Another Way to Look at the Jobs Report

    Another Way to Look at the Jobs Report

    A lot of digital ink has already been spilled on the late September jobs report, which showed that a disappointing 144K jobs were added to payroll (versus an expected 180K). Deciphering what to make of each month’s job report has become a monthly game of political football that is designed (at least on the part of the Democrats) to confuse average voters into not knowing | Read More »

    Ben Bernanke and the First Rule of Holes

    Ben Bernanke and the First Rule of Holes

    I get that monetary policy is not really the sexiest or most interesting topic out there, especially in the midst of the Obama administration’s current scandalpalooza. But the signs are mounting that the Fed’s current course of action ought to start causing alarm for even the most casual consumer of news; and what’s worse, the Fed appears to have no exit strategy at all from | Read More »

    Black Keys Concert Review

    I went to see the Black Keys live at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville last night, with the Flaming Lips.  As a substantial part of what I have to say will sound negative, it is important to emphasize that it was not by any means a bad show. The band played a pretty amazing amount of material and were definitely energetic and engaged. It was not, | Read More »

    California State Bar Recommends Law License for Illegal Immigrant

    I am probably a good deal squishier than most conservatives on the immigration issue – I broadly favor a set of immigration reforms that would probably be (inaccurately) called “amnesty” by most people who read this blog. But this story right here really chaps my hide: An illegal immigrant applying for a law license in California should be allowed to receive it, the State Bar | Read More »

    The Truly Massive ALEC Protests (Video)

    The way the media is covering the ALEC protests, you would imagine they were about as huge as the OWS protests (which were also by and large pathetically attended in comparison to the TEA Party protests but endlessly hyped by the media). Turns out, maybe not so much. Check out this video from Ben Howe about the truly massive anti-ALEC posts in Charlotte: I hope | Read More »

    Chilean Study Proves that Outlawing Abortion Does Not Lead to “Coat-hanger Deaths”

    For decades, supporters of abortion on demand have insisted on two completely unproven assertions concerning what would happen if abortion were made generally illegal in this country. First, they have asserted, somewhat counter-intuitively and again without any proof, that such a law would not work, and women would continue to get abortions. Second, based on the first unfounded assertion, they insist that therefore women would be | Read More »

    Lugar Campaign Starting to Reek of Flop Sweat

    You can tell that the Dick Lugar campaign is terrified that they are going to lose by the emails the campaign is sending out over the last few days. Yesterday, Lugar was so desperate that he resorted to the tried and true Democrat tactic of scaring seniors about the nasty conservatives who are coming to steal their social security checks. In an email titled “Mourdock | Read More »

    Roll Call’s Cowardly Hit Piece on Ron Johnson

    Yesterday, Roll Call released a cowardly and completely unsourced hit piece on Senator Ron Johnson, who dared to buck Senate Leadership earlier this year. Actually, I shouldn’t call it “completely unsourced,” as there are a few sources willing to go on the record in the piece; however, all those sources directly contradict Roll Call’s central thesis, which is that everyone in the GOP Senate caucus | Read More »

    Derbyshire in 2003: I Am a Racist

    Yesterday, the entire Internet was ablaze with well-deserved condemnation for National Review contributor John Derbyshire’s racist rant. If you haven’t yet read it, I suggest you take a moment to do so; it is truly breathtaking. However, to those of us who have followed Derbyshire’s career prior to this point, the only surprise is that it took him so long to say something so contemptible | Read More »

    Welcome Back, Baseball

    At last, the long winter of our discontent is over. America’s pastime has returned to its home fields. Tonight, the World Champion Cardinals take on the revamped Miami Marlins in the United States opener. Tomorrow, the other 28 teams return to work. Although the game has changed to a huge extent since the days when fielders (including catchers) played barehanded and pitchers threw underhanded from | Read More »

    Obama’s Continuing Assault on the Law, History, and Facts

    In the wake of President Obama’s moronic and widely-lampooned comments on judicial review yesterday, President Obama offered the following lame (and incorrect) walkback today: THE PRESIDENT:  Well, first of all, let me be very specific. We have not seen a Court overturn a law that was passed by Congress on a economic issue, like health care, that I think most people would clearly consider commerce | Read More »

    President Obama Goes on Record Opposing Marbury v. Madison

    For a guy who graduated from Harvard Law, Barack Obama is not really very well versed on his law or his legal history. Speaking out today about the Supreme Court’s review of Obamacare, Obama offered this stunning and completely ahistorical nugget: Ultimately, I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed | Read More »

    Trayvon Martin Story Destroys Last of Media’s Credibility

    I don’t really know what happened between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. What I do know is that this story has resulted in at least one homicide – the self-inflicted homicide of the media’s last shreds of credibility. And it isn’t just conservative blogs that are noticing – even straight news sources have begun to notice the shame with which the media has covered itself | Read More »

    Super Tuesday CoverItLive/Open Thread

    WIll Mitt Romney score a knockout punch tonight or does Santorum have another surprise in the bag? Click to join in, or chime in to the comments section!  

    Irony, Thy Name is Lugar

    Richard Lugar does not even own a home in Indiana anymore. Despite this, someone thought it would be a good idea for his campaign to attack challenger Richard Mourdock for absenteeism. Seriously. The Lugar campaign has released the following ad, which you can judge on its own merits: The Mourdock campaign has responded: Since Richard Morudock took office as State Treasurer in 2007, his office | Read More »