The Morning After Wisconsin.

    Well.  It’s barely Prosser, and we’re off to the recount.  You’re going to see the phrase  ‘margin of fraud’ a lot this morning; while this is a valid concern, the bright side to that is that with a Republican governor AND Republican legislature – neither of which is particularly inclined to be trusting – Wisconsin Democrats will find it harder to play the same games | Read More »

    How many *other* racial incidents has Gov. Pat Quinn (D, IL) tried to cover up?

    Background: Ken Snider, Illinois state trooper and former regional head of Quinn’s security detail, abruptly resigned both positions (among others) last month. Turns out the resignations are allegedly related to Snider using a racial epithet – the racial epithet, in fact – towards an African-American college student, as prelude to a fight (it would be stretching things to call what happened next a ‘brawl,’ but | Read More »

    The ‘GOP Path to Prosperity:’ first reaction.

    Three things immediately leap out at me regarding this first look at the GOP’s long-term budget proposal: As Hot Air put it, everything’s apparently on the table.  Everything.  6.2 trillion cut in spending over the next ten years*; 4.4 trillion cut from the deficit. Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security reform. An implicit promise of an end to ethanol subsidies.  Defense cuts.  Ending the bailout mindset.  Top tax rates | Read More »

    This ad about Wisconsin Democrat Joanne Kloppenburg scares the Left.

    I’m repeating myself, but the Left keeps trying to push back on this ad highlighting Wisconsin Democrat (and candidate for Supreme Court Justice) Joanne Kloppenburg’s utter lack of compassion for abuse survivors: …so pass it along.  Make sure that the Wisconsin voter in your life watches it.  The vote is tomorrow; the incumbent is David Prosser; and his site is here. Moe Lane (crosspost)

    The Circle of Corn-based Ethanol.

    It’s quite fun, for given values of “fun:” The US Government subsidizes the production of corn-based ethanol, as a substitute/supplement for gasoline. To maintain a demand, the US Government pushes for standard gasoline mixtures containing 10% ethanol.  This will supposedly decrease pollution and increase efficiency. Corn is then turned into ethanol wholesale. Corn-based food prices rise.  That includes critters that eat corn, by the way. | Read More »

    Hi, here’s a food stamp graph that will ruin your day.

    Because why have a nice, sunny morning? We probably can’t afford those anymore, anyhow. H/T AoSHQ Headlines: Primed by the financial meltdown; took off like a rocket in January 2009, and is now reaching for the stars. Over 44 million on the rolls (somewhere around 14.3% of the population), which is about 14 million or so more than when this administration took office. The graph | Read More »

    There is no such thing as an ‘Obama Curse.’

    Glenn Reynolds reprinted an email from a reader describing the alleged condition, a portion of which is reproduced below: For the last couple of years, every time Obama backs either a particular sports team in a playoff, super bowl, world series, what have you, or a candidate running for office, the team or candidate endorsed by Obama immediately tanks. Doug Powers noted this phenomenon over | Read More »

    Wisconsin Democrat Joanne Kloppenburg ignored abuse victim’s pleas.

    Background: Earlier this month, Wisconsin Democrats* created a campaign ad against incumbent Supreme Court Justice David Prosser that was so slimy that it sparked a formal protest by one of the abuse victims that Wisconsin Democrats were pretending to care about.  Not that such a protest even remotely slowed down Joanne Kloppenburg, of course: the woman is so desperate to win next week’s Supreme Court | Read More »

    Meet Jane Corwin (R/C/I-CAND, NY-26).

    The R/C/I stands for “Republican/Conservative/Independence:” New York is one of those fusion states with viable third parties, thanks mostly to the rule that votes for the same person on different “lines” can be combined and count towards the total vote total.  We’ll address whether that’s a good idea or not at a different time; for right now, I spoke with Assemblywoman Jane Corwin this morning | Read More »

    Judge Maryann Sumi (D*) ‘fixes’ anti-reform restraining order. Again.

    Let’s recap what happened in Wisconsin (that link leads to a whole slew of links that track this epic foul-up by the Democratic party in Wisconsin over what should have been a simple enough demonstration of the principle that elections have consequences). Wisconsin Democratic Senators run away rather than do their jobs.  This prevents a quorum for bills that are primarily financial in nature. Wisconsin | Read More »

    President Obama secretly accepts transparency award.

    No, really.  President Obama met with the transparency award givers in private; the award ceremony did not appear on his schedule, and had no press presence whatsoever.  There wasn’t even a staff photographer there, much to the surprise of the transparency/open government people, who are all of them kind of confused that they had to give this award under the rose and in an undisclosed | Read More »

    Missouri redistricting hurts Russ Carnahan.

    The below is being floated as a potential redistricting map for Missouri: I’ll summarize the changes as follows: Missouri loses a district, thanks to the 2010 Census. On the Republican side, Vicki Hartzler is liking this map least: she had some R areas taken away from her and given to Emanuel Cleaver, and has been given some D areas from Luetkemeyer. On the other hand, | Read More »

    Union Reform bills pass in Ohio, Indiana Houses.

    In Ohio, the final vote on SB 5 was 53-44; it’s already passed the Ohio Senate, but changes made to the bill require another quick vote on the legislation either today or tomorrow.  This particular legislation goes a bit farther than the groundbreaking Wisconsin union reform bill; it redefines collective bargaining privileges for public sector union employees to cover wages only, institutes merit pay for | Read More »

    RedState Interview: Gov. Scott Walker.

    As you are undoubtedly aware, Wisconsin has become one of the primary battlefields for labor union reform: having lost at the ballot box last November, Democrats and Big Labor both have been fighting a vicious rear guard action against any attempts to reform collective bargaining and organizing ever since.  Currently, the focus is on several hypothetical recall elections – and an actual judiciary election (David | Read More »

    Barack Obama on US Military: available for “being volunteered by others.”

    I believe that this qualifies as a “Kinsley gaffe:” which is to say, a politician accidentally telling the truth.  Background: this was from a press conference where the President was trying to explain why his foreign policy was such an improvement over georgewbushgeorgewbushgeorgewbush’s, despite the fact that it lacks a coherent conceptual framework, an overall philosophy, a clear set of objectives, and any sort of | Read More »