The ‘I’ve waited two years for this’ Memorial Open Thread.

    Was it worth it? Really worth it? Oh, yeah. So totally worth it. Open thread. Moe Lane (crosspost)

    54 of 99.

    That’s the current number of state legislative chambers* that the GOP will be controlling, starting next year: there are still five state legislative chambers still undecided, so the number could go as high as 59 of 99.  That represents a flip of eighteen state chambers (and the gain of both houses in the state legislature in six states) by the GOP; couple that with a  | Read More »

    QotD, Mitch McConnell edition.

    Interesting gambit from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell here. “Over the past week, some have said it was indelicate of me to suggest that our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term in office,” Mr. McConnell says. “But the fact is, if our primary legislative goals are to repeal and replace the health spending bill; | Read More »

    GWB rehabilitation project comes on-line.

    (Via @jeffemanuel)  As many people have noted, the Left’s favorite rhetorical game in the whole wide world is the classic These new Republicans are awful, unlike all the good Republicans that we used to have. It’s popular mostly because it’s easily – in fact, continually – adapted to the contemporary era, and nobody in its target audience seems to really notice that they quietly switch | Read More »

    The Democratic knives come out in the House.

    And, like all entertaining wars to the knife, this one has multiple factions. The ‘moderates’ blame the liberals for walking all over them; the liberals blame the moderates for going along with passing bad ideas like the stimulus, cap-and-trade, and Obamacare; the idiots (this may be a subgroup: there’s a bit of an overlap here with the first two groups) are claiming that this entire | Read More »

    “I believe that this is your donkey?”

    “You delivered him to us in 1992. We thought that you might want him back: as you can see, we made a few improvements.” Come on, guys, it’s a joke. Where’s your sense of humor, Democrats? What’s that? You put it up as collateral to fund your last-minute ad buys? Ah. (via @lash3) Moe Lane (crosspost) PS: No, it’d be kind of silly and childish | Read More »

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    Net Neutrality: Congressional Career-Killer.

    If you want to know who is having a worse day than the DCCC*, the DSCC**, or the DNC***, try the Progressive Change Congressional Committee.  You see, last week they issued a pledge in support of net neutrality that was signed by ninety-five candidates. Every single one of them lost. (pause) Oops? Moe Lane (crosspost)

    2010 aftermath: the Good.

    While this is hardly an exhaustive list, the below represents my personal congratulations to last night’s winners in the election: FL-08 Daniel Webster FL-22 Allen West FL-24 Sandy Adams IL-17 Bobby Schilling IN-08 Larry Bucshon IN-09 Todd Young MI-01 Dan Benishek MO-04 Vicky Hartzler MS-04 Steven Palazzo NC-02 Renee Ellmers NY-13 Michael Grimm NY-19 Nan Hayworth NY-29 Tom Reed PA-08 Michael Fitzpatrick SC-01 Tim Scott | Read More »

    For your amusement: an updated 2008 Obama ad.

    It did not age well.  Oh, my, did it not age well. (Via Battle ’10) Although I suspect that the participants in said video would bitterly argue my observation, assuming that any of them are sober at this moment.  No, wait, it’s 8 AM on the Left Coast; they won’t start the anticipatory heavy drinking until about 1 PM my time. Moe Lane (crosspost) | Read More »

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    The Day of DOOM. [Now Open thread.]

    What we could do, we have done; it’s up to the voters now.  That’s you, so make sure you vote. Odd: I’ve been preparing for this day since November of 2006 – admittedly, I thought that it’d come in November of 2008 – and I find that the somewhat (melo)dramatic things that I had in mind to write aren’t really all that appropriate.  Even the | Read More »

    I judge Chris Murphy (D, CT-05).

    There’s an obvious point about this employment ad from the Chris Murphy campaign: …which is, as Jim Geraghty noted, that if you have to pay people to do what would normally be the job of volunteers then maybe you’re not doing so well in your election.  But there’s another thing that I’d like to bring up: “Get paid to the help the CT Democratic party” | Read More »

    What to do with one day to go.

    So.  The election’s tomorrow.  You’re going to vote, if you haven’t already; and you’ve helped out in your local state/district/county.  But you’ve maybe got a spare $20 or a couple of hours… and, honestly, nobody in your regular slate of candidates needs it.  Yes, of course, every little bit helps – but, honestly, they’re all fine.  Really.  You’d think that you can maybe splurge a | Read More »


    Your feel-good election post of the weekend.

    What a title: “Grim Democrats await huge House losses.”  Not nearly as much as we are, of course: but they’re frantically counting up their likely losses, and forecasting fifty to seventy (which means, obviously, that we need to increase that to seventy to ninety).  At this point, the consensus seems to be among a variety of remaining-nameless professional Democrats that everyone in the House within | Read More »


    Please watch this video.

    It’s from Americans for Prosperity, and it shows some of the signs at the Stewart/Colbert thing on Saturday. Please remember three things about these people: Not even close to all Democrats are twerps, but every single twerp in this video is a Democrat. Said twerps hate you, and want you to die in a fire. If you vote on Tuesday, they’ll hate you even | Read More »

    Boxer’s Indian casino ties.

    Oddly, the original story about Senator Barbara Boxer (D, CA), Boxer’s son, a regenerated Native American tribe, and a rapidly-looming San Franciscan casino seems to have disappeared from The Hill’s site, but a copy can be found here. It’s fascinating reading. The short version: back in the 1990s, Rep Lynn Woolsey introduced legislation that would reinstate an officially defunct Native American tribe (the Miwoks), with | Read More »