Patrick Murphy (@RepMurphyFL) goes full metal Neville Chamberlain

Patrick Murphy (@RepMurphyFL) goes full metal Neville Chamberlain

Sometimes you can't make this stuff up. Murphy, is a liberal Democrat from Florida. He is also running for US Senate. So it comes as no surprise that he would ...

The Desperation of Rand Paul

Paul was campaigning in New Hampshire today and called into a Boston radio show to flame the rest of the GOP field. This reeks of flopsweat. It looks like a man so desperate to keep a dying fund raising effort political campaign alive, despite showing about 3% poll average in a 17-person field, The subject was immigration. This is what he had to say: “That’s | Read More »

Global Warming: The Laughable Secular Book of Revelations

AGW Fiction vs Mapquest Reality Many of the people who ridicule and criticize Christianity the hardest do so by quoting The Book of Revelations. Author Lee Child had a cynical character in the novel Hope and Despair describe it as a bad acid trip. Amazingly, these same individuals don’t express a similar sentiment when some over-credentialed huckster from NCAR tells us | Read More »

President Obama, Commute Sharanda Jones’ Sentence

  Sharanda Jones is currently serving a sentence of life without the possibility of parole at Carswell Federal Prison in Texas. Life without the possibility of parole is the second-harshest sentence our justice system can mete out, short only of the death penalty, and that not by much. What, you might ask yourself, did Sharanda Jones do to merit this sentence? She was convicted of | Read More »

To Hell With You People

Like a recurrence of herpes, Mitt Romney donors have come in from their five star resorts again, taken their silver feet out of their mouths again, and yet again beat the drum for Mitt Romney 2016. These people have all the makings of a cult without a comet or a Scientologist to take them away from us. Seriously, to hell with you people. You guys | Read More »

Big Government in action: FDA busybodies target… ‘vegan mayonnaise.’.

The War on Vegan Mayo. Because the State requires it, citizen.

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After the Storm: The Miraculous Recovery of the New Orleans Education System (VIDEO)

This weekend was the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which provided the media with many gleeful opportunities to mock the Bush administration for its handling of Katrina. Some of the more thoughtful news segments focused on the rebuilding of New Orleans since Katrina – what has worked and what hasn’t. Almost all of them touched at least in passing on the miraculous rebirth of the | Read More »

Classified Hillary Clinton emails reach 150

Via Ed Henry (who is avoiding trips near Fort Marcy Park) Just in: State Dept found about another 150 Clinton emails with classified information — more now @FoxNews @GretchenCarlson — Ed Henry (@edhenry) August 31, 2015 Other than the new count of classified emails, we have a little bit of new information. Last week, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey observed that the involvement of the | Read More »

Jeb Bush: the establishment pinata

A funny thing happened on the way to the coronation. Establishment favorite, Jeb Bush, morphed from the 800-lb gorilla in the race to the huge, not-very-bright, and slow moving wildebeest at the waterhole. With his polling mired in single digits in most places and his campaign losing senior fundraisers, Jeb’s campaign is looking less like a juggernaut than a huge source of votes to be | Read More »

Anti-Establishment vote dominates Iowa GOP caucus goers

Though there is a wide variety of opinions among RedState contributors on Donald Trump, we are pretty well united on one thing: Trump is only possible because the GOP has been such a steaming pile of #FAIL in dealing with every possible challenge. The only thing it has done passably well is kowtow to Barack Obama while pretending to fight him tooth and nail. Erick | Read More »








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