My humble suggestion for the new DSCC slogan.

    Let me set the scenario: the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) has unfortunately realized that the 2010 election cycle – which would be where the DSCC spent 97.8 million and went into debt for 8.9 million in order to lose six Senate seats and gain zero – demonstrates handily that the DSCC cannot be trusted to come in out of the rain; wipe its own | Read More »

    Wisconsin: Democratic Senators losing unit cohesion?

    There’s some confusion going on with regard to the intentions and plans of the fourteen AWOL Democratic state senators from Wisconsin who have been hiding from their job responsibilities for the last two weeks. They are or are not or are or are not or are or are not* about to give up and just come back in; what is actually going to happen is | Read More »

    TN Democrats go, charitably, nuts over teacher reform bills.

    Based on their latest email blast, the Tennessee Democratic Party seems to have a problem understanding what “fascism” is, not to mention “terrorism.” Apparently, Tennessee Democratic chair Chip Forrester and House Democratic chair Mike Turner seem to think that these terms are appropriate for describing several reform bills currently being considered by the Tennessee legislature. Presumably they mean HB 2012 and HB 0130; the first | Read More »

    Is Sir Donald out as Medicare czar?

    Not exactly: the Politico reports that, in wake of forty-two Senators sending a letter indicating that Sir Donald Berwick is simply unacceptable for the job of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) head*, Senate Democrats have made an answer to that by… giving up trying to get Berwick nominated. There’ll be no fight, no confirmation hearing, no standing on what the Democrats consider ‘principle.’ | Read More »

    No Unemployed Need Apply.

    I’ll summarize this ABC article really quickly: the economy’s bad, which means that any company that’s actually hiring has a larger-than-average pool to draw from. The economy’s so bad and the pool’s getting so large, in fact, that companies are finding that they can get away with explicitly stating that they’re not interested in hiring the unemployed (as Hot Air notes, long-term unemployed individuals are | Read More »

    Good News/Bad News about SEIU going broke.

    The good news is, of course, that they’re going broke: as Classical Values, Big Government, & DRScoundrels helpfully note, in 2009 SEIU was $85,000,000 in debt, with fully one-third of its assets tied up in real estate (its headquarters) and the rest not-really-offsetting the debt.  It’s been a while since I read a balance sheet, but it’s not pretty: and it explains a couple of | Read More »

    Indiana to fine boycotting Democrats.

    $250 dollars a day starting Monday, until they return and start doing their jobs.  The article suggests that Indiana Democrats may not take this seriously*, as fines of this sort have been threatened in the past but never actually imposed.  To which I say: given the language, rhetoric, and now live ammunition that have been scattered around towards Republicans by obedient Democratic lackeys… why should | Read More »

    WI Democrats tried rushing fatcat union contracts.

    Let me describe the video below: it walks through an interesting scenario planned by Wisconsin Democrats with regard toGov. Walker’s budget repair bill. Essentially, what happened was that Madison mayor Dave Ciesliewicz (D) colluded with state senator Mark Miller (D) to convince Wisconsin Secretary of State Doug La Follette (D) to delay publishing said budget repair bill once it passed for long enough to allow | Read More »

    Collective bargaining reform passes Ohio Senate.

    The bill is SB5, and it will limit future collective bargaining for Ohio state employees to base salary: it passed the Ohio Senate with a one-vote margin (all hail the power of having a strong enough majority to allow you breathing room: elections matter, folks*). The bill now goes to the House, where the GOP has a 59-40 advantage: and a simple majority constitutes a | Read More »

    An iconic Madison protester video.

    It starts with pro-union protesters complaining that pro-union reform protesters don’t want to engage with them; and it ends with pro-union protesters engaging in rhythmic chants and literal whistle-blowing to interfere with the cameras.  Actually, that’s not quite correct: they actually grabbed for the camera, too. This video is from Ann Althouse’s site; her and her husband Meade have been doing yeoman work in | Read More »


    WI Dems made a PREGNANT WOMAN hide?

    I just found out about this from Fox Nation (via Hot Air), as part of a breaking story that possibly the hiding Wisconsin state senators are starting to crack under the strain of not doing the jobs that they were elected to do: State Sen. Julie Lassa (D) is pregnant and “extremely unhappy” about being on the run. Those twisted, sadistic FREAKS in the Wisconsin | Read More »

    Nancy Pelosi’s irrelevant budget objection.

    It’s looking increasingly likely that Senate Democrats are unwilling to die on the hill of opposition to 4 billion dollars’ worth of cuts in the short-term emergency funding bill to supplement the continuing resolution that the Republicans had to pass in lieu of a proper budget that the Democrats refused to even offer last year – yes, that’s a bit of a run-on sentence.  It’s | Read More »

    Right-to-work coming to Maine?

    That’s the plan, at least.  The current situation in Maine is as follows: people don’t have to belong to a union to work, but non-union employees (both private and public sector) may still have to pay the unions a ‘service fee.’ This supposedly represents the recouping of the cost of unions ‘representing’ non-union members in labor disputes – whether or not the non-union members wanted | Read More »

    Rick Snyder’s (R, MI) good budgetary fortune.

    Ignore everything written in this Washington Post divide-and-conquer attempt targeting new Michigan governor Rick Snyder: there is no adversarial relationship between the governor and his Republican colleagues. In fact, it would not surprise me in the slightest if Rick Snyder makes a point of ending each day by thanking God for Chris Christie, John Kasich, and – most assuredly – Scott Walker. If they didn’t | Read More »

    Sacramento Teamster attacks counter-protester.

    There’s just something special about seeing a would-be member of the modern Left’s Sturmabteilung shove around a counter-protester while screaming about ‘fascists.’  I assume that’s why the report is that this is a guy: that sort of behavior is precisely the sort of room-temperature IQ maneuver that you’d expect from that crowd. Note that the counter-protester got shoved twice; also note that Mr. | Read More »