RedState Interview: Senator Ron Johnson (R, WI) on Obamacare repeal.

    The topic was on Obamacare: specifically, its repeal.  Senator Johnson had an article in the Wall Street Journal today on his personal issue with health care rationing; we discussed that, the ongoing judicial struggles over Obamacare, and what activists can do to help resolve this problem. Senator Johnson’s decision to run for office in the first place can be ‘credited’ with the passage of | Read More »

    Media Matters for America forgets the first rule about Fight Club.

    Executive summary of this Washington Post article: Media Matters for America (MMfA) has come up with its latest ACME-approved method for beating the Road Runner Fox News: a secret training camp in which they teach selected liberal acolytes secret Barking Moonbat Pundit Kung Fu techniques that will let them infiltrate and dominate an unsuspecting “right-wing media!”  Well… at least those elements of the aforementioned right-wing | Read More »

    Sen. McCaskill: “We have paid every dime of our taxes.”

    That is, McCaskill said that she did, back in 2006 (via Hot Air Headlines): For those who don’t remember the initial controversy mentioned in the ad, McCaskill’s husband was linked to some extraordinarily poorly-operated Missouri nursing homes at the same time that McCaskill herself had oversight over Missouri nursing homes as Missouri State Auditor. As you can see, back in 2006 McCaskill vehemently denied | Read More »

    I don’t know *what* my opinion is on the Libya situation.

    You want to know why?  It’s because I don’t know what the heck it is that we’re doing in Libya right now.  Are we toppling the government? Are we setting up an effective partition of the country?  Are we acting? Reacting?  Is there an actual plan, or are we just making this up as we go along?  And not only do I not know: neither | Read More »



    Yes, yes, I know: who? I invite the reader to go back to an understated post of mine from September 2010 entitled “Elizabeth Warren will rise from the sea to destroy us all!”: essentially, it was being argued by the Left that appointing this woman to be the first head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) would save the House of Representatives for the | Read More »

    Where’s the antiwar movement?

    Below I’m going to answer some questions asked by the Brittanica Blog (via Instapundit), in the order that they were given at the end of a blog post.  To give the background, the author of said blog post has noticed something that the rest of you knew already: based on recent events, the Democratic party never really gave a tinker’s dam about the Iraq War | Read More »

    This week is the first anniversary of Obamacare.

    And the Democrats are going to – very entertainingly – try to put the best face on that particular electoral disaster that they possibly can: they have a week’s worth of events planned, apparently in the hope that the only thing wrong with their party’s messaging thus far was that they did not speak loudly enough, or slowly enough, or use small enough words, or | Read More »


    Darned *straight*, Glenn.

    People like Andrew Sullivan were dumb rubes to actually believe that any functional candidate for President would actually believe in the progressive anti-war strategy (let alone implement it, once they were in office), and you told them so.  Heck, I told them so – admittedly, when I wrote that it was before the financial meltdown turned what had been a moderately tough election campaign cycle | Read More »

    The Wisconsin protests may now collapse utterly.

    The report is in that the professional antiwar movement has decided to ‘join’ the pro-Big Labor protesters in Madison.  And by ‘join’ I mean, of course, to ‘completely take over said protests and hijack them in favor of a largely anti-American message that reliably alienates anyone normal.’  Add to that the minor detail that the antiwar movement is also starting to gear up for going | Read More »

    Amazon ended affiliate program in Illinois.

    It got overshadowed by recent events both foreign and domestic, but last week Governor Pat Quinn (D, IL) signed legislation declaring that in-state affiliates for online sellers count as ‘a physical presence’ in Illinois, thus theoretically allowing the state to require those online sellers to collect sales tax information.  This is usually called the ‘Amazon tax*,’ as it is largely aimed at**. This is | Read More »

    The Chevy Volt: designed for Democratic bureaucrats…

    …and the title is all that you need to hear, now isn’t it?  Some more grim details, though: almost 49 grand (not including tax credit) for a car that’s actually a glorified hybrid (the gas engine has to be on if you want to take this sucker on the highway); and the effective gas mileage is somewhere around 27 mpg.  Now, that sounds great if | Read More »

    Qaddafi reminded who the weak horse is after all?

    So.  Now that the UN has authorized a no-fly zone in Libya – which is another way of saying that we have decided to create a no-fly (and no-drive) zone in Libya, using the UN for cover – it’s being reported that the Qaddafi regime has immediately declared a cease-fire.  As Glenn Reynolds put it: “Blink.” If true: well, we should have done this a | Read More »

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    Democrats shocked, shocked! to discover Obama is passive.

    The title to this Hill article is “Frustration with Obama Builds” – which is highly ironic; or, at least the verb is.  The article itself discusses the President’s apparent public indifference towards getting involved with anything resembling negotiations over the ongoing budget problems; what makes it interesting is that Democrats (specifically, Sen. Kay Hagan of NC) are apparently now willing to go on the record | Read More »

    A milestone for the political blogosphere?

    To the best of my knowledge, we’ve never had a blogger indicted for election fraud before. The trailblazer in this case is Oakland County, Michigan Democratic Chair Mike McGuinness (along with Operations Director Jason Bauer); they’re charged with forging election documents to get fake “Tea Party” candidates on Michigan ballots. Up to twenty-three statewide races may have been affected by the fraud: the authorities are | Read More »

    White House: We don’t know nothing about nothing.

    This exchange between Jake Tapper, ABC Senior White House Correspondent, and Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary is, bluntly, bizarre. For context: Jake is asking Carney about, naturally enough, the situation with the nuclear reactor problem in Japan.  Specifically, the most recent details about the nuclear reactor problem, given that both the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the Japanese government are both keeping mum on | Read More »