BREAKING: Rep Gabrielle Giffords (D, AZ) shot at public event.

    [UPDATE]: Thankfully, early reports that Congresswoman Giffords had been killed were premature; tragically, four people have been reported dead.  After shooting Giffords, the shooter reportedly fired into the crowd indiscriminately until he was subdued by heroes on the scene, including at least one member of Giffords’ staff. Details still sketchy, but she was apparently shot in the head at point-blank range; NPR reports that at | Read More »

    Antiwar left tries to get piece of Known & Unknown action.

    While the exceptionally sad and silly nature of the organized antiwar movement is of course obvious to anyone with a functional notochord, it’s not as common to see their favorite political pornographers sink to their level.  After all, said pornographers are self-aware parasites – and as such are almost required to be smarter than their victims.  But every so often you encounter one who forgets | Read More »

    White House to try the same thing again…

    …in the hopes that this time, it’ll be different.  The ‘Benjamin Button’ reference made by Ronald Brownstein below is in reference to the GOP’s policy agenda, which is pretty explicitly to reverse all of the catastrophic features of  President Obama’s policy agenda: the conceit is that we’re going to have the same debates over again.  And Brownstein reports that this is just fine with the | Read More »

    Gov. Pat Quinn (D, IL) about to destroy IL Amazon affliliates?

    It’s certainly looking that way: the Democrat-run (Democrat-dominated) state legislature has just passed a bill to tax online purchases (via Points and Figures, via Instapundit): the bill is just waiting for Governor Pat Quinn’s (D) signature, which is almost certainly inevitable.  In fact, the state of Illinois is going to raise taxes across the board – because that’s what Democrats do.  Business is good; raise | Read More »

    Obama administration: *Please* don’t repeal Obamacare.

    (H/T: Hot Air Headlines) Let us review the Democratic response to the Republican response to Obamacare. They tried steamrollering us.  Didn’t work. They tried taunting us.  Didn’t work. They tried ignoring us.  Didn’t work. They tried threatening us.  Didn’t work. They tried lecturing us.  Didn’t work. They tried demonizing us. Didn’t work. They tried threatening us.  Didn’t work. They tried distracting us. Didn’t work. They | Read More »


    Quote and Video of the Day Thursday Open Thread.

    First the video (which commemorates yesterday’s historic booting of the first female Speaker of the House), via Ace of Spades HQ (and let me note that I would never stoop so low as to make a video that mocked a fallen political figure in such a purely-superficial fashion*). Next, here’s the quote (also via AoSHQ), which discusses the amazing reaction that the Left is | Read More »

    Four years for this moment.

    Give John Boehner that damn gavel, Nancy. You can watch it here. Moe Lane PS: Amusing factoid: despite having more members in her caucus for the 112th Congress than John Boehner did for the 111th, Nancy Pelosi got one less vote for Speaker in the 112th Congress than John Boehner did in the 111th. PPS: You can shut up any time now, Rep. Pelosi.  These | Read More »

    Gibbs to leave WH press secretary gig…

    …in order to pursue an exciting career as left center on Hollywood Squares – actually, is that program even still on?  No, just kidding: outgoing White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is going to have some nebulous job defending whatever dumb idea the President comes up with that day, just like before – only now Gibbs will be doing it in places where people can | Read More »

    Boehner dismisses Reid on Obamacare repeal.

    The memo you are about to read is real.  I did not write this. Background: recently, Harry Reid (in a moment of bravado), deigned to inform Speaker-designate John Boehner that he should not bother to pass a repeal of Obamacare in the House, because it would not succeed in the Senate. So there, neener neener, and similar big talk from a guy who just presided | Read More »

    Heat balls!

    Just what every European household needs: heat balls. A German businessman has decided to start marketing the items as ‘small heating devices’ for households requiring additional warmth.  Apparently, there’s a perceived need for that in Europe. Anyway… very ingenious things, heat balls: they work by converting electricity into heat energy, with an impressive 95% efficiency, which makes them perfect for warming specific spots in the | Read More »

    Democrats start clearing out OfA deadwood.

    Well, that didn’t take long.  I mean, when I wrote this post indicating that Tim Kaine’s retention as DNC chair meant that the Democratic leadership had decided to concentrate solely on the President’s re-election*, I did not expect that I would receive some sort of confirmation of this within minutes.  But, thanks to Doug Heye, I see this report that the DNC is laying off… | Read More »

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    Tim Kaine continues the Democrats’ Great Circle of Fail.

    If you were wondering whether or not the Democrats learned anything – anything at all – from their recent shellacking, stop wondering: they have not. They are keeping Tim Kaine on as DNC chairman. Because he did ever-so-well in the last election cycle… although I’d like to correct Jim Geraghty’s count slightly on Tim Kaine’s Litany of Failure: Jim was only looking at the 2010 | Read More »

    Greg Mankiw advises the Obama living in his head.

    I feel sorry for Greg Mankiw: I really do.  Here he is, living a life that allows him to place articles in the New York Times – which is not a bad place to be – and he publicly mucks it up by publishing a piece that crashes and burns on the first word of the title.  The title is “How to Break Bread With | Read More »

    Hey, that’s what she said!

    You may recall from last week that Ms. Carol Shea-Porter got herself in a bit of hot water over the following quote about the secret cabals out there trying to destroy our democracy, or something: “They’re in the halls of Congress everywhere, and it means, for example, that you sit on a committee and you say something about concern about Chinese influence or something, you | Read More »

    Happy New Year!

    A toast, ladies and gentlemen: To 2011: confusion to our enemies! God knows it isn’t hard. On behalf of the site, I offer good wishes and salutations to our readers, and may you have a safe and happy New Year’s weekend.