Cook’s DOOMList: 10/26/2010.

    This week’s adjustment by Cook is not that extensive, but it’s a doozy: Incumbent Republican MA-06 John Tierney Bill Hudak NJ-06 Frank Pallone Anna Little NC-04 David Price BJ Lawson OH-10 Dennis Kuchinich Peter Corrigan OR-04 Peter DeFazio Art Robinson TN-05 Jim Cooper David Hall TX-25 Lloyd Doggett Donna Campbell Those are all formerly-safe races that are now abruptly… not-safe. They’ve all gone from Safe | Read More »

    New York Times: DOOM.

    The actual title isn’t that, of course.  The actual title is “Democrats Counting on Strength of Obama’s Get-Out-the-Vote Network”… which is merely semantically equivalent to the word/phrase/meme “DOOM.”  If you’re “counting on” getting enough voters out there to erase your own, admitted failure to be the perceived front-runner, then you’ve already lost and you’re just trying to avoid a rout*.  Thus it was for the | Read More »


    Did Harry Reid pull strings to protect aide in immigration conspiracy?

    The facts of the case are these: in 2003 Diana Tejada entered into a fraudulent conspiracy with Lebanese national Bassam Mahmoud Tarhini, with the aim of securing permanent US residency for the latter (there was also and investigation whether Mr. Tarhini had links to ‘extremist groups,’ but nothing was ever confirmed).  Money changed hands.  For the next five years Ms. Tejada continued to misrepresent her | Read More »

    Jim Moran ranks military service below PTA membership.

    Here’s a really good rule of thumb: when you’ve done something not only dumb, but actually vile – in this case, if you’ve declared that wearing your country’s uniform for twenty-four years is not ‘public service*’ – don’t compound the error later by trying to explain it away. Jim Moran (D, VA-08) apparently does not understand this rule of thumb, which is why he is | Read More »

    Four out of five signs of DOOM.

    Benjamin Sarlin has compiled a list of… well, five signs of DOOM: by his and my count we’ve hit four of them.  The fifth (We Totally Meant To Lose Anyway) will probably hit in force after the next time Cook and/or Rothenberg update their list of Democrats whose staffers need to update their resumes and/or start shredding the paperwork in anticipation of Darrell Issa’s 2011 | Read More »

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    Frank Caprio (D CAND, RI-GOV), racist.

    Well… if by ‘racist’ you mean ‘insufficiently respectful towards the President,’ which I understand is how the Democrats define the term these days.  Caprio is a little upset that President Obama isn’t endorsing him in what is turning out to be a very close gubernatorial election between him and ‘independent’ Lincoln Chafee.  So in classic sour-grapes fashion Caprio has decided that he doesn’t want Obama’s | Read More »

    I believe that the FL-SEN race is now over.

    When your second-place candidate (Crist) is reduced to heckling the first-place candidate (RUBIO) during an actual debate you can safely assume that the second-place candidate has given up on trying to win and is now merely trying to see just how spectacular a fireball that he can generate on impact. So, how spectacular? Answer? Quite spectacular, really. Then again, Crist was always a bit… | Read More »

    Shocker: IL-08 Pledge-hater also OfA drone.

    A follow-up to yesterday’s post on the Pledge scandal in IL-08: it turns out that the League of Women Voters moderator (one Kathy Tate-Bradish) just happened to be a hardcore OfA member and Obama supporter.  Everybody shocked, raise your hands… no, me neither.  Admit it: you didn’t even think that she was anything except a typical Democratic elitist, right?  And, oddly enough, you were clearly | Read More »

    The 2010 election cycle, crystallized.

    It does not get any clearer than this: If you can’t see the video, here’s the summary: over in IL-08 they had a debate between Rep. Melissa Bean and Joe Walsh, run by the League of Women Voters. Somebody in the audience interrupts the beginning to ask if they were going to start with the Pledge of Allegiance. The moderator – stupidly, stupidly, stupidly | Read More »

    Democratic Death Panel Watch: The Line of Credit.

    Reportedly, the DCCC has acquired a $17 million dollar line of credit for the November elections.  Leaving aside the hilarity of the committee suddenly feeling the need to put in for emergency funds – remember when they were going to crush us with their existing money?  How is that going, anyway – here’s a thought to cheer up people’s weekends: if they have the money, | Read More »

    Meet Mike Fitzpatrick (R CAND, PA-08).

    Mike is running against Patrick Murphy, and by ‘running against’ I mean ‘beating.’ Still, that’s why we have elections and races, and we talked about both today: Mike’s site is here. Moe Lane (crosspost)

    Pew Research reveals THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think that Pew was just having its little joke by making sure that its latest report on the midterms had a URL of  If it did, then Pew would be well on its way to winning the contest of being The Coolest Research Center EVER – but it’s much more likely that this was just an accident.  A | Read More »


    State of the Race: Pat Toomey (R CAND, PA-SEN).

    With less than two weeks to go and tightening polls, we decided to check in with Pat Toomey on how the Senate race was going. Short version: well, but this is no time to stop now. Pat’s site is here. Moe Lane (crosspost)

    Dick Blumenthal lying about death penalty stance.

    The death penalty has been an issue in the recent Connecticut gubernatorial election, and it seems to have spilled over into the Senatorial election, too – mostly because Dick Blumenthal can’t be bothered to remember if he started loving the death penalty in 1990, or in 2005.  Then again, knowing Blumenthal… he probably decided that he could claim both and get away with it.  It’s | Read More »

    Bobby Schilling’s (R CAND, IL-17) moneybomb.

    Bobby Schilling is of course the guy who is making the Democrats futilely throw money down the Phil “What’s the Constitution?” Hare rathole: he’s currently ahead in the polls and is heading towards a victory in two weeks. HE CAN STILL LOSE. Remember, folks: we can’t count on anything, and this is Illinois.  That’s why the moneybomb: it’ll help keep Bobby in the race for | Read More »