More Terrible News for Ben Carson

Ben Carson has been asked about a dozen times in the last couple days whether he plans to drop out of the race, and when. The reasons are pretty obvious: He’s been hemorrhaging staff, running out of money, he finished fourth in Iowa and dead last in New Hampshire, and there’s no indication that he will do any better in South Carolina. Carson’s own answer | Read More »

Which of These Excuses for Hillary’s Struggles is Stupider?

There’s a very simple and obvious reason for Hillary’s struggles on the campaign trail this year: she’s a terrible candidate. She’s an uninspiring and boring public speaker, she’s prickly with the public and the press, and she’s trying to win a Democratic primary with a message that’s centered in realism. Additionally, she has a lengthy and very public history of dishonesty, self-dealing, and duplicity, and | Read More »

Take A RedState Presidential Electability Poll!

A lot of the presidential discussion right now is operating on three levels: who would be the best President, who has the best chance (or any chance) of being the nominee, and who has the best chance (or any chance) of winning the general election. Here’s your chance to weigh in, and argue your case in the comments. The electability poll – who are you | Read More »

South Carolina To Be A Street fight (Updated with video)

South Carolina is going to be a street fight between Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.and Donald Trump. CNN’s Theodore Schleifer, after speaking with nearly a dozen people tied to the Cruz campaign, reports that team Cruz envisions an eventual three-man race between Cruz, Rubio and Trump, but the race isn’t consolidating quickly enough and donors are holing back until there is more “clarity” race:

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This is how I expect Clinton to beat Sanders in South Carolina

Most of our attention is on the Republican race moving south, but the Democrats are doing the same thing. Bernie Sanders has competed well with Hillary Clinton in two rural, northern, white states. But as the race moves to South Carolina, at least two of those attributes change, and that leads us to how I expect Hillary Clinton to start winning states convincingly.

Fiorina’s Candidacy Is a Win Because She Stood In Contrast to “Victim” Hillary

Carly Fiorina ended her bid for the White House on Wednesday, after a dismal placing in the New Hampshire primary, but she made her mark as a presidential contender in a way no one else before her had done. We’re used to seeing Republican women run for Congress, obtain the position of governor, or even take on the rare role of vice presidential nominee. But | Read More »

Marco Rubio Looks To A Brokered Convention For the Nomination

Conceding that you are unlikely to win the nomination via the voters and looking toward a brokered convention as a strategy reeks of weakness.

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This anti-Hillary Clinton campaign ad from MSNBC is AWESOME.

This anti-Hillary Clinton campaign ad from MSNBC is AWESOME.

MSNBC aired a hilarious anti-Hillary Clinton ad. They SAID it’s from Ted Cruz, but they left off the markings, so who knows? ...

Democrat Debate: Two Old White People Yell At Each Other

If you watched any of the Democrat debate as I did last night, you had a chance to see two old white people go back and forth, jockeying to see which of them could prove to the masses who was the most far-left-neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie. It was hard to tell. Ever since Sanders has made life difficult for the anointed one, Hillary Clinton, she’s been making a | Read More »

Quote of the Day, Debbie Wasserman Schultz Downplays Worries That Her Base Is Revolting edition.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a great DNC chair! If you’re a Republican.

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The #BATF: New Hampshire Recapapalooza

Welcome back to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Friends! Tonight, North Carolina radio host Pete Kaliner joins RedState’s own Jay Caruso, F. Bill McMorris of the Washington Free Beacon, Jeff Blehar of the Ace of Spades Decision Desk, and myself to recap the New Hampshire results, plus look forward to South Carolina. To join the group, watch live below. Enjoy the show!

University Police Officer: “It’s Illegal to Offend Someone” [VIDEO]

In a move sure to excite millennials everywhere, the University of Texas police issued a disorderly conduct citation to a preacher for the heinous crime of “offending someone.” What’s more, the preacher in question was not even ON campus, he was just near campus and directing his voice TOWARDS the campus. The preacher named Joshua, who was an intern with Campus Ministry USA, was standing | Read More »

WAIT! Who Is The FBI Leaving Off Its List Of “Extremist Ideologies!?”

To combat the ability of terror groups to attract teenagers (note: there has only been one variety of terrorist doing this in the United States) the FBI has set up a website. It seems obviously incomplete

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Here Are 2 Big Reasons Why The Air Traffic Controllers’ Union Wants To Break From The FAA

In almost all cases, when it comes to running an enterprise, most on the Right would agree that the private-sector can do a better job than the federal government. Moreover, in almost all cases, most on the Left would disagree with the above statement. So, why is it that the nation’s air traffic controllers’ union is ready to back a Republican-led bill turn to over | Read More »

BREAKING RUMOR. Ted Cruz Trails Trump By Only Six In South Carolina. Marco Rubio Closing the Gap.

This is what it is. A rumor. But it is a rumor sufficiently well-placed that Bill Kristol feels comfortable running with it: Trump 32; Cruz 26; Rubio 20; Bush 10; Carson 7; Kasich 2. Keep in mind this is not an internal campaign poll but one that will be published in the next day or so. Compare and contrast with the trend lines. If true, | Read More »

Fake Nice Guy John Kasich Thinks Money Grows on Trees

Nothing has been more disingenuous this entire campaign season – including Donald Trump’s entire schtick – than John Kasich pretending to be a nice guy for like a week in New Hampshire. Kasich got away with it because New Hampshire voters are apparently more addicted to heroin than previously believed, and also because everyone was busy watching Trump, Cruz, Rubio, and Christie. People who have | Read More »

Water Cooler 2/11/16 Open Thread – A pot predicament, Ben’s still in, Dump the draft

Rubio concedes the possibility of a brokered convention:  Marco Rubio’s campaign manager now admits to ABC  it could be a long slow slog: “We very easily could be looking at May — or the convention,” [Terry] Sullivan said aboard Rubio’s charter jet from New Hampshire to South Carolina on Wednesday. “I would be surprised if it’s not May or the convention.” Contra to RedState’s own | Read More »

Donald Trump Financed The Gang of 8

One of the most common things you hear from a Trump fanatic is that the single most important thing this election is illegal immigration and that Donald Trump is the only candidate who is talking about building a wall and deporting everyone that’s here illegally. Trump has claimed that no one would be talking about illegal immigration had he not brought it up, which is | Read More »

Alan Grayson under House Ethics investigation for being… a hedge fund manager.

Alan Grayson was managing a hedge fund from his Congressional seat. …Because that is, as they say, how the Alan Grayson DO.

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Rubio Hits Trump On Inexperience And Un-presidential Behavior

Sen. Marco Rubio has generally avoided attacking his GOP primary opponents, and on Wednesday Rubio said his recent debate flub was due to his reluctance to take down a fellow Republican. That has changed in the South Carolina street fight. Rubio went after Donald Trump Thursday morning attacking the Donald’s lack of foreign policy experience and his un-presidential behavior:

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Chris Matthews: Ted Cruz “operates below the level of human life”

I kid you not. I did not make up that quote. I’ve really given up trying to figure out how Chris Matthews keeps his job, and of course, it is not much of a coincidence that this happened on Scarborough’s show considering he is obviously in the bag for Donald Trump.

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Ben Carson Says He Can Win South Carolina And Has A Path Forward

Ben Carson was interviewed by CNN’s Jake Tapper and he claimed that not only was going to win South Carolina, but he had an unspecified path forward. That path, unfortunately, is simply a scheme to build a direct mail list for future rental.

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The Left Machine: Foundations and Elizabeth Warren

Part 1: Massive Foundations put billions into left wing activist campaigns, but nobody seems to notice. In part 1, I explained that left wing Foundations fund an enormous amount of research, activism and media — creating, promoting and covering their own political campaigns. In part 2, I will give you an example of how this works. Specifically, how Elizabeth Warren built her career on the kind of | Read More »








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