Ruth McClung (R CAND, AZ-07) Moneybomb.

    I’m in the process of processing for tomorrow morning the interview I had with Ruth McClung a couple of hours ago, but (via Instapundit) she’s doing a moneybomb right now: she’s aiming for $100K and has gotten $77K so far.  The theme is “Goodbye. Grijalva” – and goodness knows that such a thing would be absolutely swell.  Raul Grijalva, of course, is the legislator so | Read More »

    Dick Blumenthal’s Countrywide problem.

    It’s not often that you’ll see a conservative site link approvingly to a Nation article, but these are odd days.  The executive summary: in 2008 Countrywide Financial/Bank of America – yes, the same Countrywide that gave sweetheart loans to Senator Dodd of Connecticut, who completely non-coincidentally decided not to run for re-election this year – entered into a 8.6 billion dollar settlement with those of | Read More »

    Meet Jim McGovern (D, MA-03): anti-First Amendment.

    Let us walk through the tortured rationalizations of one Jim McGovern (D, MA-03). To make this easy, it will be labeled in stages. Stage One: The Big Oops. Last night at a debate Rep. McGovern proposed the theory that the Constitution – specifically, the First Amendment; more specifically, the part that goes “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech” We have a | Read More »

    The Hill: Voters find Democratic party more extremist.

    This was one of their questions in their recent poll of ten open-seats (details here): 44% of likely voters think that the Democratic party is too extreme, as opposed to 37% who think that the GOP is too extreme.  According to this poll, in fact, 22% of Democrats think that their own party is too extreme (11% of Republicans think the same of their own | Read More »

    Democrats: Foreclosure crisis due to banker conspiracy.

    I really, really wish that I was making this up, actually: For those without video, it shows Rep. Maxine Waters (D, CA-35) of the House Financial Services Committee… actually, summarizing this piece is almost impossible. The CNBC folks try their best to get some sort of coherent information out of Rep. Waters, and this is what they gleaned:

    Meet Joe DioGuardi (R CAND, NY-SEN).

    Joe is running in the Senate race that’s against Kirsten Gillibrand, and he’s determined to win it. We discussed a bit about the state of the race: Joe’s site is here: he’s started a moneybomb today to fuel the last few weeks before the election. Check it out. Moe Lane (crosspost)

    Meet Steven Palazzo (R CAND, MS-04).

    Steven is up against long-term incumbent Gene Taylor, who has the profound misfortune of being a Blue Dog in an election cycle where people have started noticing that Blue Dogs aren’t living up to their reputation for fiscal conservatism. Steven and I talked about that, and other things: Steven’s site is here. [UPDATE: and Steven's doing a 48 Hour Challenge.] Moe Lane (crosspost)

    DOOM from the Hill.

    I just got sent something that was pretty garbled, but the gist of it is: the Hill’s reporting on at least 10 House races. Of them, 2 have the Democrat ahead and the others have the Republican ahead. Or possibly it’s 22 races, and the GOP is ahead in 19, Democrat ahead in 2, 1 tie: as I said, what I got sent was a | Read More »

    Meet Suzan Delbene (D CAND, WA-08).

    I haven’t really been paying attention to this particular race – it’s admittedly one of the few where the Republican incumbent (David Reichert) isn’t quite safe, but then again, it’s a bad year to be a Democratic challenger* – but I got tipped off to what appears to be a bit of a vetting problem with Dave’s challenger (one Suzan-with-a-Z Delbene). And, yes, if I’m | Read More »

    Lt. Col. Orson Swindle on the VFW-PAC endorsements.

    I spoke with Lt. Colonel Swindle yesterday on the subject, mostly in terms of Senator Barbara Boxer’s surprising pickup of the PAC’s (NOT the parent organization’s) endorsement.  Swindle was not, shall we say, particularly pleased that the PAC (which he is not a representative of) did this: The very short version: the VFW membership didn’t authorize this, they are ticked off about this, and the | Read More »

    Missouri updates.

    It’s been an interesting week for Missouri, so I thought that I’d look at the races that matter on the federal level (all of the Republican-held House seats in Missouri are pretty much safe at this point).  In order: MO-SEN: It would seem that Robin Carnahan’s desire to distance herself from the President is hurting her with a critical segment of Democratic voters: African-Americans, who | Read More »


    CA GOV: Moonbeam COULDN’T fire aide making ‘whore’ comment…

    …because the technical term here would be ‘divorce.’ Yes. Fox News reports that the source of the misogynist attack is now alleged to be no less than Anne Gust Brown herself, who is both wife and campaign aide to Jerry Brown.  This is ‘alleged’ because there is some indication that this may be, of all things, a deliberate attempt by the Brown campaign to fix | Read More »

    Happy Columbus Day!

    Yes, yes, yes: we’re supposed to be subtly embarrassed of this holiday, given that apparently it’s an act of global insensitivity to remember the date, or because there’s a whole subset of the grievance culture out there who grind their teeth, turn widdershins thrice, and spit at the very mention of the name ‘Christopher Columbus,*’ or even because it’s starting to look like everybody in | Read More »

    Alexi Giannoulias: “I didn’t know the extent of their activity.”

    Mark Kirk?  The video at this link?  It’s your next campaign ad. “If I knew then what I know now, these are not the kind of people that we’d do business with,” he added, “but that’s not how banks work.” Asked again if he knew that criminal figures were the recipients of some of those loans, Alexi Giannoulias (D-IL) said again, “I didn’t know the | Read More »

    Choosing job creation (translation: vote Republican).

    I have two observations on this passage by Walter Russell Mead highlighting the long-term problem that the Democrats are facing right now with regard to fiscal policy: …the only real economic policy today that has any chance of working in the United States today is to promote the emergence of small business.  Many of those businesses will fail; some will become thriving though never large | Read More »