BREAKING. Rand Paul’s New Hampshire Campaign Chair Endorses Ted Cruz

Rand Paul’s New Hampshire campaign chairman, state senator Kevin Avard, has endorsed Ted Cruz for president.

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Bill Clinton Unloads On Bernie Sanders And His Supporters

Bill Clinton has surfaced in a big way in New Hampshire and is directly attacking Sanders and his supporters.

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The UMass tracking poll of New Hampshire is bad news for Donald Trump

So we now have two tracking polls in New Hampshire. ARG is also running a tracker (one that adores John Kasich, for some reason), but today I’m going to draw our attention back to the UMass tracker. It’s showing movement for the second tier of candidates that’s different from before. Different in a way that’s bad news for Donald Trump.

Scrubbed, Whitewashed & Censored: The DHS’s Dangerous History of Enabling Islamic Terror

According to Philip Haney, former employee and whistleblower of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), while employed at the DHS, he was ordered to scrub the records of Muslims with ties to terror. Haney wrote, in an article at The Hill, that following the 2009 underwear bomber plot, “President Obama threw the intelligence community under the bus for its failure to “connect the dots. This | Read More »

Hillary Clinton: Benghazi Questions Dishonor Those Who Died There

After lying to the American people and the families of those slain in Benghazi about the cause of the attack, Hillary Clinton wants to put questions about Benghazi out of bounds.

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Trump’s New Strategy for the GOP Nomination

After the initial meltdown over losing Iowa, Donald Trump has been positively docile, by his standards. He’s skipped events in New Hampshire, toned down his twitter rants, and other than a losing exchange with Jeb Bush, pretty much stayed out of the fray on Saturday night. For the first time in this campaign, Trump has not been the lead item in the news, and that’s | Read More »

ELECTORAL TSUNAMI! Most Shocking New Hampshire Poll You Will Ever Read

This new New Hampshire poll is guaranteed to shock you.

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Obama Shoots Himself in the Foot on Trade Bill

Obama Shoots Himself in the Foot on Trade Bill

While there’s no doubt that in a lot of ways, Obama is successful as a president in that he set out to reshape the country in his image and has ...

RUMOR. Hillary Clinton To Fire A Crap Load Of Staff After Losing New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton is rumored to be planning a purge of her campaign after she takes a beating in New Hampshire.

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Make America Awesome

As the Republican primary season kicks into high gear, a debate is playing out among various groups as to how one effectively takes down Donald Trump. Dave Weigel writes about this, live from New Hampshire, at the Washington Post, covering an ad that Rick Wilson and I created for the anti-Trump SuperPAC, Make America Awesome. In essence, as Weigel notes, there are two theories about how | Read More »

Rush Limbaugh Blasts Chris Christie, Says Rubio Was RIGHT About Obama

‘Chris Christie is loser’ was my alternate title. Not a quote, but it is the basic message from Rush Limbaugh on his show today: Obama does know what he is doing. After a weekend of petty Republican back-stabbing, it’s about time someone showed the sense and backbone to say it. It’s a four minute clip so far too much for a full transcript. If you | Read More »

Jeb Bush: I’m Not Big On That First Amendment Crap

Jeb Bush was happy to use a super PAC when he was rolling in cash, now he wants to get rid of them.

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Shorter Kasich: ‘I’m to the left of Hillary.’

I get that New Hampshire is not exactly a bastion of conservative thought. A Republican hasn’t held the state in the general election in almost 16 years. I also get that John Kasich has not pretended to be anything like what is traditionally called a conservative. In fact, he claims to be some kind of “new” conservative which, if history is a guide for candidates | Read More »

Ted Cruz Refuses Comment on Nickelback Controversy

The Ted Cruz campaign has been rocked by scandal and rumors over the last month. I’m not talking about Carsongate, which is a nothingburger, or the even bigger nothingburger that is the “birther” controversy. I’m talking about the ugly allegations, probably circulated by the Trump campaign, that Ted Cruz likes Nickelback. I had always assumed that this scurrilous accusation was false until I saw this | Read More »

Mexico’s Former President Fact Checks Donald Trump

In one of the most superfluous fact checking missions in the history of the modern media, someone finally got around to asking former Mexican President Felipe Calderon if Mexico had any interest in paying for the wall Donald Trump swears he will build on the southern border. You probably did not need Calderon to actually tell you this, but it turns out the answer is | Read More »

Water Cooler 2/8/16 Open Thread – Needling Bernie, Driving in Cali, Flakes descend on NH

Aren’t statistics wonderful? Last year in California Assembly Bill 60 was implemented. That’s the law which granted illegal immigrants a driver’s license.  The LA Times has some numbers: “An estimated 605,000 licenses were issued under the law last year, accounting for nearly half of all new licenses, according to the California DMV. Nearly 400,000 of the licenses were issued during the first six months.” Assembly | Read More »

CHUTZPAH ALERT. Remember When Femnist Gloria Steinem Endorsed Bernie Sanders Over A Rape Survivor?

Gloria Steinem is demanding women show solidarity by voting for Hillary Clinton. She forgets when she endorsed Bernie Sanders over a rape survivor.

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What to look for in the New Hampshire primary results tomorrow.

The New Hampshire primaries are going to tell us quite a bit about our core assumptions. It’s very neat.

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Bill Clinton’s Corpse Accuses Bernie Sanders of Sexism

A shambling wreck of a man who used to be one of the most charismatic people in America took to a stage in New Hampshire recently, clad in his best imitation of lumberjack chic (if the lumberjack in question had been paid hundreds of millions of dollars to give speeches to fabulously wealthy people, that is). During the course of his doddering remarks, he unleashed | Read More »

Cruz: It’s Nuts, Wrong, Dangerous and Immoral to Draft Women and Put Them In Close Combat

“We have had enough with political correctness especially in the military,” Cruz said. “Political correctness is dangerous and the idea that we would draft our daughters to forcibly bring them into the military and put them in close combat, I think is wrong.

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Hillary Wants to Release Top Secret Information While Hiding What She Said to Goldman Sachs

Although the State Department has been doing their best to cover Hillary Clinton’s backside during the current email controversy (over the protests of the United States intelligence committee), even the State Department found 22 emails that they decided simply could not released, even with redactions, that were found on Clinton’s server. Since this revelation, Clinton has repeatedly insisted that this is over-classification gone amok, and | Read More »

Chris Christie Gets Cozy with Hillary Clinton

There’s something about the Democrats that just gets Chris Christie feeling warm and fuzzy.  First, it was his bromance with Obama that got people talking. Now it’s his supposed rival, Hillary Clinton.  Christie joined Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union where Clinton was also a guest.  And when the two saw each other on set, this happened: Only on @CNNSotu !!! — | Read More »

This Super Bowl Commercial is Making the Abortion Industry Lose Its Mind

Last night’s Doritos Super Bowl commercial has the abortion industry absolutely losing its mind.


The commercial shows a baby in an ultrasound.

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