Missouri GOP, African-Americans kill Russ Carnahan’s seat.

    This could very well be the prettiest redistricting map that you’re going to see this cycle: You see, Missouri is in an interesting place where the state is: losing a Congressional seat; just coming off an election cycle where they flipped a seat to the GOP (making the current ratio 6 GOP / 3 DEM); and in possession of an almost veto-proof Republican legislature.  So, | Read More »

    Europe starting to talk about ‘war crimes?’

    Pajamas Media took a survey of various European media sources and their evolving reaction to the Osama bin Laden excision.  It will not surprise anyone in the slightest to hear that the level of disapproval has been increasing all week, with many an envious sneer along the way.  The German response is particularly telling  (they’re usually a leading indicator of Left-wing antiwar thinking*): even the | Read More »

    Bush, Obama, Ground Zero…

    …and the Law of Unintended Consequences: “Former President George W. Bush has declined an invitation to join President Barack Obama at a New York City ceremony later this week marking the death of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, NBC News reported on Tuesday.”  The – ‘ostensible’ is too strong a word; ‘primary’ probably works better – reason is that former President Bush chooses to not | Read More »

    The “Charlie Crist, ambulance chaser” Open Thread.

    I know that sometimes, people wonder if the things that they do for the Right, or the Republican party, really make a difference.  To that I say: why not ask Charlie Crist? From Florida Governor and presumptive Senator, to ambulance-chasing lawyer ready to serve you.  I don’t know about you, but I’m going to put this one up on the wall. Open thread. [UPDATE]: | Read More »

    Rep. Issa asking hard questions on WH message security.

    As represented by the growing use of iPads – and no, that’s not actually ridiculous.  An iPad or iPad2 on a 3G network is a combination camera, scanner, and communications device that is independent of the White House’s servers; which means that anything written or transmitted by it is not going to be automatically recorded by those servers. And the problem with that?  Well, the | Read More »

    Meet the sand dune lizard.

    Cute little guy, isn’t he? Well, for a lizard. He’s also known as the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard; this endearing little critter is native to the American Southwest. Specifically, eastern New Mexico and West Texas. This is what the lizard’s preferred habitat looks like: Notice what’s missing? Oil derricks. You see, the favored habitat of the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard also happens to be a favored habitat | Read More »

    Daily Caller: was Yucca Mountain shutdown lawful?

    The DC has the scoop*: Congress is now investigating whether the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) actually had the authority to unilaterally shut down the Yucca Mountain nuclear storage facility without Congressional authorization, given that Yucca Mountain was authorized under the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982.  Furthermore, there are now serious questions about whether the NRC’s leadership – and, by extension, the Obama administration – | Read More »

    FDA victory in the War on Raw Milk!

    Marvel at our heroic government agents as they swoop in at 5 AM* to stop the pernicious practice of selling unpasteurized milk across state lines! An Amish farm in Pennsylvania has been stopped from selling contraband milk after a year-long federal government sting operation. The Rainbow Acres Farm was found to have been smuggling banned unpasteurised milk to customers in Maryland. Cheer as this tawdry | Read More »

    Politico: Conservatives are pro-cancer!

    Either that, or Politico hires some pretty sloppy writers.  Personally, I’m voting for the latter. The background: Politico decided to write an article that attempts to answer the eternal question, For just how long will George Soros keep throwing money down the rathole which is the Activist Left*? It’s an interesting question in its own right – the article suggests that Soros is getting pretty | Read More »

    Paul Ryan protesters: grassroots, or groupies?

    USA Today has the funniest thing I’m going to read today, I think: At the last of four events on Rep. Paul Ryan’s “listening tour” of his district Thursday, he called on a man in the front row of a high school auditorium, then instantly recognized him. “You changed clothes!” Ryan told Steve Jozefczyk. The 54-year old salesman from Franklin, Wis., had asked Ryan several | Read More »

    White House Bans Uppity San Francisco Journalist.

    You no doubt remember the brouhaha last week when several activists at a San Francisco embarrassed themselves and the President by (badly) singing a whining complaint about the administration’s treatment of Bradley Manning. At the time, it was widely assumed that the White House would simply shrug off said whining complaint: after all (and as the singers themselves had made clear), the President could still | Read More »

    Chris Matthews, you ignorant slut.

    I begged The Right Scoop for the embed code for this clip that they did for Ace of Spades HQ. Begged for it: For those without video access: it shows two clips from the same episode of the Chris Matthews show. In the first clip, Matthews and guests laughingly question George Bush’s (who is, I hear, a white guy and former American President) academic credentials; | Read More »

    ‘Fight of the Century.’

    (Via Instapundit [and @Aaron_RS]) EconStories has another one of their extremely good Keynes v. Hayek videos up: My only issue with this series is that it’s fairly obvious that the creators are fundamentally on Hayek’s side… and while they do (I think) a credible job of being fair to Keynes it would be helpful for the economic debate if there was somebody who was | Read More »

    Death toll from Southeastern tornadoes at 178.

    Most of that is from Alabama, which was hit hard by the storms – but most of the rest of the southeastern part of the country has been hit by the storms, so if you were planning to contribute to the American Red Cross this Christmas, well, they could probably use the help a little sooner than that. Our prayers and good wishes for everyone | Read More »

    Another state legislature passes labor union reform.

    Much like similar laws passed in states like Wisconsin and Ohio, the legislation will go after public sector union abuse of collective bargaining over health care.  Let me refresh people about why that’s important: it’s important because the public perception of benefits packages has traditionally been that they are somehow fundamentally different than wages; this despite the fact that a person who used to have, | Read More »