Frank Lautenberg/Rush Holt paid out race-tinged hush money?

    I believe that the word that both the senior Democratic Senator from NJ, and the Democratic Congressman from NJ-12, would insist on seeing here would be allegedly. As in, allegedly former canvass worker Christopher Nastuk was told that it would be, ah, “demographically undesirable” to use African-American canvassers in Holt’s lily-white district. Or, allegedly the minority canvassers that Nastuk did hire were fired anyway “and | Read More »

    Gov. Perry at the Iowa Republican Presidential Forum on Manufacturing.

    Texas governor and Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry participated in a Presidential manufacturing forum today in Pella, Iowa (hosted by the Vermeer Corporation): and it’s pretty interesting viewing. (The entire forum (and transcript) can be seen here.) Governor Perry answered questions from both the moderators and the audience: if I had to sum up fifteen minutes of informed, fairly specific commentary in one sentence | Read More »

    Labor Secretary Hilda Solis uses gay-baiting slur in public.

    It’s not turning into a good year for the Obama administration – in fact, it’s not been a good administration for the Obama administration – but I think that this is hardly an excuse for a Cabinet level official to use low-rent sexual epithets in public: At the Florida Democratic Party State Convention over the weekend, U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis insulted members of | Read More »

    NYPD utilizing #OWS for indigent relief efforts?

    (Via Jammie Wearing Fool) Which is a polite way of saying “New York cops allegedly loading Zuccotti Park up with real homeless.” …while officers may be in a no-win situation, at the mercy of orders carried on shifting political winds and locked into conflict with a so-far almost entirely non-violent protest movement eager to frame the force as a symbol of the oppressive system they’re | Read More »

    Chris Wallace calls out Mitt Romney.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that maybe Mitt Romney should take seriously this shot across the bow by Fox News host Chris Wallace: [Mitt Romney] has not appeared on this program or any Sunday talk show since March of 2010. We invited Gov. Romney again this week, but his campaign says he’s still not ready to sit down | Read More »

    Herman Cain ’12 Iowa caucuses: Obama, 2008? Or Dean, 2004?

    Hot Air and Ace of Spades HQ are both contemplating the issue of Herman Cain, whether he can win, and whether he is truly likely to win. Fortunately or unfortunately – depending on your point of view – I take a utilitarian point of view on the matter: what does the Herman Cain Iowa plan look like? Does it look like this? Campaign organizer: We’re | Read More »

    #OWS Occupy London Stock Exchange not showing up on standard thermal scans.

    It’s the funniest thing. You know Western civilization? That patriarchal, logocentric, heteronormative collection of imperial hubris, Gaeacidal ideology, facist-capitalist-authoritarian economics, and war-worshipping mindset that continually oppresses the organizationally challenged and seeks to dismiss the concerns of the differently-paradigmed? Yeah, those folks. You know what their phallocentric engineer-destroyers have been doing while more enlightened people have been conducting on-street seminars on the inherent privilege found in | Read More »

    Joe Biden wants the scary, scary Human Events reporter to go away.

    First, let’s refresh people’s memory of what happened. For those without video: basically, what happened was that after Joe Biden Opened His Mouth and announced that voting against the President’s job bill would result in more rapes in Flint, Michigan, Jason Mattera of Human Events confronted the Vice President on Biden’s statement. If you watch the video, you’ll see that Mattera ‘ambushed’ VP Biden | Read More »

    Livestream of the Perry Flat Tax program presentation. Plan here. [UPDATE]: Speech done; copy can be found here.  Lots of good stuff in it: to quote @DrewMTips… Shorter Rick Perry: “What’s my plan? Just about every popular conservative idea that’s been floating around for 30 years”. Pretty much, pretty much.  I like ending baseline spending, myself.  A lot. Moe Lane (crosspost)

    Maryland redistricting map to get Voter Rights Act challenge.

    So… the Maryland redistricting map was revealed and signed into law recently, and – shock! Surprise! – the Democratic-controlled legislature managed to hack into one of the two Republican seats. The short version: they went into Roscoe Bartlett’s MD-06, switched out a bunch of districts to make it more competitive, and then put central Maryland into the redistricting blender and hit ‘puree.’ Because, well, central | Read More »

    Romney, Romneycare, *free* health care, and illegal immigrants.

    It’s funny: by the standards of a lot of people in the GOP I’m pretty firmly in the ‘pro-amnesty squish’ wing. [INSERT INTEMPERATE RESPONSE TO INSULTING AND PROVOCATIVE STATEMENT THAT WILL NOT FOSTER PARTY UNITY, BUT WILL MAKE THE RESPONDER PERSONALLY FEEL BETTER ABOUT BEING CALLED A RUDE NAME HERE] So it’s always a little interesting to talk about the immigration debate in the primaries. | Read More »

    Local Democrats still incognito when President Obama visits?

    The background: Politico did an article on how Democrats across the land who have tough battles ahead in 2012 are kind of… avoiding… the President these days. The quote below comes right after the article in question noted that most sitting North Carolina Democrats were distinctly unwilling to get within camera range of Barack Obama: “[Obama] may end up being Walter Mondale of 1984,” said | Read More »

    This weekend in #OWS.

    Let’s see who got arrested and/or committed a variety of illegal activities, shall we? Boston. Cyber-terrorism! Vandalizing! (Via AofSHQ) Charlotte. Public nuisance! (Blocking traffic, specifically.) Chicago. Trespassing! (Via @amandacarpenter) Cincinnati. Trespassing! (Yes, that one was boring. Work with me for a minute.) Gainesville. Bo Diddley’s son arrested at Bo Diddley plaza for tresspassing! (…OK, yeah, that’s a little ironic. And old. Hush with your insidious | Read More »

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    Artur Davis (D, apostate) admits he got Voter ID wrong.

    Which begs the question: what else did former Alabama Congressman Artur Davis* (D) get wrong? I’ve changed my mind on voter ID laws — I think Alabama did the right thing in passing one — and I wish I had gotten it right when I was in political office. [snip] Voting the names of the dead, and the nonexistent, and the too-mentally-impaired to function, cancels | Read More »

    The (very belated) Louisiana election results open thread.

    Sorry: given the way that the Louisiana Democratic party is more or less at the Cheyne-Stokes breathing stage at this point it didn’t really seem that high a priority.  Results here.  Bobby Jindal won, of course (and it wasn’t even close); but it looks like that the Lt. Governor and Secretary of State races are going to be closer.  Honestly, I don’t know enough about | Read More »