RS at CPAC: Trey Radel (R CAND, FL-14 PRI).

    Trey is running in Connie Mack’s seat; Connie Mack, of course, is running in the FL-SEN Republican primary in order to make doubly sure that none of us ever have to remember which Senator Nelson was which, ever again.  Trey and I didn’t really discuss that; but we did talk about the race, and CPAC. Trey’s site is here. Moe Lane (crosspost)

    RS at CPAC: Ted Cruz (R CAND, TX-SEN PRI).

    Ted Cruz is an old friend of RedState, of course: so we made sure to spend a couple of minutes talking about the race, how the ongoing redistricting dispute in Texas is making everybody’s elections difficult, and about CPAC generally.  And if you’re wondering why a Texas federal Senate race would be affected by redistricting, it’s because nobody really wants to have three primary dates | Read More »

    RS at CPAC: Rep. Sandy Adams (R, FL-24)

    Rep. Sandy Adams is a freshman legislator who is now running for re-election in the new FL-07 district (the maps were thoroughly shifted around as per the redistricting process in Florida); as a result, she’ll be running a contested primary with Rep. John Mica.  Sandy and I talked a bit about that race, as well as CPAC generally: Rep. Adams’ site is here. Moe | Read More »

    RS at CPAC: Mia Love (R CAND, UT-04 PRI).

    We’ve spoken before: Mia is the mayor of Saratoga Springs in the new UT-04 district, and if she wins the primary she hopes to beat Jim Matheson in the general.  We spoke for a few minutes at CPAC: Mia’s site is here.  I don’t often say this, but if I lived in this district I’d be voting for her.  Which is no reflection on | Read More »

    RS at CPAC: EJ Otero (R CAND, FL-11 PRI).

    Florida is volatile, this cycle: the combination of redistricting, the adding of two seats, and the status of Florida as a battleground state has caused for a lot of jockeying for positioning and seats.  It was pretty much a relief to speak to Col. E.J. Otero, USAF (Ret.), who simply wants to toss out the liberal Kathy Castor from the 11th district. As usual, we | Read More »

    RS at CPAC: Richard Mourdock (R CAND, IN-SEN PRI).

    This particular interview with Richard – we’ve talked with him before about the race – is of interest for another reason: Dave Weigel of Slate happened to reference it in his day-in-the-life article about Richard Mourdock at CPAC.  I don’t have any actual beef with Weigel’s reporting of anything that I was involved with – I did ask those questions, more or less, and I | Read More »

    RS at CPAC: Dan Bongino (R CAND, MD-SEN PRI).

    One of the interesting things about CPAC is, of course, that you can meet a whole lot of different candidates.  Below was my conversation with Dan Bongino, who is a former US Secret Service agent now running for Senate in Maryland against Ben Cardin – and if you don’t remember who Ben Cardin is, don’t worry.  Cardin’s an amazingly generic Senator who, on his good | Read More »

    RS at CPAC: see the Occupiers! (Open thread)

    And tremble at their might! They have tents, you see. Tents which they carry with them, everywhere that they go. For JUSTICE! Moe Lane (crosspost) PS: Open thread. These goofballs aren’t even worth a full post.

    RS at CPAC: Karen Harrington (R CAND, FL-20 PRI)

    This is from yesterday: Karen Harrington is goig up against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who doesn’t quite have the district that she used to. We’ve talked before, and she had some thoughts on CPAC this time: Karen’s site is here. Moe Lane (crosspost)

    RS at CPAC: Sen. Ron Johnson (R, WI).

    I have a lot of these, and probably more getting generated tomorrow – but I didn’t want to not get at least one of these done this evening.  This clip is of Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, who of course came out of nowhere in 2010 to neatly excise Russ Feingold from his Senate seat.  Which was personally one of the more satisfying results of | Read More »

    Proposed ‘Pelosi Provision’ of the STOCK Act unveiled yesterday.

    The STOCK Act – which is short for the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act; honestly, I wish that they’d stop coming up with cute names for these. This particular one is not really obnoxious, but some of them have really reached for the acronym – started to get really pushed through last year, once it came out that Members of Congress, including then-Speaker of | Read More »

    The self-correcting conservative Democratic liar problem.

    In today’s Morning Jolt Jim Geraghty observed, while implicitly dismissing former (involuntarily) Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper’s (D, PA) sudden getting religion over Obamacare for the cynical political move that it probably is, that the myth of the conservative Democratic Congressman was, well, a myth – and that he’s been saying that since 2010. Well, I’ve been saying that, too – so I decided to look at | Read More »

    First reports of Wisconsin recall petition fraud?

    Could be, could be: The Racine County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate possible fraudulent recall signatures collected by Mark Demet, a Racine man whose brother’s signature was found four times on petitions to recall Sen. Van Wanggaard, R-Racine. His mother’s signature was also found twice. But both say they didn’t sign, said Capt. Thomas Lamke of the Racine County Sheriff’s Office. This is, by | Read More »

    RedState Review: The Lost Majority.

    Sean Trende of Real Clear Politics is one of the better analysts of basic political trends out there, so I was looking forward to his new book The Lost Majority: Why the Future of Government Is Up for Grabs – and Who Will Take It. I was fortunate enough to snag a review copy for RedState, and found it to be a fairly persuasive argument | Read More »

    A question for ANY GOP Presidential campaign out there…

    …why are none of them talking about Operation Fast & Furious? And when I say ‘talk’ I mean ‘bringing it up at every opportunity, complete with raised voices and angry tones.’ Seriously. This is an easy issue to be on the right side of: everyone agrees – now – that it’s bad to create a sting operation where you facilitate the running of guns to | Read More »