‘Put up or shut up.’

    Below the fold is a lengthy excerpt from an Ace of Spades post from today. Normally it would be considered too long an excerpt, except that when I emailed Ace for clearance to quote a somewhat smaller bit he not only gave me permission; he explicitly told me that I could quote more, if I liked.  You see, Ace wants to win…  well, so do | Read More »

    Bush’s Rorschach moment?

    As you might have gathered, there’s been a surge of Strange New Respect for George W Bush lately from Lefty pundits and commentators who have abruptly become aware that they have somehow become part of a fringe extremist movement (in reality, many of them always were; they’re just getting ‘credited’ for it now). Jim Treacher lists some of these new supplicants to Bush, and offers | Read More »

    Howard Dean… wants the mosque moved.

    The audio is here – he’s definitely of the opinion that while the backers of the Ground Zero Mosque have the right to build one on their own property (the mainstream position), they should show some delicacy and consideration for national feelings on the matter and move the mosque somewhere else (which is also the mainstream position).  Of course, being Howard Dean he later called | Read More »

    Barney Frank calls Barack Obama dumb.

    (H/T Instapundit) Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I respect Barney Frank‘s political skills.  I absolutely can’t stand what he uses those skills for, but I recognize that Rep. Frank has them, and that he knows how to use them effectively.  To give just one example, Rep. Frank was about the only Democrat to make it through last year’s August health care meltdown without | Read More »

    The Nancy Pelosi Tinfoil Hat Cat Video open thread.

    Erick has already covered the story of how Nancy Pelosi has Embraced The Crazy by claiming that the Right is sending people over to her local events to ask questions about the Ground Zero Mosque… but I could not resist putting those comments in, as they say, context. Look on the bright side: Embrace The Crazy is only Stage Two of Conspiracy Theory Thinking. She | Read More »

    WA/WY primary results open thread.

    Results here: Wyoming actually closed at 9 PM EST and Washington has another hour to go.  Wyoming’s gubernatorial race is widely considered to be a likely Republican pickup (the Democrat incumbent is retiring) and the numbers so far suggest that this is true; the sole House race has already been called for the Republican incumbent. As for Washington… we’ll see.  The most important thing to | Read More »

    A theory on 2010 candidates and the Ground Zero Mosque.

    It is as follows: the Democratic candidates that come out wholeheartedly in support of President Obama’s position – whatever it actually ends up being – are the ones who must rely on the President’s largess in order to have any hope to survive. This is why we see Alexi Giannoulias* and Lee Fisher** echoing the President’s language in Illinois, while Harry Reid*** in Nevada does | Read More »

    Matt Kibbe’s & Dick Armey’s new book out.

    It’s called Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto, and it comes out today. The book was written to be a combination history/manifesto/blueprint for the Tea Party movement, and I spoke with co-author (and President of FreedomWorks) Matt Kibbe about it: The main FreedomWorks site is here: those interested in the 9/12 March mentioned at the end of the interview can see more information here. | Read More »

    RSC’s red meat for today.

    The Republican Study Committee’s latest video is available after the fold. Personally, the older I get the more careful I become about going too many times to the Ronald Reagan well… but the comparison here between him and the people running the government right now is both spot on, and stark. Very, very stark. Moe Lane

    Reid’s new Angle on 9/11 mosque.

    Sharron Angle went off on Harry Reid on the subject of the Ground Zero Mosque this morning – she takes the position that while people have the right to build a mosque there, they should show some delicacy of their own and build it somewhere else – and Greg Sargent was practically licking his chops in response.  He was of the opinion that making opposition | Read More »

    Obamacare worth 17.5K dead women a year?

    If you’ve missed the Avastin controversy, here’s a quick summary of it: Avastin is a general anti-cancer drug that got fast-tracked by the FDA a few years ago and is now prescribed to under 18 thousand women a year in the United States who suffer from the last stages of breast cancer.  It doesn’t cure the cancer; it has side effects; and its beneficial effects | Read More »

    President fully entangled in 9/11 Mosque affair.

    There’s been a good deal of discussion over whether the President should have gotten involved with the conflict over whether to build a mosque in Ground Zero*.  Certainly the President himself has had second thoughts about that: his strong statement on Friday was followed up by a predictable backtrack on Saturday, and the anonymous sniping from his own administration officials over that was likewise inevitable.  | Read More »

    Mason-Dixon: Rubio ahead, if Meek’s in.

    OK, I’m no Lord [Pollington] [Oops!], but let’s unpack the Mason-Dixon poll for FL-SEN – which is bad news for Charlie Crist, and seriously bad news for the Democratic party of Florida that everybody expects Crist to join, just as soon as he can manage.  Below are the three major match-ups: If the race is Marco Rubio for the GOP, Kendrick Meek for the Democrats, | Read More »

    Democratic 2012 Massachusetts strategy: Kennedy.

    Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy.  They’re trying to recruit Victoria Kennedy (Ted Kennedy’s widow) for the seat for 2012.  They actually tried to get her to run in 2010, but she refused – and she’s supposedly refusing now, but apparently the possible challengers to Scott Brown have already been collectively weighed by the state party, and found wanting. So there seems to be no better options for | Read More »

    Barney Frank no longer hiding contempt for activist base.

    So Rep. Barney Frank (D, MA) has told off progressives: he insists that they must only attempt to mount primary challenges to ‘conservative’ Democrats in districts where the Democrats have a lock on the seat anyway. If they don’t, well, apparently the response then is to suffer – or perhaps move: Rep. Frank didn’t say so, but it seems a logical enough alternative. No, really, | Read More »