White House scheduled Solyndra layoffs for after ’10 elections?

    I am almost relieved by this: The Obama administration urged officers of the struggling solar company Solyndra to postpone announcing planned layoffs until after the November 2010 midterm elections, newly released e-mails show. More accurately, I am relieved that I can still get angry about this. You never know when you’re going to get suddenly numb about the latest batch of incompetent corruption that this | Read More »

    Perry’s government reform speech.

    So, Governor Rick Perry made a speech today where he proposed the following: Ending the practice of giving lifetime appointments to federal judges (current judges would not be affected); Cutting Congressional pay in half; Cutting Congressional pay in half again if they don’t balance the budget by 2020; Cutting Congressional office budgets in half; Cutting the Congressional calendar by half; Criminalizing insider trading by Congressmen | Read More »

    Blogcon 11 Interview: Karen Harrington (R CAND, FL-20 Primary)

    That would be the district currently Occupied by Debbie Wasserman Schultz; at least, it is when DWS has time to spare from being Barack Obama’s trained seal at the DNC.  As you might imagine, there’s little love lost between me and the Congresswoman, so when The Shark Tank’s Javier Manjarres offered to get me an interview with potential challenger Karen Harrington at Blogcon 11 I | Read More »

    Video: “Every Generation.”

    One of the nice things about attending Freedomwork’s Blogcon last weekend was that I had the opportunity to get an early look at the Veteran’s Day video that RedState’s Ben Howe did for the event: Freedomworks was lucky to have his creative output on tap like this – and so are we.

    Obama administration gives $433m no-bid contract to Democratic donor.

    The last time I checked, didn’t the Left call this sort of thing ‘crony capitalism?’ Over the last year, the Obama administration has aggressively pushed a $433-million plan to buy an experimental smallpox drug, despite uncertainty over whether it is needed or will work. Senior officials have taken unusual steps to secure the contract for New York-based Siga Technologies Inc., whose controlling shareholder is billionaire | Read More »

    Blogcon11 1, Occupy Denver 0.

    It’s kind of sad when you show up to a protest and the people that you’re trying to intimidate have better and louder chants. “We want the dog! We want the dog!” This is a reference to Occupy Denver’s decision to elect a border collie their leader last week, and frankly that might have been smart of them; they’re not very organized, poor things. | Read More »

    RS Interview – Matt Kibbe (Freedomworks President)

    As the video mentions, Matt helped kick off the festivities this morning. We talked about Blogcon, Freedomworks, and various priorities for 2012:

    Eric Holder admits differences between F&F, OWR.

    (Via Instapundit) For those needing background: “F&F” is Operation Fast & Furious, which is an Obama-era operation in which guns were actively allowed to cross over the border (without any attempt to track them) and illegally resold to Mexican narco-terrorists, without the permission (or even the awareness) of the Mexican government. “OWR” is Operation Wide Receiver, which was a Bush-era operation where rather less guns | Read More »

    The “Aside from that, Mr. Lane, how was the CNBC debate?” Overnight Open Thread.

    Well, let’s see: the lack of an official live feed was exasperating and Cramer was, well, Cramer.  Newt ate another moderator’s liver and came back for seconds.  As for the performances: well, nobody on the Right will want to talk about anything except Perry’s fairly drastic brain freeze, and nobody on the Left except for Cain’s “Princess Nancy” comment and maybe Romney’s reversal on payroll | Read More »

    Virginia Senate control hangs by thread.

    The Washington Post sums it up: at least six seats lost by the Democrats (including their House Minority Leader) in the House of Delegates and either one (Bill Stanley over Roscoe Reynolds) or two (Bryce Reeves leads Edd Houck by 86 votes) in the state Senate.  If it’s one, the Democrats retain control of the state Senate; if it’s two, then the Senate is tied | Read More »

    Occupy DC: Corporate-funded, corporate-controlled, corporate-aimed.

    This ABC News article is correct enough, as it goes: On the surface, the “Occupy the Koches: Guerilla Drive-In” event looked like any other “Occupy” movement protest against the proverbial 1 percent of the population who hold the nation’s wealth. But a confederation of long-established progressive political advocacy groups — the Campaign for America’s Future, Campaign for Community Change, Common Cause, Health Care for America | Read More »

    RS Interview: Dan Liljenquist (R, UT-SEN District 23)

    This interview was from last week; unfortunately, technical difficulties were… difficult.  Dan Liljenquist is developing a name in the Utah legislature for his past work on pension reform and current work on Medicaid reform; we talked about that, as well as the possibility that he might be making a primary challenged against sitting Utah Senator Orrin Hatch.  As you might remember, Utah’s nomination system does | Read More »

    Cash for Clunkers’ failure: minorities, poor people hardest hit.

    Washington Post’s Ezra Klein’s substitute writer Brad Plumer got the unenviable job of having to admit that the government’s infamous Cash-for-Clunkers stealth auto dealership bailout – in which people traded in still-useable cars in exchange for trade-in money for a new car – didn’t particularly stimulate the economy, didn’t improve US car manufacturer’s market share, and “increased average fuel economy in the United States by | Read More »

    The Real Occupy DC.

    A couple of things to take away from this video: (For those without video access, it starts with Rudy Giuliani at the AFP summit hanging the Occupiers around Barack Obama’s neck; continues with scenes of Progressives Acting Badly by trying to interfere with the free movement of more productive members of society attending said summit; and ends with several actual residents of DC pointing | Read More »


    If this story is accurate, Herman Cain will not win Iowa.

    [Update: I swear that I was going to leave this in diaries – but, given the agitation that it’s sparked on my other site, I’m thinking that it really needs to be fronted after all. – ML] (HT: Hot Air Headlines) Herman Cain will not even come close to winning Iowa. This is the takeaway passage from the article that Team Cain needs to read | Read More »