WATCH: Mary Katherine Ham Schools Chris Cuomo On Obamacare

Andrea Ruth
Seton Motley | Red State |

There is an argument oft posited in politics that if the Left and Right are both opposed to what you’re doing – you must be doing something right.  That you have found the sweet spot of policy excellence – betwixt and between the ideological bounds that surround you. And occasionally, that is the case.  But not usually.  Usually, if you’ve displeased everyone engaged enough to | Read More »


    The United Nations ranks countries according to personal  satisfaction — yours may be adversely impacted if you are the type to be influenced by the UN. Each year the world authority-on-everything-but-master-of-none — The United Nations — issues an annual report measuring happiness on a national basis. You may not have noticed this ranking of global glee in recent years, due mainly to who | Read More »

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