Why Are You Outraged?

    To a certain extent, I live in a cave when it comes to following the news, particularly when it comes to media coverage of sensational trials, which tends to drive me around the bend. Therefore, I seriously had never heard of the Casey Anthony trial even as recently as Sunday night. Therefore, I have no strong opinions on whether Casey Anthony is actually guilty of | Read More »

    Jen Rubin Continues Her Tragic Self-Beclowning

    It figures that when the Washington Post hired a token conservative, they apparently hired someone completely ignorant of the conservative blogosphere. Apparently, they also hired someone who is completely ignorant of even recent Republican political history. Behold her latest offering in her quixotic campaign against the SBA List pledge: One final point: Billy Valentine, SBA’s deputy director who fielded questions all day Saturday, was a | Read More »

    Jim Tucker’s Fight to Keep Workers on the Government Dole in Louisiana

    (See here, here, here, here and here for previous coverage on the budget battle in Louisiana.) It appears that Louisiana Speaker of the House Jim Tucker has won at least a temporary victory in his battle to prevent Bobby Jindal from selling and privatizing three state prisons, a move which would have infused almost $100M in cash to the State’s strapped budget as well as | Read More »

    Substituting Sloganeering for Leadership in Louisiana

    For years, Democrats in Louisiana ran the state legislature incompetently and inefficiently, wasting the taxpayers’ money and creating bloated entitlement programs that generated structural budget deficits that were almost impossible to overcome. In 2010, for the first time in ages, Republicans finally gained control of both chambers of the Louisiana legislature, giving them the chance to finally show the people of Louisiana that Republicans could | Read More »

    Jim Tucker Resorts to Desperation in Opposition to Pension Reform

    As I noted here, Louisiana Speaker of the House Jim Tucker is attempting to defeat needed pension reform in Louisiana by falsely claiming that requiring Louisiana state employees to contribute additional money to their pension is a payroll tax, which he opposes (because of course he is a fiscal conservative and all fiscal conservatives oppose taxes). Tucker has confirmed that he intends to treat the | Read More »

    Reform on the Ropes – Prison Reform

    Currently, the Louisiana prison system is served by 11 state prisons. Some years ago, the State of Louisiana built three essentially identical prisons – the Allen, Avoyelles, and Winn correctional centers – which served as something of an experiment. The Avoyelles correctional center was run and staffed by State employees. The Allen and Winn correctional centers were run by private companies under 10-year contracts – | Read More »

    Reform on the Ropes in Louisiana – Pension Reform

    See Part 1 of this series here. In addition to reforming the Medicaid system in Louisiana, Bobby Jindal is attempting to reform the state employees’ pension system in Louisiana – a move that conservatives have supported in other states like New Jersey. In order to understand this move, it is necessary to explain how the state pension system works. In the typical private retirement system, | Read More »

    Reform on the Ropes in Louisiana (Part 1 – Healthcare)

    “True fiscal conservatism supports privatization of government services wherever possible because the private sector is almost always more efficient than the government.“ Although he has not kept a national profile as high as that of some other Republican governors like Chris Christie or Scott Walker, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has been quietly and competently reforming state government in Louisiana since his election.  Jindal has successfully | Read More »

    Texas Becomes First State in 50 Years to Actually Cut Budget Spending

    UPDATE: Reading the release a little more carefully, this is the first budget cut in Texas in 50 years. I have no idea when the last other state was to actually reduce spending. I would welcome if anyone has the answer to this question. Via the Texas Public Policy Foundation, the Texas Legislature has reached a deal for the upcoming fiscal which actually cuts government | Read More »

    Mitch Daniels in 2009: Stop Disagreeing with Democrats

    I am not really sure what is wrong with Mitch Daniels. Two years ago, you would not have found a bigger Mitch Daniels booster in the United States than yours truly. He had bucked national trends to win an landslide re-election and was doing all the right things to demonstrate administrative competence, which is something our party badly needed to demonstrate after the last two | Read More »

    From the Mailbag!

    Today’s installment of our most popular recurring segment comes from a nice fellow who helpfully illustrates why Ron Paul supporters got banned from RedState in 2008, and why they will likely be again in 2012: from Bryan Wysocki to Leon Wolf date Sun, May 15, 2011 at 12:06 AM subject Lawyer Assistance “As for Ron Paul as a candidate, my only regret is that debate | Read More »

    Ron Paul Announces 2012 Bid

    UPDATE: Via Jenn Q. Public at TWSS, I see that Ron Paul already has expressed opposition to the Bin Laden killing. The man is simply not capable of taking a position in support of America. Well, it’s official. I guess we can expect to have of thousands of the most obnoxious Obama voters following the GOP candidates around, spamming every internet and telephone poll, and | Read More »


    Dick Lugar Once Again Obama’s Favorite Republican

    Via Jake Tapper, today Dick Lugar became the only Republican to side with Barack Obama in the unsuccessful effort to overcome a filibuster against the nomination of James Cole as Deputy Attorney General. Among other problems with Cole, he is on the record, even after 9/11, as saying that terrorist are civil criminals and should be prosecuted and tried as criminals in the civilian courts | Read More »

    Richard Lugar Insults Conservatives, Indiana GOP County Chairmen

    Yesterday, I received an interesting piece of spam from Richard Lugar’s campaign. I call it “interesting” because it indicates that Lugar apparently intends to court voters who might be contemplating a vote for Richard Mourdock by calling them morons. And then speaking to them as if they were morons: Unfortunately, a large number of Republican County Chairmen have been duped into participating in the same | Read More »

    Mitch Daniels Announces Intent to Sign H.B. 1210

    Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has announced his intent to sign Indiana’s H.B. 1210, a measure which would, among other things, prevent Title X Medicaid funds from being used facilities that provide abortions. When the bill becomes law, Indiana will become the third state to have such a provision, following Texas (which passed “Rider 8″ in 2003) and Missouri (which passed a nearly identical law in | Read More »