Wisconsin Recall Elections, Take Two.

    Jim Holperin against Kim Simac (R) in the 12th district; Bob Wertz against Jonathan Steitz (R) in the 22nd.  Of the two, Holperin is considered to be more vulnerable; but the Democrats’ failure to win back the Senate last week has put this election – and the Wisconsin Democratic long-term agenda generally – on the back burner*.  Which is entertaining enough, in its way – | Read More »

    QotD, Going After The Race Traitor edition.

    Quick background: Philly mayor Mike Nutter (Democrat, but nobody’s perfect) has had enough of young African-American mostly-male idiots organizing flash mobs that run through his city and steal things; and he’s being as forthright about it as only an African-American mayor probably could be, in these circumstances.  Which is to say, he’s calling said idiots idiots, and making it clear that they need to start | Read More »

    RS Interview: Gov. John Kasich (R, OH).

    As it happens, this Wall Street Journal article discussing Ohio’s (among other states’) credit upgrade by Standard & Poor – and Ohio’s fairly dramatic drop in unemployment in a year – came out the same day that I spoke with Governor Kasich about his budget and labor union reform successes.  The latter (SB5, which was in many ways an even stronger reform package than Wisconsin’s) | Read More »

    RS Gathering 2011: Adam Hasner (R CAND, FL-SEN PRIMARY).

    Adam Hasner was one of our speakers at the RedState Gathering, and he was available for a few moments for comments.  You may recognize the backdrop; it’s from the Teddy Roosevelt painting, and I’d like to note that I think that campaigns looking for nice backgrounds from which to do their videos could do worse than use Steve Penley’s stuff. Adam’s site is here.  | Read More »

    Meet Bob Turner (R-CAND, NY-09).

    Bob is running in the special election called to replace Rep. Weiner after, well, delicacy prohibits me from finishing that sentence in the way that it deserves. Anyway, the election in question is next month, and is already surprisingly close, this early out.  Turner’s Democratic opponent David Weprin is only leading 48/42 in the latest Siena poll, which frankly demonstrates a startlingly weak lead in | Read More »

    Steve Penley: The RS Gathering’s secret weapon.

    If you attended the RS Gathering, or saw some of the photos that were taken by various and sundry folks, then you saw various paintings by an artist named Steve Penley scattered across the event.  We were EXTREMELY FORTUNATE that Steve allowed us to have access to his work for the event; he’s been a quiet favorite among RedState Contributors for some time now, and | Read More »

    Michigan redistricting makes John Conyers cry.

    Or at least scream: it turns out that the redistricting map for Michigan signed off on by Republican governor Rick Snyder last week seriously discombobulates long-time Democrat and House Judiciary Ranking Member John Conyers.  The new map (which, incidentally, handles Michigan’s loss of a Congressional seat by effectively eliminating Democrat Gary Peters’ seat and making the rest more party-friendly) pretty much took Conyer’s MI-14 seat | Read More »

    Fast & Furious Update: William Hoover claims ‘exit strategy’ meeting.

    Short version of Fast & Furious, for those who came in late: the federal government decided to try to fight the spread of illegal weapons sales among Mexican narco-terrorist gangs by… encouraging and facilitating the sale of illegal weapons to Mexican narco-terrorist gangs.  No, it did not end well: the guns that were illegally resold often got lost track of, right up to the point | Read More »

    BREAKING: Pawlenty to drop out of race.

    It’s being reported that Governor Tim Pawlenty will drop his Presidential bid, in light of his third-place showing at yesterday’s Ames Straw Poll.  There’s no official confirmation yet, but that’s just a formality.  I’m on the way out the door to catch a flight home from the RedState Gathering, so my brief take on this: with Pawlenty leaving we’re back down to three real candidates | Read More »

    RS Gathering: Tim Scott (R, SC-01).

    Tim Scott was elected last year on a general reform slate in South Carolina: he was one of the candidates that we took an interest in, so it was great that he got to speak with our readers Friday night.  Afterward, we spoke with Tim briefly: Sound was a little off at first: we had some motivated listeners Friday night.

    RS Gathering 2011: Ted Cruz (R CAND, TX-SEN PRIMARY)

    Ted is an old friend of the site and the RS Gathering: he spoke at our first one, and he spoke today as well.  We talked briefly afterward: Ted’s site is here.

    RS Gathering 2011: Nikki Haley.

    As always, we try to take the time to talk briefly with some of the candidates and politicians that attend the RedState Gathering.  As Governor Halley was so kind as to host us this year, I thought that I’d start with her. Governor Haley has of course been long a friend of the site, and it was a pleasure to have her welcome us | Read More »

    RS Gathering: Perry declares.

    Governor Perry has made it official today: he’s running for President. Reactions from various and sundry Contributors and alumni within reach of the bar: Ben Howe: holy monkey Leon Wolf : well, that happened. Aaron Gardner: Rick Perry just became President. Now we just need to wait for the election. Brian Simpson: right person, right time, great speech. Thomas Crown: hit the right points, needs | Read More »

    RS Gathering: Day Two.

    Big day, too: we’ve had the training classes, and we’re hearing from Gov Haley now. FreedomWorks and Heritage have presentations today, and we’ll have candidates like Ted Cruz and Michael Williams and Richard Mourdock and Don Stenberg and Adam Hasner* making themselves available for questions. And, of course, there’s going to be a movie showing of The Undefeated tonight, as a special treat. Oh, and, | Read More »

    RS Gathering: The First Day.

    We’ve had the first set of speakers tonight: Rick Scott, Jim Demint, Nikki Haley. Cliche to say ‘a lot of energy,’ but there’s an enthusiasm here that is at higher… Intensity than we’ve had in the past. It’s fun to see, actually. It’s also hot as all get-out, which is why half the Contributors are decompressing in a pizza parlor right now. That and the | Read More »