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I'm a 19 year old Freshmen with an intended double major in History and Political Science, with a possible interest in Constitutional Law; My parents are Reaganites especially my father, who's greatest regret was that he was too young to vote for Reagan in the Republican Primaries back in 1976; he was a teenager/college student in Cincinnati, Ohio during the Carter years and Reagan's first term; so that kind of explains my political bent, though I'm more libertarian leaning then my father, not as much as Ron Paul or even Barry Goldwater, probably more in line with Barry Goldwater; You won't always agree with me and I won't always agree with you but I will at all times try to keep an open mind ( insult my beliefs, or intelligence and your picking a fight you're not going to like) It troubles me greatly that my generation is either flaming liberal or atbest lethargic and indifferent ( I know thats a bit redundant but my gen. is that apathetic that it needs two adjectives) I'm here to get advice and offer my own to the "elder statesmen" of the conservative movement; I think I can offer some insight into the mind of young people and perhaps advice in how to convert some to "the cause". I also think that I can offer a "devil's advocate" position when needed in regards to those politicians we may often designate as "squishes" a lot of these types happen to be from the midwest and though we like the term "actions speak louder than words" it doesn't often apply to politics and certainly not to conservative politicians in general I'm significantly less Libertarian these days, I think the NSA issues and the push to defund the NSA made me move away from the ideology. "They would rather the poor were poorer as long as the rich were less rich"- Margaret Thatcher British Conservative Party Prime Minister and Reagan Contemporary


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