Maxine Waters will have what Charlie Rangel’s having.

    Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I have long considered Maxine “Why is this woman on Financial Services?” Waters to be one of our dumber Members of Congress – which is impressive, given that we have people like Al Franken, Barbara Boxer, Arlen Specter, Shirley Jackson-Lee, and Russ Carnahan in it – but I may have to revise that.  It is now being reported | Read More »

    Strickland, Fisher cronies/donors indicted.

    OK, this one is going to require a bit of background.  Short version: Ohio courts have just indicted a bunch of Democrats – some of whom have links to both Governor Strickland (D-OH) and Lt Governor Fisher (D-OH) – in a complicated real estate corruption case.  The word ‘tendrils’ comes to mind: stick around and you’ll see why.

    Meet Michael Grimm (R CAND, NY-13).

    Mike’s one of the GOP candidates for the district – the primary hasn’t happened yet – for the seat whose current incumbent (Mikey McMahon) just made the news for distributing a list of Grimm’s Jewish donors.  Yeah, I know: you’d think in this day and age…  anyway, Mike took the time to talk to us: Video here if it doesn’t load: there’s some kind of | Read More »

    Meet Scott Bruun (R CAND, OR-05).

    Scott’s running a campaign that’s making the DCCC nervous – to the point where they’ve decided to throw money at his opponent as part of their DOOMList – and we spoke this morning about that and other matters. Scott’s site is here, and it’s a measure of the cycle that we’re legitimately talking about taking seats in Oregon. Roll on November… Moe Lane Crossposted to | Read More »

    Mike McMahon (D, NY-13): my opponent takes JEWISH money!

    [UPDATE] Via Hot Air: let the damage control begin!  McMahon shoots the messenger, and completely fails to explain why she delivered the message in the first place.  Remember, folks: fish rots from the head down. Rep. McMahon is claiming that he wanted to make sure that people knew that the 200K that his opponent Mike Grimm raised last quarter – which is, by the way, | Read More »

    Oil spill update.

    So, let us recap: an unexpected leak has dumped highly alarming amounts of crude oil into the water, taxing the resources of local authorities.  Wildlife and wetland areas are already affected, and there’s no sign of swift relief.  The governor of the state primarily involved – a state that frankly cannot afford more bad things happening to it – is screaming for the relevant federal | Read More »

    No, The Thumpin’ is/was not inevitable.

    Stuart Rothenberg is having absolutely none of this preemptive excuse-making that the Democrats are starting to indulge in.  You seem the conventional wisdom is now congealing into the notion that of course the Republicans were going to have a great year in 2010, and it was absolutely silly for anybody to think that it was ever in doubt that this would happen: …Indeed, on Monday’s | Read More »

    The Thumpin’.

    Wait: I’ve seen this movie before. At the end of July 2006, I remember being… fairly optimistic about the Congressional elections. Oh, I knew that there were going to be problems. It was year Six of a Presidential administration, and the Other Side was kind of fired up. And, sure, the economy was slowing down a bit – we were all the way down to | Read More »


    Some interesting details from last night’s primary: Rep. Mary Fallin won her gubernatorial primary and is well on track to flip the governorship from Democrat to Republican this fall.  The voters apparently decided to forgive her for TARP; it doesn’t look like they’re quite ready to forgive Lt. Governor Jari Askins for being a Democrat.  It’s that kind of year. Rep. Dan Boren (D-no-seriously, OK-02) | Read More »


    Charlie Rangel will not resign…

    …and will ride this puppy all the way down, bless his heart. For those living in a cave, Charlie Rangel* (D, NY) is about to get served with ethics charges by the House Ethics committee for committing ethical violations (mostly involving real estate) beyond the power of the House Ethics committee leadership to plausibly overlook… not that they didn’t try their best.  In keeping with | Read More »

    To the #DGA : now THIS is a campaign ad.

    Seeing as the one that the Democratic Governors Association came up with recently was simultaneously: foul-mouthed; pathetically lame; and very possibly in violation of American copyright law… I’d thought that I’d take pity on the poor, doomed fellows and let them take a look at what a good campaign ad looks like. From the RGA, a reminder that there’s an election in 14 weeks: 14 | Read More »

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    Kerry’s tax avoiding: right idea, wrong reason.

    I agree and disagree with John Hinderaker about John Kerry, Millionaire (he owns a mansion and a yacht).  The basic background: Senator Kerry (D, MA) built and bought a yacht overseas and has parked it outside of Massachusetts so as to avoid paying Massachusetts taxes on it, which are fairly significant.  At least, he was: now that he’s been caught Kerry is making it-was-a-big-misunderstanding noises.  | Read More »

    The American Prospect: Trig Troofers?

    For those who don’t know – lucky you – “Trig Troofers” are people who believe that former Governor Sarah Palin did not actually give birth to her son Trig Palin; they instead believe that the child is Bristol Palin’s, despite the fact that Ms. Palin herself had a child at about the same time*.  This has thus become a particularly bizarre conspiracy theory, on the | Read More »

    Rubber meeting the road: the 2010 Senate situation.

    Charlie Cook is bearish on the thought of the GOP retaking the Senate this year – which, I should note, is a large step up from, say January 2009: back then they were talking about how the Democrats might increase their existing majority in 2010.  Charlie sets up the current situation as follows: Three open seats currently in the hands of Democrats seem pretty likely | Read More »

    Extending tax cuts: rhetoric meets reality.

    The basic situation?  The Democratic party is facing a dilemma of more or less its own doing with the looming end of Bush-era tax cuts.  The party generally ran on a program of repealing them for the ‘rich,’ which was rhetorically useful (if not fiscally so); and some Democratic legislators are beginning to worry about the political effects of that.  The problem – which the | Read More »