California lifeguards make $100K/year?

    (Via RCP) Well, the full-time ones at Newport Beach do; more than half of the 14 in 2010 (13 now) made more than 100K in salary, and all but one of ’em made made more than 100K in salary-plus-benefits.  Before you ask: those are the permanent people on salary; the city also hires over 200 part-timers, who don’t get that kind of compensation.  Why, because | Read More »

    Two new NY-26 ads.

    Both of which are hitting Jack Davis, who is doing his level best to throw the special election there to the Democrats.  Davis, for those who do not remember, has been running as a Democrat in this district for years, and is now cynically trying to use the Tea Party name to hurt the GOP this year: he’s also a somewhat insane fellow who wants | Read More »


    …Hey, don’t blame me (or Ed Driscoll); I’m just quoting the San Francisco Chronicle. And, let me tell you: the scam that the Chronicle is… chronicling… is stellar, for its kind. This is how it works: say you’re a company that wants to do business with the city of San Francisco.  But there’s a small problem; San Francisco is full of not only liberals, but | Read More »

    28.4% of mortgages underwater.

    Note that this article doesn’t quite get the original report right, sort-of kind-of thank goodness; it confuses mortgage holders with homeowners when reporting the percentage of underwater mortgages (mortgages where the holders owe more on a piece of real estate than the real estate is actually worth).  In other words, 28.4% of homeowners with mortgages have underwater ones, not 28.4% of all homes. This should | Read More »

    ‘…but more importantly for the common good.’

    The above is from Governor Pat Quinn (Democrat, although it’s fairly obvious from the quote) of Illinois; and it tells you everything that you need to know about Quinn’s mindset – not to mention the mindset of the Democratic party in general, too. Here’s the background: the Sears Corporation has its headquarters in Illinois, and has been bribed offered incentives to stay in Illinois, despite | Read More »

    Illinois DREAM Act passes Illinois Senate…

    The Illinois Combine, for those unfamiliar with the term of art, refers to an unfortunate reality in Illinois politics: to wit, Illinois is not precisely a two-party state.  There is a Republican Party of Illinois, and there is a Democratic Party of Illinois – but the party bosses of both more or less ignore everybody else and run the state to suit themselves. Case in | Read More »

    Chuckie Schumer’s Do Not Ride Amtrak plan.

    I have a very quick question for Sen Chuck Schumer regarding his desire to create a list of people who are not allowed to go on Amtrak… no, really: the Senator from NY apparently got a little scared by reports that al-Qaeda was thinking about debating about targeting American rail lines.  There’s no real indication that there’s an active terrorist plot to do that – | Read More »

    BREAKING: ThinkProgress pig-ignorant about military.

    Legal Insurrection tipped me to this one: apparently, ThinkProgress (link available via Legal Insurrection) got itself in a bit of a tizzy over a story in the Mexican press that one of the Navy SEALs that killed Osama bin Laden was the son of Mexican immigrants, which apparently means (according to TP) that we need to pass the DREAM Act* and that the military is | Read More »

    Alternative voting goes down in flames in UK.

    The basic system in the United Kingdom is what’s known as ‘first past the post:’ essentially, whoever has a plurality of votes wins.  Plurality wins are in fact somewhat typical results in parliamentary systems, given that parliamentary systems tend to spawn viable third and fourth parties like rotten meat was once believed to have spawned flies*; but it can be a problem when one side | Read More »

    Permit me to correct the New York Times.

    A few days ago, the New York Times made the following (somewhat bitter) comment, in the process of trying to pretend that we’re all racists over here on the Right: [Obama’s] administration took too long to find its footing on Egypt’s transition and in Libya, but it was not because, as the popular conservative blog RedState said, he is a “trainee president.” (H/T: James Taranto) | Read More »

    MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell *had* 32 teeth.

    I know this, because I just watched him crawl on the floor trying to retrieve them after he tried to push around former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy This one’s going around. Newsbusters, @adambaldwin, the Daily Caller – take your pick. Particularly enjoyable was the part where she called O’Donnell a liar:

    Sixty bucks for gas and Mickey Dee’s.

    Permit me to establish some general, life-experience-style benchmarks for our current domestic economy. This morning, I went out to fill up the gas tank of the car, and treat my kids to some fast-food breakfast. Nothing fancy: the car does not take premium gasoline, and we’re talking breakfast sandwiches and a hotcakes and sausage level of drive-through. Here are the receipts. SIXTY DOLLARS.

    Missouri GOP, African-Americans kill Russ Carnahan’s seat.

    This could very well be the prettiest redistricting map that you’re going to see this cycle: You see, Missouri is in an interesting place where the state is: losing a Congressional seat; just coming off an election cycle where they flipped a seat to the GOP (making the current ratio 6 GOP / 3 DEM); and in possession of an almost veto-proof Republican legislature.  So, | Read More »

    Europe starting to talk about ‘war crimes?’

    Pajamas Media took a survey of various European media sources and their evolving reaction to the Osama bin Laden excision.  It will not surprise anyone in the slightest to hear that the level of disapproval has been increasing all week, with many an envious sneer along the way.  The German response is particularly telling  (they’re usually a leading indicator of Left-wing antiwar thinking*): even the | Read More »

    Bush, Obama, Ground Zero…

    …and the Law of Unintended Consequences: “Former President George W. Bush has declined an invitation to join President Barack Obama at a New York City ceremony later this week marking the death of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, NBC News reported on Tuesday.”  The – ‘ostensible’ is too strong a word; ‘primary’ probably works better – reason is that former President Bush chooses to not | Read More »