Obama retreats on tax hike.

    It looked that way earlier in the day, and it’s now confirmed.  The ‘deal’ will be that the White House ‘delays’ raising taxes for two more years in ‘exchange’ for getting a thirteen-month extension on unemployment benefits*.  That last is problematical, but given the Democrats’ moral weakness thus far the GOP might still be able to keep pushing a little and get offsets in federal | Read More »

    Wikileaks now comic-opera Bond Villain group.

    The now-criminal organization known as Wikileaks is threatening the cyber-equivalent of nuclear blackmail: shut it down, its backers say, and it will release the decryption key to a supposedly-devastating set of encrypted files that have been made available for download since July.  Which means that: everybody who has already downloaded that document, and now has it on your hard drive?  Congratulations!  You’ve just been signed | Read More »

    Big Wind looking for federal handout.

    The wind ‘industry’ is apparently looking for more federal aid – actually, no, there’s nothing apparent about it.  They want more federal aid, they want it permanently – and they want it specifically allocated to them, and not as part of a nebulous ‘alternate energy’ package.  Otherwise, they’re afraid that they’ll go out of business. For the record: if your business plan requires – not | Read More »

    Cook gets two out of three right.

    Which is not bad for a political prognosticator, actually.  Charlie Cook is arguing in his latest column that the President must be hoping that one or more of the following things happen: Unemployment goes down; We not lose the war in Afghanistan; and/or THAT WOMAN gets the Presidential nomination. …if the President wants to be reelected.  First off: amazing what two years of institutionalized blithering | Read More »

    The Lame Duck Cubicle Farm: A warning.

    This article from the WSJ provides us with a look of the final special indignities being heaped upon those legislators of the 111th Congress who will not be joining their colleagues for the 112th Congress.  Essentially, said legislators have been removed from their offices and relegated to a temporary cubicle farm in the bowels of the House office building.  They get two chairs apiece (plus | Read More »

    Obama administration renews drilling ban. Of course it did.

    Contra the Washington Post, the seven-year moratorium on new Atlantic, Pacific, and Eastern Gulf of Mexico oil drilling that will be announced today does not particularly mean that we’re going to allow new drilling in any of the other areas available to us, either*.  It merely means that these were the bans that the administration had to get on with right now before an annoyed | Read More »

    SEIU healthcare fund abandons children.

    Please note, not every SEIU healthcare fund*. The specific one doing the abandoning is a New York fund for 1199 SEIU, which parent organization lobbied heavily for Obamacare… let us briefly walk this one through.  SEIU needs more members if it wants to cover its underfunded obligations.  So it went heavily for Obamacare.  Obamacare includes mandates on expanding coverage for dependents to age 26.  Rates | Read More »

    Assange keeps digging Wikileaks’ grave.

    Accused rapist Julian Assange* continued to justify the upcoming backlash against transparency this weekend by promising to illegally release more classified government documents on the notorious site Wikileaks.  These documents in particular are apparently State Department diplomatic cables: up until, oh, today, those documents were typically much more blunt and ambiguity-free than the standard State Department bumpf, mostly because nobody out there considered that anyone | Read More »

    Tancredo whines about GOP unity.

    Ah, what a difference an election makes.  Back in October, Tom Tancredo mocking the GOP: “What’s the point? I mean, if I can be more effective as governor, if the Republicans in the legislature are going to have their feelings hurt or whatever, then I’ll consider it. But really what’s the purpose? What do I need from [GOP Chairman] Dick Wadhams? Why would I argue | Read More »

    GM thanks taxpayers for forced bailout.

    I would have let you collapse, GM. So there’s no need to thank me for your government seizure. My no doubt naive belief in basic capitalism precludes me from fully appreciating said thanks; or, indeed, appreciating them at all. How much of MY tax money went into making this self-congratulatory paean to Italian-style fascism, by the way? Whatever it was, it was too much. | Read More »

    Pornoscan Congress!

    (Via Hot Air Headlines) Ann Coulter is not precisely on my Christmas list – and, in the highly unlikely possibility she knows my name, I would not be on hers – but she makes a darn good suggestion here: if we’re going to randomly pornoscan and/or strip-search fliers then we should blipping well do the same to Members of Congress and their staff when they | Read More »

    Kicking the can that’s Afghanistan.

    Well, it’s official: there will be no withdrawal from Afghanistan prior to the 2012 Presidential election. Not that there will be a withdrawal from Afghanistan after the 2012 election, either – and I invite anyone who wants to argue that point to first remember how the closing of Gitmo went, or more accurately, didn’t – but there are rules to this game, and the first | Read More »

    Rothman chief of staff arrested on child solicitation charges.

    Yesterday the report came out that Bob Decheine, chief of staff for Rep. Steve Rothman (D, NJ), had been abruptly fired.  This came as a bit of a surprise, as Decheine has been a notable figure in NJ Democratic politics: he was a senior adviser to the Obama campaign in 2008, and as Rothman’s CoS had just shepherded his boss to another win in Congress, | Read More »

    Meghan McCain on THAT WOMAN.

    What annoys me about this Meghan McCain article (via here) is not that I feel the urge to get a red pen (or perhaps an old priest and a young priest*).  Coherent writing on the Internet is not… precisely unknown; but neither is it particularly reliable.  You have to accept that there are a lot of people out there who cannot really write.  Some of | Read More »

    Velma Hart (Obama Town Hall Woman) laid off.

    Kind of ironic, but supposedly not targeted; Velma Hart’s company (AmVets) just couldn’t afford to keep her any longer, that’s all. At least, I hope that this administration wasn’t so stupid as to get the CFO for Amvets – and a military veteran herself – fired.  Even if Ms. Hart had made the critical mistake of being critical to the President’s face on national television. | Read More »