Doug Hoffman withdraws from NY-23.

    Via AoSHQ: state law requires that he’ll still be on the ballot, but he’s calling on his supporters to throw theirs behind Matt Doheny.  This must have been a hard decision for Doug Hoffman; but as he himself noted, the important thing here is to not split the Republican vote against the Democratic squatter currently in it.  It is my humble suggestion that we take | Read More »

    State of the race: WI-07 (Sean Duffy).

    If you want to know how bad things are for the Democrats in the Midwest right now, here’s one particular data point: the Duffy/Lassa matchup in WI-07. This was David Obey’s district for over forty years, before Sean Duffy scared him off: it’s a D+3 district, according to Cook; and Democratic candidate Julie Lassa is doing everything she can to disassociate herself from the national | Read More »

    Meet Nan Hayworth (R CAND, NY-19).

    Dr. Hayworth – odd, there are a lot of medical doctors running as Republicans for Congress this session; I wonder why that is? – is up against John Hall in NY-19. She is, in fact, well-positioned to take the seat away from the man, and not before time. We spoke about the campaign: Nan’s site is here. Moe Lane (crosspost)

    Ami Bera (D CAND, CA-03) covering up sex offender tenants?

    There are two parts to this: what is known, and what was reported. It is known that the aforementioned Bera owned a transient hotel in California that had a registered sex offender (case involved a minor) living there in April of 2010.  It is also known that living at the location in question would be effectively banned for sex offenders under the California Penal Code, | Read More »

    Meet Alex Armour, Jan Schakowsky’s (D, IL-09) CoS.

    …judging from his Twitter account (H/T: The Campaign Spot) Armour despises and loathes the roughly 60-70% of the population* of the United States that had a problem with the Ground Zero Mosque.  Extra points: Armour apparently also thinks that the expression of said problem demonstrates an ignorance of the purpose of the First Amendment, instead of it being what the First Amendment is for.  I | Read More »

    Yet *more* violence at a Lefty rally.

    The first amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America: clear. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Basic rule of thumb for filming in | Read More »

    Brown’s immigration smear of Whitman continues to unravel.

    Two things to take away from this San Francisco Chronicle article (H/T: The Other McCain) on Jerry Brown’s Gloria Allred’s nonsensical attacks on Meg Whitman: First, this sentence: “Lawyers said an employer’s obligation upon receiving a no-match letter from the Social Security Administration is to check their own records for typographical or other errors, inform the employee that the records do not match and tell | Read More »

    Left freaks out over Moe Tucker.

    For those who don’t know – and come, I will conceal nothing from you; until five minutes ago, this included me* – Ms. Tucker was a drummer for the Velvet Underground, which for a certain segment of the population makes her instantly cooler than squeezable bacon. Well, in April of 2009 a ‘Maureen Tucker’ showed up at a Georgia Tea Party: …and Instapundit, Reason, | Read More »

    Boehner bar the door.

    Cute bit of political theater, here.  The short version is, House Minority Leader John Boehner brought the GOP caucus together and shook ‘em until three million dollars fell out; coupled with the million that he’s donating from his own campaign funds, that’s four million that’s going to the NRCC, just in time for the fall election cycle.  That should fund a bunch of races. I’m | Read More »

    British environmentalists: murder children for a Greener tomorrow!

    That was one of my colleagues’ reaction when he saw this “No Pressure” video put out by British environmentalists, which is… hideous. As in, ‘they started by blowing up two children in a crowded classroom for not wanting to bike to school’ hideous. As in, ‘they splattered the other children with blood and viscera’ hideous. As in, ‘the Greenies themselves are reportedly hunting down and | Read More »

    The anti-Alan Grayson ad that wrote itself.

    More accurately, it’s the anti-Alan Grayson ad that he himself wrote. I would love to add something to this, but, really: when it comes down to it, the best argument against Grayson is… Grayson. No summary needed. You know what he says about non-progressives, it’s all in there… and in thirty seconds, too. The NRCC outdid itself, really. Enjoy. And donate to Daniel Webster’s campaign. | Read More »

    Interview: Rep. Kevin McCarthy and NRCC recruitment.

    As the timestamp shows, we actually had this interview earlier in the month; given that Rep. McCarthy has been doing a series of posts about his road trips on behalf of candidates this election season, I decided that it was long past time that I got the interview actually up. In it we talk about the general details of recruitment, and how it’s been going | Read More »

    Congress backstabs POTUS on recess appointments.

    It seems a bit odd that Senate Democrats have agreed to use a rules technicality to prohibit the President from making any recess appointments between now and the election – particularly since Senator Dick Durbin (D, IL) seemed to be suggesting earlier this week that a recess appointment for blocked OMB nominee Jacob Lew would be possible if the hold on his nomination was still | Read More »

    Meet Rich Iott (R CAND, OH-09)

    This is Marcy Kaptur’s seat, and Rich is pretty determined to win it.  Rich is a businessman who’s running for the first time – which seems to be a theme for Republican nominees these days, along with military veterans and medical doctors; go figure – and we talked about the race for a bit: Rich’s site is here.  Nice guy; check him out. Moe | Read More »

    Looking at Illinois. [UPDATED]

    Let’s look at Illinois. IL-02: In wake of Jesse Jackson Jr’s being rather spectacularly accused of seat-buying-and-adultery, the NRCC is upping their support of Republican Isaac Hayes.  Because when you’re given a free shot, you should of course take it. IL-08: is going to release [has released] a poll that shows Joe Walsh and incumbent Melissa Bean tied among registered voters. Guess that she | Read More »