 25th) to lock in contracts before publishing the new law limiting collective bargaining rights. According to AP: School boards and local governments across Wisconsin are rushing to reach agreements with unions before a new law takes effect that will | Read More »

    Union-Controlled NLRB Approves Union Thuggery in Union Elections

    On Friday, in its continuing attempt to hand over the American workplace to union bosses at all costs, the union-controlled National Labor Relations Board has thrown employees’ rights under the bus once again. This time, however, the NLRB’s obedience to union bosses could cause employees to get hurt. Under the National Labor Relations Act, employees are presumably free to choose to unionize or not to | Read More »

    Not letting a union dues crisis go to waste, AFL-CIO boss *hearts* Scott Walker

    Never mind that the issue in Wisconsin has been about public unions’ ability to game the system. Forget the fact that union-supporting thugs are threatening to kill GOP lawmakers and their families while the President launches an anti-bullying campaign, union bosses are using the Battle of Wisconsin as a means of drumming up support for the 2012 buildup. The ability to coordinate with the DNC’s | Read More »

    The Left’s New Tone? “…you will be killed and your familes will also be killed…”

    Because you believe in freedom and fiscal responsibility, you’ve been told that you are racist hate-monger. Because you rallied and held Gadsen Flags, you’ve been called astroturf. You were blamed for a shooting by an anarchist madman. As you’ve watched in horror as your country has been consumed by collectivist unions and crony capitalists, you’ve been accused of advocating slavery and hypocritically excoriated for rhetoric. For | Read More »

    White House to Union-Controlled NLRB: Shush now! Be quiet!

    A few weeks ago, as the debate over the FY 2011 budget was being debated, we raised the question as to why the union-controlled National Labor Relations Board wanted even more money from taxpayers, even as the NLRB’s case load has plummeted over the last ten years. Then, when the GOP-led House proposed cutting the NLRB’s budget by a mere $50 million (from $283 million | Read More »

    Crossroads GPS on the Public-Sector Union ‘System’

    As unions have spent tons of money on busing people into Wisconsin, as well as on TV ads, better late than never comes a national ad buy for this ad from Crossroads GPS:

    Scott Walker Offers Olive Branch, Fleebagging Democrats Spit in His Face

    Despite the financial straits that Wisconsin is facing, the war being waged against Scott Walker has always been about union power. Now, amid reports that Scott Walker is offering a compromise to unions and their Democrat puppets, their refusal to budge is proving this point. Appearing to blink first in a nearly three-week standoff with absent Senate Democrats, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker offered to keep certain | Read More »

    The Monsters of McMinnville, Oregon: Radical teachers’ union gets MEAn

    If one bad apple spoils the bushel, what happens when the whole bushel is rotten? In a sleepy little suburb outside of Portland, Oregon, there is a monster lurking in the classroom, teaching schoolchildren their three Rs—Reading, Radicalism & Reprisal. The monster is known as the McMinnville Education Association [MEA]. McMinnville School District is in negotiations with the MEA (hereafter to be known as MEAn) | Read More »

    Union-Controlled NLRB Goes Fishing With Google, Hooks Itself ‘Independently’

    In what may have been a just a mere not-so-innocent attempt at using Google to lure in new members for their union bosses, the allegedly “independent” National Labor Relations Board has created more questions about its practices than it probably would care to answer. Nevertheless, the questions do need answering. On Thursday, when it became known that the NLRB was running ads on Google on | Read More »

    Bill Gates Weighs in on Wisconsin…Sort of.

    Bill Gates, not exactly known for partisan politics, is sounding the alarm on states’ unfunded pensions and health care costs that are wreaking havoc on state budgets (now and in the foreseeable future). Gates does not mention Wisconsin by name, nor does he cite the unionized public-sector. However, with Wisconsin in the limelight right now, Gates’ warning should be heeded by all Americans (union and | Read More »

    Union-Controlled NLRB Suddenly Pulls Google Ads on ‘How to Start a Union’

    This past Thursday, we (along with the Shopfloor blog), shed some light on a startlingly pro-union Google ad being placed by the union-controlled National Labor Relations Board that stated: “Find Info on How to Start a Union Get the Process & More on Our Site!” __________ __________ A day later, on Friday, the National Labor Relations Board posted what appears to be its first-ever “Fact Check” | Read More »

    NJ Union Caught Interfering With Turnpike Bidding Process Gets Shown the Exit

    They could have been contenders. Unfortunately, though, the union representing the nearly 300 New Jersey Turnpike toll collectors took an opportunity for preferential hiring on the state’s plans to privatize collections and tried to interfere with the process. Now, the Garden State has shown them the exit (so to speak). With the advent of automated systems like EZ Pass that give motorists the ability to | Read More »