Bob Etheridge expected to concede at 3 PM.

    Oh, did we steal his thunder?  Did he want to admit to his loss on his own terms? Yeah, I’m really broke up about that. Congratulations, Rep.-elect Renee Elmers.  Serve well. Moe Lane (crosspost) PS: Remember, folks: two cameras.  Always have two cameras.

    Michael Chertoff behind TSA pornoscanners?

    ‘Pornoscanners’ is what Boing Boing (courtesy of AoSHQ Headlines) calls them, and that name works for me.   Anyway, it would seem that Michael Chertoff had his hand in the cookie jar on this one: while Secretary of Homeland Security he ordered the pornoscanners from Rapiscan (a company that was one of his clients), and he’s been a busy little advocate bee on that company’s behalf | Read More »

    Bush Rehabilitation Watch, 11/18/2010.

    E.J. Dionne’s turn at MiniTrue: apparently old W. was/is compassionately conservative, multicultural, diverse, tolerant, and a bunch of other nice things that E.J. Dionne doesn’t think that those mean icky nasty Tea Partiers are.  Big change from 2005, when Bush apparently habitually “sought to divide the country;” or when Dionne wrote about the Bush administration that “None has looked so principled, even when it said | Read More »

    Next step: the War on Irish Coffee.

    And, for the record: you can have my Irish coffee when you pull it from my cold, dead hands. Executive summary: the FDA has informed four companies that caffeine is an “unsafe food additive” when mixed with alcohol.  In this particular case, the drinks being affected are cans of carbonated, caffeinated, and alcoholic drinks… but if you’re wondering what’s the scientific difference between that and | Read More »

    SecTrans Ray LaHood hates your cell phone.

    So.  It’s a few years from now.  You’re driving in your car (with a passenger); it’s night, and it’s snowing. You’re out in the middle of nowhere.  One of your tires blows out: fortunately, you’re able to stop before you flip the car, but you’re still out in the middle of nowhere at night in the snow with a flat tire.  But that’s why you | Read More »

    PBS memory-holes Tina Fey’s attack on conservative women.

    One wonders why they bothered.  One, it’s PBS; two, Fey’s comments were in receiving one of those awards that apparently exist solely to give neurotic artists a little external self-confidence; and three, it’s not like Tina Fey wasn’t saying anything that we’ve all drearily come to expect from the American celebrity Left.  To wit: “And, you know, politics aside, the success of Sarah Palin and | Read More »


    Vulgarity on display: antiwar demonstration in Chicago.

    OK. I need to apologize in advance for this video footage, given that it ends with some pretty foul things said about the wife of the Israeli Prime Minister. While I think that it’s important that people see what kind of attitudes and language is considered acceptable by the antiwar movement, I also recognize that actually being exposed to it without warning is unfair to | Read More »

    Pass your own line-item veto, Axelrod.

    Oh, Davey.  I know that it’s all mean and stuff that his man-god is going to have to run as a mere mortal in ’12, but that doesn’t excuse amateur tactics on David Axelrod’s part, right?  If he wants the line-item veto so badly in order to combat all that nasty pork that the President supposedly doesn’t want to approve, then Obama should dust off | Read More »

    Liz Cheney for National Security Advisor!

    …No, I’m perfectly serious.  We have had to deal with two [expletive deleted] years of this administration’s clueless posturing on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: more, if you count the clueless posturing that took place before the election.  And after those two-plus years we are now being told that the plan for KSM is that he… be detained indefinitely.  No civilian trial.  No military commission.  Just keep | Read More »

    Rangel stole $400K for legal defense.

    Yes, “steal.”  Rep. Charles Rangel was not allowed to use money from his leadership PAC to pay his legal bills, it beggars belief that he did not know that he was not allowed to use money from his leadership PAC to pay his legal bills, and yet he did it anyway.  If we can’t call the deliberate diversion of money that was raised and allocated | Read More »

    Pelosi, Hoyer, and Clyburn share a smaller pie.

    I’m not… appalled: this is minority-party business, and as such is not likely to interfere with the real business of the House anyway.  But… wow.  Just… wow.  They’re going to short-circuit the looming Hoyer/Clyburn Minority Whip fight by giving Clyburn an extra-special new #3 position, just for him!  No word on the duties, privileges, job description, or even the name of said position (I suggest | Read More »

    Sen Kent Conrad (D, ND) & I agree!

    Reversing the fiscal insanity that’s been unleashed upon us by the Democratic party would be a good thing, even if it means that some politicians lose their jobs.  I am completely in favor of this policy.  I think that I want to take this policy in hand and make sure it’s eating properly.  In fact, I have a list of Senators whose firing in 2012 | Read More »

    Campaign Finance Law 120: Recount restrictions.

    Executive summary: the setup and funding of election recounts is affected, like virtually everything else in politics involving money, by the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (otherwise known as the BCRA, otherwise known as McCain-Feingold*).  The Federal Election Committee (FEC) has advised that aid by the national committees in the recount efforts be administered as per the following: Direct financial support is limited to $5,000 to | Read More »

    Heckuva job there, Nance.

    In the process of genteelly begging soon-to-be-ex-Speaker Nancy Pelosi to not run for House Minority Leader, Joan Vennochi issued the usual flatteries about her: that Pelosi had fortitude, that the way the country turned against her was unfair, that Pelosi demonstrated a good grasp of how to wield power, and so forth.  This is a remarkably common theme among the Left, these days: and I | Read More »

    Carol Browner behind Interior moratorium lie?

    Back in June reports came out suggesting that Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar had lied in a report on the Gulf Coast spill by claiming that a panel of outside exports had peer-reviewed the report’s conclusions, which included a job-killing moratorium on offshore drilling.  After this came out, the Interior Secretary had to retract and disavow any nefarious intent on the administration’s behalf; and | Read More »