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    What happened to the “Last Mile”?

    The term “Net Neutrality” was coined by Columbia Professor Tim Wu in 2003. Net Neutrality originally referred to management of the “last mile” of the network over which data flows into a person’s home, but the debate has grown beyond that in recent years. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided on February 26th to apply utility style regulations to the Internet by reclassifying it as | Read More »

    What I Saw During Our Vote To Secure The Border

    What I Saw During Our Vote To Secure The Border

    July 31, 2014, the House decided to stay in DC and work. The Senate had already left town for their August recess. The President held a press conference to let the world know that in his opinion, he found dealing with Congress untenable and the body was dysfunctional because they could not pass a bill to send to him to do what he wanted done— | Read More »

    Remarks to Freedom Summit, Manchester NH

    From the diaries…

    Thanks ya’ll!

    It’s great to be in New Hampshire! I am so pleased to stand with the two great organizations hosting this Freedom Summit — Citizens United and Americans for Prosperity.

    Citizens United fought to defend our right to free speech — and won a great victory in the United States Supreme Court.

    And Americans for Prosperity is exercising that right to free speech to defend the values we all share — and with your help, we are going to win a great victory this November!

    You might have noticed Harry Reid is a little upset with Americans for Prosperity. Let me tell you, when the Democrat leader is complaining about you on the Senate floor, you know you are doing something right.

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    An Open Letter to President Obama

    Mr. President, What could you possibly have been thinking? The ad you have launched featuring a young actress equating voting for you to a sexual act is offensive to me, to millions of women and to the stature of the office you hold. As a father of two beautiful girls, how could you possibly have allowed this to be aired? Did you approve this? Did | Read More »

    Help Defeat International Regulatory Schemes for the Internet

    From the diaries… Today the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology is examining a dangerous international attempt to regulate and tax the Internet. Several hostile countries are pursuing the expansion of a 1988 International Telecommunication Regulation (ITR) Treaty under the auspices of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), an agency within the United Nations. Their preferred venue for this back-door power play is the December 2012 | Read More »

    Save Tech Jobs from Obama’s Regulatory Apocalypse

    There’s an inverse relationship between the size and scope of government and the health of our free-market economy. That’s why House Republicans made deregulation a cornerstone of our American Jobs Plan. Every new rule, mandate, and regulatory edict is one more obstacle that small business owners, entrepreneurs, and job creators have to swallow. That holds especially true for our dynamic and competitive tech industry, which | Read More »

    The FTC’s Internet Kill Switch

    Bureaucrats at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are pursuing a heavy-handed regulatory approach to address vague concerns about consumers’ online privacy. They claim that privacy is threatened by a shadowy group of advertisers who are harvesting your data from behind the screen to sell you more stuff. While I don’t discount the agency’s good intentions to protect consumers, FTC activists have supported regulations that would | Read More »