The DCCC’s Super-Genius November Strategy.

    In the process of trying to convince people that Tom Perriello might possibly have a chance at keeping his seat in Virginia’s Fifth District (given Perriello’s bad habit of voting as directed by his party’s liberal leadership) against Robert Hurt, the Washington Post tried to trot out this particular line of nonse… ah, conventional wisdom: Though polls suggest that Republicans are by far the more | Read More »

    “Who is Elizabeth M. Ackland?”

    No, I’m not doing an update of Atlas Shrugged – the name doesn’t really scan, does it? – but I’d like to note that Ms. Ackland features rather prominently in a Russ Feingold ad: One of the people whose Russ Feingold’s tireless work in the Senate has benefited with a job! Isn’t she lucky, in this wonderful, Democratic-controlled economic environment of 9.5% national unemployment! Just | Read More »

    Joel Demos (R CAND, MN-05).

    This is one of those memorable campaign ads. To set up: Joel Demos is the only Republican candidate in the MN-05 primary next week, which means that he’s going to be the Republican nominee to face off against Keith Ellison. And, trust me: Joel is fully aware of what that means. Actually, you don’t have to trust me. You just have to watch his own | Read More »

    Why the White House needs to worry about Proposition C.

    Read up on reports of the results of Tuesday’s vote on Missouri’s Proposition C* and you’re going to notice what James Taranto did: there’s an urge to declare the vote ‘largely symbolic‘ (amusingly, this includes Taranto’s own Wall Street Journal, or at least the portions of it that aren’t part of the opinion section).  This is generally political-speak for ‘the voting public just kicked our | Read More »

    Meet David Castillo (R CAND, WA-03).

    David’s one of the candidates running for the open seat at WA-03 (as you remember, current incumbent Brian Baird cut and run last year). The primary hasn’t happened yet, and as Washington state has the top two primary candidates advance to the general election regardless of party affiliation, the race is not yet really settled. We talked about that – and phosphates – today: David’s | Read More »

    Meet Tom Ganley (R CAND, OH-13).

    Tom is running to overturn Betty Sutton in OH-13, which is not particularly enjoying the industrial downturn. One thing that I’ve noticed: there are a lot of people running this year who have gotten sick and tired of our Democratic self-appointed would-be elites, would-be technocrats. Tom is one of them, and he spoke with RedState today: Tom’s site is here. Crossposted to Moe Lane.

    TN primary results open thread.

    Results here. First look: if primaries are any indication, TN-06 and TN-08 are flipping in November.


    Meet Morgan Philpot (R CAND, UT-02).

    Morgan is running in Utah’s Second District, which is known primarily for being the only district in Utah whose Democratic incumbent has managed to avoid suffering from his national party’s reputation.  Morgan would dearly enjoy correcting that, and he spoke with RedState today: Morgan’s site is here. Crossposted to Moe Lane.

    Look upon a dangerous Oregon scofflaw!

    Tremble with fear at this enemy of the State of Oregon: Her name is Julie, she’s seven years old, and she decided to sell some lemonade at a Portland, Oregon art fair… yes.  You know precisely how this ends: it ends with a county public sector union employee with a clipboard making a seven year old cry by threatening her with several hundred dollars in | Read More »

    White House to bailout underwater mortgages?

    Today’s hot rumor comes from James Pethokoukis: essentially, the White House (which is becoming increasingly frantic about the way that their Super Magical Unicorn Genius economic plans  aren’t working) is scheming to partially bail out people with underwater mortgages.  I know, I know: the government was not supposed to acquire Fannie/Freddie just to completely rewrite their balance sheets, but the existing scheme to let the | Read More »

    Meet Pamela Gorman (R CAND, AZ-03).

    Pamela’s one of the candidates running for John Shaddeg’s seat: she talked to us today about the race. Nice person. Pamela’s site is here. Moe Lane Crossposted to Moe Lane.

    The [epithet] and the redistricting knives.

    If you do political blogging or reporting for a while, you end up hearing this question a lot: Why should I bother to come out and vote for the [insert epithet here meaning 'not as ideologically sound as I am']? This would be normally responded to with a polite “That’s a good question” and a variable-length stream of blather before the question is actually answered, | Read More »

    KS/MI/MO Primary open thread.

    First look with the Mark One eyeball: nothing seems particularly surprising, except that one might expect more enthusiasm on the Democratic side of things. [UPDATE] Not looking good for Carolyn Kilpatrick (D, MI-13), there.

    Palin and Reagan and bears, oh my.

    Not to be mean-spirited about this, but it’s at times like this that Arianna Huffington demonstrates that she has a black-box approach to understanding Americans*.  In discussing the inexplicable (to her) attraction so many people have towards THAT WOMAN, Arianna wrote: It’s not Palin’s positions people respond to — it’s her use of symbols. Mama grizzlies rearing up to protect their young? That’s straight out | Read More »

    RGA: “Thirteen.”

    13 Weeks from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo. Yes, they’re fairly obviously going to be doing one of these a week until Election Day. Because the RGA – and the rest of the GOP – is hungry, in a way that the Democratic party is not. Watch Democratic legislators these days; their shoulders sloop, ever so slightly. Their eyes aren’t quite as bright as they | Read More »