(VIDEO) Donald Trump Concedes Defeat In War of Words With Ted Cruz

After three days of scurrilous attacks, Trump suddenly says he likes Ted Cruz and there is not fight. What happened?

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Erickson Lays It On The Line

Occasionally with opinion pieces you kind of have to read between the lines of what the writer said to pull just a little more meaning from their words. That’s not the problem in a piece entitled Cruz vs Rubio by Erick Erickson at The Resurgent.

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Another Flat-Out Lie from John Kasich

John Kasich, who is well known as the biggest jerk in the Republican field, has released a video in which he attempts to portray himself as the nice, sunny guy running for President. This is laughable to anyone who has seen Kasich’s perpetually scowling face in any of the many debates he has participated in, or listened to his invective against conservatives or people who | Read More »

Sanders & Rubio Gain While 30% of Repubs ‘Would DEFINITELY NOT Support’ Trump in New Quinnipiac Poll

A new Quinnipiac national poll is out, one of the first since the Iowa caucus, and it shows that there is a wide swatch of Republicans who simply will not line up behind Trump. More importantly, it shows who might be able to corral the voters, as Marco Rubio starts closing the gap. Rubio also proves to be the most well-liked candidate, and the one | Read More »

The ABC/IJR debate lineup for Saturday.

ABC News will have seven people on the debate stage Saturday. They should have, really, only five.

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New Hampshire Poll Round-Up. Is Marco Rubio Actually Going To Win?

The polling situation in New Hampshire in context with what happened in Iowa could yield some interesting results.

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Are “Electable” Candidates Actually Electable? Part II: Swing State Electability

Is “electability” a meaningless term? It is certainly an overused one, and overused words tend to lose their meaning even when they have something to tell us. In Part I, I looked at “electability” candidates in past Republican presidential primaries. But if we look at recent presidential, Senate and Governor’s races, we can get a better fix on what kinds of candidates win and lose | Read More »

Tonight’s New Hampshire GOP Debate Preview

Tonight's New Hampshire GOP Debate Preview

After the Iowa caucus, the aftermath of which included Carsongate and some Trumpertantrums, the GOP debate in New Hampshire tonight will be one to watch. The field is smaller, now ...

Trump Denies Dropping Eff Bomb! But Let’s Let The Evidence Speak … Literally

Tonight on “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News, Donald Trump was the first guest, and at the beginning of his segment, Bill lightheartedly and briefly touched on EffGate. During the bantering exchange, Trump repeatedly denied that he used the actual word. However, since it was on video, this claim is verifiable. As they say in the business, let’s go to the tape: Yeah, so, there’s | Read More »

White Supremacists Form A Super PAC. Take A Wild Guess Who They’re Supporting?

It seems Donald Trump constantly re-tweeting white nationalists on Twitter has paid off. A group of white supremacists has formed a Super PAC and they are supporting Trump. Isn’t that lovely? From CNN: New Hampshire voters may be stunned to hear the latest robocall asking for their vote; it’s from white nationalists with a simple, disturbing message. “We don’t need Muslims. We need smart, educated, | Read More »

Good Guy With A Gun Stops Potential Mass Shooting In New Orleans … Where’s The Press?

New Orleans has a habit, it seems, of being ignored by the press. At least, ignored when it comes to mass shootings. Or this case, attempted mass shooting. You may remember that, back in November, there was a mass shooting in the city which received virtually no national press. Now we have a story where not only did someone open fire on a crowd of | Read More »

Watch This Ridiculous Reason Hillary Clinton Gives For Saying She Is Not The Establishment (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton is the ultimate Washington DC insider. She has been there for over 20 years. She was a first lady. Then she was a Senator. Then she ran for President. Then she was a lousy secretary of state. Then she went and made tens of millions of dollars giving speeches thanks in large part to her status as a DC insider. She’s a lousy | Read More »

Rubio Racks Up Another Endorsement

With Iowa in the rearview and New Hampshire just around the corner, more and more people are lining up to take official sides, and Rubio is starting to run away with the endorsement game, for whatever that is worth. FiveThirtyEight’s endorsement tracker gives Rubio a clear edge over the rest of the field, as he is pulling away from the soon-to-be-departed Jeb Bush. The latest | Read More »

Ben Carson: Iowa Is Just Like Benghazi. Or Something

Ben Carson was on the radio today comparing the Ted Cruz campaign in Iowa to Hillary and Benghazi.

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Ron Paul: That Ted Cruz Is Owned By Goldman Sachs, But Sanders Has A Libertarian Streak

On Varney & Company, looney Ron Paul claims Ted Cruz is owned by big banks but Bolshevik Bernie Sanders is, well, …

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This Even MORE Blistering Anti-Trump Ad Will Run In Papers Across New Hampshire Sunday

You will recall we gave you a preview last week of a blistering anti-Trump ad from Our Principles PAC that ran in Iowa papers ahead of the caucus. This Sunday, the same group is running another brutal ad all over New Hampshire, the next primary state. It hits Trump on multiple points, including his slams against veterans. Here is a portion of the ad. To | Read More »

Sarah Palin Has An Unhinged Rant. This Must Be A Day Ending In “Y”

Another day. Another rant from Sarah Palin that makes one think a lot less of her. Strike that. I’ve already reached the point where I can’t have a lower opinion of her than I currently have. It started with her using her nitwit daughter to attack Ted Cruz as Palin, herself, was preparing to endorse Donald Trump. Then she blamed Obama for her son having | Read More »

Donald Trump Cancels All New Hampshire Events Today

I don’t know if Donald Trump doesn’t understand how much the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire expect to have their pinky ring kissed, or whether he doesn’t care. In either event, he still appears to have learned very little from his loss in Iowa. He still isn’t moving any paid staff into state, and he made the decision last night to fly back home to | Read More »

Ownership Of “Assault Weapons” Is A Constitutional Right Says Appeals Court

In a stunning victory for the Constitution, the 4th Circuit says the Second Amendment is actually a right. The dissent will leave you breathless…

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Cosmopolitan Magazine is Literally Sad that Women in Texas are Having More Babies

There are times when I feel that this society is sick and beyond hope. One of those times is when I saw this tweet from Cosmopolitan Magazine, which expresses literal sadness over the fact that women in Texas are having more babies since Planned Parenthood was defunded:   If you think that is terrible, wait until you see that the little sad face emoji is | Read More »

Unhinged Donald Trump In New Hampshire: ‘Tell Them To Go F*** Themselves’

Trump is losing it. His unhinged Twitter tirade was just the early stages of what is developing into a full-blown case of “Dude. Stop.” Listen to this total mess from an event last night in New Hampshire. What, dude? What are you saying? Trump says, basically, we’re going to bring business that used to be in New Hampshire but moved to Mexico back to New | Read More »

Watercooler 02/05/16 Open Thread: Cruv v. Rubio, Kelly File, Progrssives, and Genocide

Cruz v. Rubio Erick Erickson does a great job of comparing and contrasting  the two whom I hope will still be standing at the end of what is an exhausting process to select the GOP nominee.  I love Erick’s writing, take a minute and check it out here are few high points. Washington’s lobbyists think that Marco Rubio will not be a disruptive force to them. | Read More »

These two crazy graphs EXPLAIN why Hillary Clinton won’t be President!

In the 1990s ‘Hillary’ suddenly stopped being a name parents wanted to call their kids. …Tell the truth: you’re not shocked at all, are you?

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