Chris Matthews, you ignorant slut.

    I begged The Right Scoop for the embed code for this clip that they did for Ace of Spades HQ. Begged for it: For those without video access: it shows two clips from the same episode of the Chris Matthews show. In the first clip, Matthews and guests laughingly question George Bush’s (who is, I hear, a white guy and former American President) academic credentials; | Read More »

    ‘Fight of the Century.’

    (Via Instapundit [and @Aaron_RS]) EconStories has another one of their extremely good Keynes v. Hayek videos up: My only issue with this series is that it’s fairly obvious that the creators are fundamentally on Hayek’s side… and while they do (I think) a credible job of being fair to Keynes it would be helpful for the economic debate if there was somebody who was | Read More »

    Death toll from Southeastern tornadoes at 178.

    Most of that is from Alabama, which was hit hard by the storms – but most of the rest of the southeastern part of the country has been hit by the storms, so if you were planning to contribute to the American Red Cross this Christmas, well, they could probably use the help a little sooner than that. Our prayers and good wishes for everyone | Read More »

    Another state legislature passes labor union reform.

    Much like similar laws passed in states like Wisconsin and Ohio, the legislation will go after public sector union abuse of collective bargaining over health care.  Let me refresh people about why that’s important: it’s important because the public perception of benefits packages has traditionally been that they are somehow fundamentally different than wages; this despite the fact that a person who used to have, | Read More »

    New anti-Jewish flotilla planning to run Gaza blockade.

    Sorry, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t recognize the essentially anti-Semitic nature of the anti-Israel movement.  And neither am I going to pretend that I take said movement’s agitprop seriously, either.  The flotilla that got intercepted last year while trying to break the Gaza blockade was providing materials to build bunkers and fortifications for Hamas, which is of course a terrorist organization dedicated | Read More »

    Supreme Court will not expedite Obamacare suit.

    To summarize: Ken Cuccinelli, Attorney General for Virginia, requested that the US Supreme Court expedite its presumed-inevitable review of the Virginia Obamacare suit currently wending its way through the lower courts (this is the suit that found the individual mandate both unconstitutional, and severable, from the rest of Obamacare*).  The court has declined to do so; which means that the issue will probably not be | Read More »

    Trig Troofer-friendly Daily Beast tries damage control.

    It’s actually very entertaining to watch The Daily Beast try to offer a ‘balanced’ look at the Trig Palin situation. The short version of said [situation], for those who missed it:  one of Wonkette’s more unhinged writers said a variety of disgusting things about Trig Palin; and in response, the Internet took Wonkette out into the alley and administered a curb-stomping made all the more | Read More »

    Syria firing on funerals/protests.

    The line between the two can get blurry in the Middle East, but it’s being reported that the Assad regime have escalating what has been a steadily-deteriorating situations in Syria.  The death toll from yesterday is… well, Syria is keeping foreign reporters out, which makes getting an accurate count correct; but what is getting out is consistent with the Syrians using lethal means to enforce | Read More »

    The Righteous Indignation Book party.

    Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World! is, of course, Andrew Breitbart’s latest book; and I had the opportunity to schmooze meet up with folks from The Daily Caller / Americans for Tax Reform at a book party that they threw for Andrew yesterday.  I finished  the book itself today: it’s very accessible, and while it told me a lot of stuff that | Read More »

    SEIU’s populist Cargo Cult plans.

    Ben Smith reports that “the Service Employees International Union plans to use its giant political operation to try to build a grass-roots movement of public protest and organization” – which is pretty much all that you have to read of that article, frankly.  This is not a slam on Ben; Politico probably doesn’t look kindly on one-sentence articles, and writers need to eat.  If your | Read More »

    Breaking: Senator Jon Ensign (R, NV) resigning.

    Roll Call reports that it’s effective as of May 3rd. At the moment, the actual details of why Ensign is retiring so suddenly are not yet officially known, but it probably has something to do with the fallout from an affair with a staffer and some possible ethics violations (beyond the obvious one) that resulted. It’s widely expected that Governor Sandoval will appoint Rep. Dean | Read More »

    RCP’s Sean Trende: Obama’s not in great re-election shape.

    Mind you, Sean’s not saying that Obama’s in bad re-election shape, either: he’s currently scoring the President at essentially 50/50, with the slightest edge against the man.  But he’s definitely out to demolish some of the current Democratic talking points.  Short version (and this is only Part One): The popular correlation between incumbency and re-election falls apart if you look at it too long; If | Read More »

    Barack Obama temporarily embarrassed at SF fundraiser.

    I find it difficult to believe that nobody filmed a table of Democratic campaign contributors singing a pro-Bradley Manning – you know: the seditionist soldier and oath-breaker who put Americans and American allies at risk by committing espionage on Wikileaks’ behalf – song to the President at a San Francisco fundraiser this morning.  More likely somebody did – but, given just how badly President Obama | Read More »

    Pew Research: 53% of Americans don’t know GOP candidates.

    This is, of course, highly unsurprising: it is April of 2011.  While the true start of election cycles have been notoriously creeping further and further back for some time now, the major reason why anybody’s talking seriously about the 2012 election at this point is because President Obama rather desperately announced exceptionally early so that he could officially fund-raise*.  This means that those parts of | Read More »

    Cantor, Kyl, and NO OTHER REPUBLICANS to deficit panel.

    The AP doesn’t really explain the significance of the fact that the GOP is sending just House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl to the President’s much-ballyhooed deficit reduction panel, so let me do it. When the President set up this thing in the first place, he told the four party leaders in Congress – Speaker Boehner (R) and Minority Leader | Read More »