Assigning blame for higher food prices.

    Via Instapundit comes this story warning that restaurant food prices are about to sharply rise.  The challenge for the government?  Why, finding who to blame, of course. After all: can’t blame it on short-sighted conversion of corn crops into ethanol; the government’s pushing for even more use of ethanol, despite the objections of the auto industry.  Can’t blame it on higher gas prices; the government | Read More »

    People’s Republic of China Mocks the President (and Us)

    [I've been sitting on this all day, hoping for a perfectly logical explanation.  Alas, no dice.] The PRC had one of their pet pianists play an anti-American, Korean War-inspired ditty (did you know that we’re jackals?  Did you also know that Marxists are incompetent buffoons who can’t feed themselves, or the countries that they manage to control?) at the White House without the administration twigging | Read More »

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    NO BISCUIT! President Barack Obama will call for new government spending on infrastructure, education and research in his State of the Union address Tuesday, sharpening his response to Republicans in Congress who are demanding deep budget cuts, people familiar with the speech said. [snip] The new spending could include initiatives aimed at building the renewable-energy sector—which received billions of dollars in stimulus funding—and rebuilding roads | Read More »

    Paul Ryan to give GOP SotU response.

    The Washington Post reports that Representative Ryan will be giving it from the House Budget Committee room, which is simultaneously: nicely symbolic; and a reminder that there’s a reason why Ryan is now the House Budget Chair. It’s an interesting choice.  As the WaPo noted, the last two choices were Governors Jindal (2009) and McDonnell (2010).  While I actually liked Jindal’s response, there’s no denying | Read More »

    Another target for the anti-Wal-Mart mob?

    You know, a couple of days ago RedState reported on a quote-unquote ‘grassroots’ organization that was planning to picket a developer’s house in opposition to Wal-Mart..  If that sounds familiar, that’s because you’re remembering the 500 epic heroes of SEIU who gathered together last year to terrify a fourteen-year-old kid as part of their unionization drive.  Are these the same types?  Probably: if we’ve learned | Read More »

    Let me just pile on Steve Cohen (D, TN-0[9]) here.

    As you probably know, Rep. Cohen responded to the President’s call for civility by calling the Republican party a bunch of Nazis.   Because that’s what he does; and I don’t really expect bigots like him to change.  Cohen is precisely the sort of person who can’t feel big until he’s made everybody around him small; and since people like that rarely have the ability to | Read More »

    Paul Ryan slices and dices Obamacare.

    You know, the Democratic party is probably really regretting not targeting Paul Ryan’s seat last quarter. Not that it would have actually worked, but at least they could have told themselves that they tried to avert events like these: For those without video, this is three and three-quarter minutes’ worth of Rep. Ryan ripping apart last year’s useless CBO report on Obamacare costs, with | Read More »

    Salon’s Joan Walsh lies to her readers.

    Stupidly, too. Ace of Spades lays it all out: the short version is that Joan Walsh not only deliberately altered a quote from Obama’s Tucson speech to cut out a passage critical of the Left’s obscene reflex to blame the Tucson shootings on the Right; she then had the unmitigated gall to invite her readers to look to the altered quote as proof that the | Read More »

    Crosshairs in the crosshairs.

    Byron York is a very smart guy, and he’s done yeoman work in cataloging CNN’s horrible, horrible use of ‘crosshairs’ terminology in days gone past.  But I’d just like to hammer this point home: said use of the term by CNN did not cause the following groups… PETA People who don’t like MasterCard Mystical nature spirits responsible for flooding conditions in California* People who don’t | Read More »

    BREAKING: Kent Conrad (D, ND) to retire.

    Admittedly, this revelation is coming from Chris Cillizzia, so take it with a grain of salt – but it’s hardly unexpected news; the Senator almost certainly feels like he has a target on his back these days*.  This immediately makes the seat a strong Republican pickup prospect: Senator Conrad was in that seat largely out of personal popularity, and is unlikely to pass that popularity | Read More »

    NYT: Tucson bias was in our very genes.

    Ah, the New York Times.  Not only did their recent attempt to declare the Tucson shootings an episode of political violence spawned by right-wing rhetoric fail; it actually encouraged a minor episode of political violence spawned by left-wing rhetoric*.  This has made the paper look even worse than usual, so they need a good excuse to explain away the problem.  Said excuse?  It’s all the | Read More »

    Mission accomplished, Markos Moulitsas.

    The Left gets its violent responder to hate speech, after all: the only problem is, from their point of view he’s aimed the wrong way. I started following the saga of J. Eric Fuller a couple of days ago: the short version is that he was one of the victims of the Tucson attack of last week that killed six people and nearly killed Congresswoman | Read More »

    Trying to erase ‘tear down this wall.’

    It is my first instinct to treat this report of Ronald Reagan Jr’s… commentary… by simply letting it pass by without a response.  For those not wishing to click through, the boy (use of term deliberate) is indulging elderly liberal fetishists everywhere by making the claim that his father was suffering from Alzheimer’s as far back as the 1984 debates*, as well as ‘details’ regarding | Read More »

    Scott Walker makes Wisconsin a sanctuary state.

    …For Illinois businesses, that is: the new Governor is doing everything that he can to encourage a mass corporate exodus to Wisconsin, short of actually calling out the local National Guard to provide covering fire for the refugee columns.  This is less of an exaggeration than you might think: the official slogan that Governor Walker is using is “Escape to Wisconsin.”  They’re kind of serious | Read More »

    Coats for Kids fires guy for agreeing with Obama?

    Short version: Glen Busch was the Chicago director of the nonprofit Coats for Kids, right up to the point where he (on his own personal Facebook page, and on his own time) made the completely accurate and noncontroversial points that Tucson shooter Jared Loughney was not, in point of fact, a right-wing crazy; and that later evidence that Loughney has left-wing beliefs didn’t prove anything | Read More »