From the Mailbag!

    Today’s installment of our most popular recurring segment comes from a nice fellow who helpfully illustrates why Ron Paul supporters got banned from RedState in 2008, and why they will likely be again in 2012: from Bryan Wysocki to Leon Wolf date Sun, May 15, 2011 at 12:06 AM subject Lawyer Assistance “As for Ron Paul as a candidate, my only regret is that debate | Read More »

    Ron Paul Announces 2012 Bid

    UPDATE: Via Jenn Q. Public at TWSS, I see that Ron Paul already has expressed opposition to the Bin Laden killing. The man is simply not capable of taking a position in support of America. Well, it’s official. I guess we can expect to have of thousands of the most obnoxious Obama voters following the GOP candidates around, spamming every internet and telephone poll, and | Read More »


    Dick Lugar Once Again Obama’s Favorite Republican

    Via Jake Tapper, today Dick Lugar became the only Republican to side with Barack Obama in the unsuccessful effort to overcome a filibuster against the nomination of James Cole as Deputy Attorney General. Among other problems with Cole, he is on the record, even after 9/11, as saying that terrorist are civil criminals and should be prosecuted and tried as criminals in the civilian courts | Read More »

    Richard Lugar Insults Conservatives, Indiana GOP County Chairmen

    Yesterday, I received an interesting piece of spam from Richard Lugar’s campaign. I call it “interesting” because it indicates that Lugar apparently intends to court voters who might be contemplating a vote for Richard Mourdock by calling them morons. And then speaking to them as if they were morons: Unfortunately, a large number of Republican County Chairmen have been duped into participating in the same | Read More »

    Mitch Daniels Announces Intent to Sign H.B. 1210

    Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has announced his intent to sign Indiana’s H.B. 1210, a measure which would, among other things, prevent Title X Medicaid funds from being used facilities that provide abortions. When the bill becomes law, Indiana will become the third state to have such a provision, following Texas (which passed “Rider 8″ in 2003) and Missouri (which passed a nearly identical law in | Read More »

    WaPo Poll: More Trouble for Obama on the Economy

    As I have stated before, the economy is the Democrats’ signature issue, and the one on which they rely to win elections, particularly on a statewide and national basis. The Washington Post has a poll out today which demonstrates further why Obama is vulnerable in 2012: In February, 2009, voters approved of his handling of the economy by a 60-35 margin. Today, they disapprove of | Read More »

    Paul Krugman Calls for the Assassination of Paul Ryan

    RedState co-founder Josh Trevino has noticed the following: back in January, Paul Krugman was one of many drooling idiot leftists devoid of any moral compass who tried to pin the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords on a lack of Republican civility. Even though, by the time Krugman’s column ran, it was clear that Giffords’ shooter was a mentally disturbed individual whose assassination plot was not motivated | Read More »

    Scott Brown, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Mark Kirk, and Lisa Murkowski are Cowardly Liberal Extremists

    Support for taxpayer funding of abortion is outside the political mainstream in this country. Depending on the poll, between 60 and 75 per cent of Amerians oppose it (see here, here, and here). In other words, belief that the government ought to be in the business of funding abortions is roughly as mainstream as the belief that the United States Government was behind 9/11. Now, | Read More »

    Gallup: Who Do You Trust on the Economy?

    Gallup has a fascinating poll out today which asks the age-old question: who do you trust on the economy? Now, these sorts of polls are always more interesting than they are useful in predicting election results, and tend to produce some results that make little sense (for instance, I categorically reject the notion that 82% of the population even knows who Tim Geithner is). Further, | Read More »

    Rejecting the Cult of Ayn Rand

    I should note at the outset of this piece that many conservatives properly owe a debt of thought to Ayn Rand. Rand’s attacks against the excesses of liberalism are some of the most cogent that have ever been penned; much of Rand’s writing is dedicated to the laudable principle that industry and ingenuity should be rewarded and slothfulness should be punished. That said, while Rand was unquestionably | Read More »

    Romney Announces Exploratory PAC

    Almost exactly five years after signing Romneycare into law, Mitt Romney has announced (via Twitter) that he is officially forming his exploratory PAC committee, which is the first official step towards an inevitable Presidential run. As a guy who reluctantly came around to supporting Romney in 2008, I cannot see how Mitt Romney expects to harness any of the anger over Obamacare which propelled Republicans | Read More »

    Planned Parenthood: Did We Say We Do Mammograms?

    One of the ridiculous canards always trotted out in defense of taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood is that Planned Parenthood is not just an abortion mill, it is a full-service women’s health provider. Specifically, it has been claimed over and over again that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms. Why do you want women to die of breast cancer, you evil Republican? Take it away, Barbara Boxer: California U.S. | Read More »

    Opening Day Open Thread

    In his memoir Decision Points, George W. Bush relayed a story about the night he threw out the ceremonial opening pitch at Yankee Stadium when the World Series resumed play after the tragedy of 9/11. He said that he ran into Derek Jeter in the bullpen before the game and asked him if he should throw the pitch from the front of the mound or | Read More »

    Joanne Kloppenburg Is Bothered By Outside Money Spent in Judicial Elections, Except for the $3 Million in Outside Money Being Spent to Elect Her

    We have covered extensively how the liberals in Wisconsin are trying to overturn the results of last year’s elections by funding a massive campaign to oust conservative Justice David Prosser in favor of liberal assistant AG Joanne Kloppenburg (see here, here, and here). One of the things we have covered extensively is that Kloppenburg is the beneficiary of a massive $3 million advertising campaign sponsored | Read More »

    Wisconsin AFL-CIO Holds Joint Rally with Planned Parenthood

    UPDATE: Two more resources for union members wanting to divert their dues to charity, the National Right to Work Foundation and Union Refund. Maybe if you’ve been a union member for some time, you’ve been able to avoid some level of discomfort over your union dues going to the political campaigns of Democrats. Maybe you’re a hard-working conscientious person who can rationalize this by saying | Read More »