No actual Presidential ‘evolution’ on SSM?

    Both Andrew Malcolm and Allahpundit are looking somewhat… askance… at President Obama’s apparent “evolution” on same-sex marriage (SSM).  I put “evolution” in scare quotes because there’s no real evidence that he’s actually changed his official opinion on the subject in any way that matters: which should have been apparent from the fact that precisely zero action towards legalizing SSM has been proposed by the President.  | Read More »

    Obama administration caves on indefinite detention.

    They’re readying an executive order right now that will confirm that certain detainees – read: the murderous, terrorist scum that we already weren’t releasing – can be continued to be held indefinitely without trial.  The fig leaf here is that the new proceedings (unlike those of the wicked, wicked Bush administration!) will be ‘more adversarial’ – which means whatever you want it to mean, of | Read More »

    Harvard’s disingenuous Solomon Amendment statement.

    With the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell almost certain now to be passed into law*, there has been some discussion of one thing that conservatives and Republicans will absolutely require to have happen: to wit, the ending of the Ivy League’s continuing campaign against the military by forbidding ROTC programs on their campuses.  Said campaign absolutely flaunts the intent of Congress (as per the | Read More »

    QotD, excellent advice edition.

    From a New Hampshire Union Leader editorial crediting the Tea Party with ensuring that Senate Minority Leader McConnell would refuse to play ball on the Omnibus: The truth is that without the constant vigilance currently provided by what can loosely be called the Tea Party movement, Republicans would be just as happy as Democrats to squander taxpayer money. They are only acting frugal now because | Read More »

    Potemkin Villages of Democratic faith.

    This New Republic article on the Democrats’ abrupt loss of religious voters suffers from a fatal flaw: it’s all ‘how,’ and no ‘why.’  Despite the slightly breathless tone of the author, the ‘how’ is both obvious and not particularly surprising: from 2004 to 2008 the Democrats actively went out and told voters that liberalism and religious belief complemented each other.  The Democratic party spent a | Read More »

    5 (or 6) Democrats kill DREAM Act in Senate.

    Which is fine by me – but before the Left starts screaming, maybe they should talk to their own side. The final cloture vote was 55 to 41, with the following Democratic Senators voting against the DREAM Act: Mark Pryor Jon Tester Max Baucus Kay Hagan Ben Nelson Where I come from, 55 + 5 = 60, or enough to pass a cloture vote.  Three | Read More »

    Maxine Waters (D) case delayed via Democratic incompetence?

    That’s what the Washington Post reports, at least (H/T: The Daily Caller).  To refresh people’s memories: Rep. Waters used her position on the House Financial Services Committee to intervene on behalf of OneUnited Bank, which happens to be a bank with a personal connection with Waters.  The case was set to go in September, only to be delayed at the last second.  It will be | Read More »

    Did you thank your Senator?

    As Glenn Reynolds indirectly notes, our elected officials like to know when they’ve done something properly.  Without question, making Harry Reid back down on that appalling omnibus bill was a righteous act; so give your Senator a call and say thanks.  If both of them are Democrats, then give Senator McConnell a call and say thanks. Note: “give a call and say thanks.”  Not “send | Read More »


    Yet another reminder: Communism kills people.

    Via Instapundit comes this surprising op-ed from the New York Times that admits that the People’s Republic of China’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ caused truly frightening numbers of deaths: looking at the actual source material, its author is now estimating a death toll of 45 million (50% more than previous estimates).  That works out to about 6.5% of its population, based on the 1960 census: to | Read More »

    The rising tide of left-wing violence?

    Back about two weeks ago, Media Matters was duly upset about Glenn Beck saying that “there seems to be a mounting call for violence from the left:” [Video not working: sorry.] Oddly: as of 7:37 AM, 12/16/2010, Media Matters has precisely zero to say about would-be class warrior Clay Duke. Clay Duke is, of course, the guy who decided to Fight The Power by walking | Read More »

    Democrats, filibusters, and briar patches.

    Let’s set the (somewhat stylized) scenario, here: The Senate on January 5, 2011 – as per the apparent wishes of Senators Tom Udall of New Mexico and Tom Harkin of Iowa, neither of whom are up for reelection in 2012 – votes to change the rules so that a simple majority may short-circuit the filibuster.  Cheers and applause from the progressives; silence from the Republicans.  | Read More »

    Democrats still not adjusting to DOOM.

    Read some of the papers these days and it’s like nobody’s ever – in the history of the world – had a legislature change hands from one political party to the other.  Because the Democrats are certainly not acting like they get the magnitude of what happened to them: You’ve got the New York Times commiserating with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.  The poor woman has to scramble | Read More »

    Harry Reid hates Christmas.

    Almost as much as Harry Reid hates working for a living, apparently: the word is out that he’s going to take all that legislation that the Democrats didn’t bother working on when they had a mere 59/41 Senate majority and make Congress work on it over Christmas break… when the Democrats will have a 58/42 majority. He is also blaming this on the Republican party, | Read More »

    Bloomberg’s ‘No Labels’ group rips off graphic artist.

    It was my first intention to cheerfully ignore the quote-unquote ‘No Labels’ movement, given that it is yet another iteration of what is a peculiarly American phenomenon.  You see, you get these rich liberals who decide that since the political system is clearly controlled by a shadowy cabal of elites, surely they’d be candidates for membership as the Secret Masters of the Democratic party; then, | Read More »


    Freshmen House assignments.

    The Hill reports that the following House freshmen will be given slots on the following committees: Appropriations: Alan Nunnelee, Steve Womack, Kevin Yoder, & Tom Graves on Appropriations. Energy: Cory Gardner, Morgan Griffith, Adam Kinzinger, David McKinley, Mike Pompeo, and Charlie Bass. Financial Services: Quico Canseco, Bob Dold, Sean Duffy, Michael Grimm, Nan Hayworth, Bill Huizenga, Robert Hurt, Steve Stivers, Steve Pearce, and Michael Fitzpatrick. | Read More »