Wisconsin Government Accountability Board Strangely Disinterested in Recall Petition Fraud

    Despite the protestations of liberal hacks everywhere, most people instinctively understand that  the evidence is overwhelming that voter fraud happens, and that it happens all the time. In Wisconsin, however, we are presented with the rather unusual specter of the State Government frankly admitting that it will do nothing to stop it. As you are probably aware, unions and other crank liberal groups are busy | Read More »

    Ron Paul Goes Full Metal Truther

    I’ve been waiting for quite a while for Ron Paul to just come out and admit he’s a 9/11 truther. Frankly, I thought it would happen a long time before now. It has taken so long, in fact, that I had started to doubt whether he would ever do it. However, I guess his Iowa polling numbers must have him feeling his oats, because he | Read More »

    People Who Criticize the City of South Fulton, TN are History’s Greatest Monster

    The city of South Fulton, TN is getting a lot of media coverage this week because the city’s firefighters intentionally let someone’s house burn to the ground. Why did they do this? Because the homeowners in question did not pay a $75 fire protection fee. Sounds pretty absurd and ridiculous, right? Sounds like the sort of thing that might justifiably cause a good old-fashioned media and | Read More »

    Behold the Face of Evil

    It’s easy to get caught up in the latest Herman Cain media SNAFU or Gingrich reminiscence and forget that the world is full of actual, morally depraved evil people. Consternation over deficits and unemployment has a distressing (if perhaps understandable) tendency to sweep higher moral abstracts under the rug until our checkbook ledger is back in balance. However, for whatever its political value, it is | Read More »

    Herman Cain’s Attorney [Basically] Admits Affair

    In breaking news this afternoon, a Georgia woman is claiming that she had a 13-year affair with Herman Cain. She says she has documents (whatever they might be) which can back it up. In what can only be described as the guiltiest-looking no-comment statement in the history of politics, Cain’s lawyer offered this absurd response (especially hilarious parts in bold): Mr. Cain has been informed | Read More »

    CNN Foreign Policy Debate CoveritLive!

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    Kneel Before Romney and Despair

    The Lieutenant of the Tower of Barad-dur she was, and her name is remembered in no tale; for she herself had forgotten it, and she said: “I am the Mouth of Romney. . . . Is there anyone in this rout with authority to treat with me?” she asked. “Or indeed with wit to understand me? Not thou at least!” she mocked, turning to Newt | Read More »

    The Implosion of Herman Cain

    UPDATE: The entire video, unedited, can be found here. Anyone who saw the debate on Saturday night and observed Herman Cain‘s performance clearly saw a man who was terrified of the questions he was being asked and was hoping to be noticed as little as possible. Apparently, there was a good reason for that. Herman Cain apparently sat down with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorial board | Read More »

    CBS/National Journal Debate CoveritLive!

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    Cain Accuser “Speaks”

    The attorney for the woman who accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment in 1999 has spoken. Well, not really. As predicted, she sent her attorney out to the media – she continues to refuse to disclose her identity, answer questions, or provide any details whatsoever about the alleged incident. Her attorney’s statement is perhaps the most vacuous statement I have ever seen an attorney make, | Read More »

    Smelling the Bovine Fecal Material

    I am apparently woefully behind the curve here (which in Internet terms means I have missed news that has been out for several hours), and I somehow missed this bit of news about the first Herman Cain accuser – you know the one who apparently really, really wanted to speak about her ordeal? Apparently, her willingness to speak out about Herman Cain comes with three | Read More »

    A Moment for Two Deep Breaths

    “These are the two natures of man,” she said. “Never forget them, because someday you will be King, and Kings grow to be great and tall – as tall as dragons in their ninth moltings.” “Father isn’t great and tall,” objected Peter. Roland was, in fact, rather short and bowlegged… Sasha smiled. “He is, though. Kings grow invisibly, Peter, and it happens all at once, | Read More »

    A Mea Culpa on Herman Cain and Abortion

    Yesterday I wrote two posts about Herman Cain‘s stance on abortion, which may be read here and here. One of the good things about blogging is that it allows you to shoot from the hip, which allows instant commentary and feedback on news that the traditional media cannot provide. However, it is also sometimes one of the bad things about blogging, in that it allows | Read More »

    Down the Rabbit Hole with Herman Cain on Abortion

    Please read this post before continuing further. UPDATE: Herman Cain has issued a statement, which in the interest of fairness I am going to include here in its entirety. I will leave it to the reader to determine whether the bolded sentence is believable and, if it is believable, what it says about Cain. “Yesterday in an interview with Piers Morgan on CNN, I was | Read More »

    Herman Cain: Pro-Choice

    UPDATE: Please read this post before continuing further. Given the understandable concern people have over the state of the economy, it seems no one got around to asking current Republican frontrunner Herman Cain a difficult question on his views about abortion – until last night. Cain went on Piers Morgan’s show last night, and was first asked a ridiculous gotcha question about what he would | Read More »