Day Two of the Etheridge Incident.

    I’m not particularly surprised that the Etheridge Incident is perturbing the Beltway. It has all the elements that one needs: A genuine, newsworthy scenario (Congressman attacks cameraman); An easily-accessible narrative (Congressman attacks cameraman); A clear video record (note: two cameras, with footage spliced together); A hint of scandal (Was the Congressman drinking?); And a hint of conspiracy (Was the Congressman set up?). Plus, of course, | Read More »

    Red to… well, Blue to Red, and maybe one of them will flip back.

    There’s a good deal of laughing going around about the DCCC’s latest quote-unquote ‘Red to Blue’ announcement, mostly because it’s fairly clear that they’re kind of doing it wrong.  Generally speaking, it’s not really considered newsworthy that you’ve managed to find a candidate for a seat that you’re already holding, but the current officeholder is abandoning like a scared little puppy; and yet the DCCC | Read More »

    Deja Vu: the NRA and the Democratic crocodiles.

    There’s been a bit of reaction (via Instapundit) to the way that both we and National Review reacted to the way that the NRA carved itself an exemption to the DISCLOSE Act.  The argument, as I understand it, is that the NRA is a single-issue advocacy group; and their single-issue is the Second Amendment, not the First.  And because of their single-issue advocacy, they’re not | Read More »


    Meet Renee Ellmers (R CAND, NC-02).

    Bob Etheridge‘s opponent, but you knew that already. We were able to speak with her briefly: as you can imagine, she’s been busy today. Renee’s site is here. Moe Lane Crossposted to Moe Lane.

    Bob Etheridge (D, NC-02) attacks student.

    This is why you need to have two cameras. The first one, to record being assaulted by a sitting Congressman (Bob Etheridge, D, NC-02): …and a second one, to record the person recording being assaulted by a sitting Congressman (Bob Etheridge, D, NC-02):

    State of the Race: Tim Scott (R CAND, SC-01).

    Tim is the front-runner in the GOP primary runoff for SC-01, and he took the time to talk with us about the state of the race and why he’s running. Tim’s site is here: he’s a state representative and former Charleston County official.  The runoff is June 22nd.  There’s been a good deal of interest among RedState’s readers about this race thus far, and I | Read More »

    ‘The Buck Stops… with me.”

    I just noticed that the President kind of likes to use that phrase a bit.  I wonder if he realizes that it makes him look like a bit of a narcissist?  Particularly since he’s clearly using that phrase in all those occasions to argue that while bad things that happen under his watch are always his responsibility, they’re never his fault.  Even the Christmas bombing | Read More »

    Interior Secretary Salazar lies about drilling peer review.

    Basically, what happened was that Salazar added language to a report on the Gulf oil spill, and that said language called for a drilling moratorium.  That’s not the lie: the Interior Secretary is allowed to make his own recommendations, even when they’re dunderheaded recommendations.  No, this is the lie: Salazar’s report to Obama said a panel of seven experts “peer reviewed” his recommendations, which included | Read More »

    President begging GOP for doc fix favor.

    The background: Obamacare assumed in its ‘official’ numbers cuts in Medicare payments to doctors; this has been scheduled for some time, but every year there was a ‘doc fix‘ to keep the cuts from being enacted.  The merits of the doc fix can be argued later: what is important here is that the Democrats used these supposedly planned cuts to make Obamacare look fiscally responsible, | Read More »

    My Green Jobs suggestions.

    You know, at first I was probably just a touch annoyed that the White House has spent billions – this is not an exaggeration; billions – on encouraging ‘green jobs’ without knowing what the heck a green job is: Buried deep inside a federal newsletter on March 16 was something called a “notice of solicitation of comments” from the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the | Read More »

    PotUS November strategy: fighting where they REALLY ain’t.

    This article in the New York Times on the awkward disconnect between the President of the United States and the political party that he’s presumably in charge of is actually… not  too bad, really.  This, for example, is pretty clear-headed: In 2006 and 2008, Democrats did something that had not been done in American politics since the Great Depression, which is to string together two | Read More »

    Meet Michel Faulkner (R CAND, NY-15).

    It’s pronounced ‘Michael:’ he’s running in Charlie Rangel’s seat, assuming of course that Charlie Rangel doesn’t get ousted in the primary itself. I like our chances on this one. Rangel’s got a serious primary challenger, he’s got a very poor ethical reputation right now, and Faulkner’s the sort of candidate that you want to have on hand for a general election challenge when in a | Read More »

    From the Dan Coats (R CAND, IN-SEN) conference call.

    This should have been up a couple of days ago, but I’m having computer issues. Dan Coats did a conference call on Monday, and I took the opportunity to ask him a question on Republican unity, post-primary: Actually, I asked two questions, but the first wasn’t much of anything; just Coat’s reaction to Evan Bayh’s tacit admission that Brad Ellsworth is going to lose the | Read More »

    Carly Fiorina vs. the Sainted Delta Smelt.

    Newly-chosen candidate Carly Fiorina (R CAND, CA-SEN) had a conference call today, and spoke somewhat about an issue of some interest to both myself and the California agricultural community: the delta smelt. For those who are unaware: the delta smelt is, to quote Rep George Radanovich (R, CA-19), “a worthless little worm that needs to go the way of the dinosaur” – mostly because it’s | Read More »

    SEIU to GOP: please target the following races…

    …because they’re going to be written off: Larry Kissell (NC-08) Mike McMahon (NY-13) Michael Arcuri (NY-24) Zach Space (OH-18) At least, that’s my impression from this petulant whine from the SEIU about the way that they were forced to spend ten million dollars to lose the Lincoln/Halter race, and how they’re not going to support the Senator anyway, so there.  She can just go down | Read More »