Meet Linda McMahon (R CAND, CT-SEN).

    Linda, of course, is running against CT AG Dick Blumenthal, who rather famously lied about his war record a few months back. We talked earlier today about the steadily-tightening race in Connecticut: Linda has sites here and here; the latter is her MyLinda2010 site, and is geared towards activism. Crossposted to Moe Lane.

    Agreed, Gibbs: Obama is not Bush.

    As you may recall, White House press flack Robert Gibbs earlier this week announced his frustration with his party’s fringe Democrats who are unaccountably upset that they trade money and effort for… well, Gibbs’s frustration and contempt. It was fascinating to watch – for that matter, so was the latest extended whine from Alan ‘counting-the-days-until-his-permanent-MSNBC-gig’ Grayson on the subject* – but my sense of honor | Read More »

    Bill Clinton denies role in WH/Sestak bribe.

    Background: as you may recall, starting last year (and as recently as May 2010) Joe Sestak began to allege that the White House offered him an administration job in exchange for dropping out of Pennsylvania’s Senate Democratic primary.  These allegations were both surprising and unsurprising; unsurprising because such offers are made all the time (something similar was reported in Colorado’s Democratic Senate primary), but surprising | Read More »

    Meet Ben Lange (R CAND, IA-01).

    We actually talked yesterday, but Ben’s campaign came out with an online ad that they want to showcase.  I was happy to oblige; it’s a good ad (and can be seen after the fold). The interview itself is below: Ben’s site is here: he’s up against Bruce Braley, so every little bit helps.

    Rasmussen: Meek must be sunk…

    …if the Democrats want to keep the R from the seat. If Meek gets the nomination, Marco Rubio wins; if Greene gets it, Crist picks up enough votes to make the race competitive. And, of course, if Crist wins he’ll then finish the project of becoming a Democrat. That was Arlen Specter’s mistake, you see: openly turning your coat will strike too many people as | Read More »

    Robin Carnahan campaign apologizes for attack.

    It seems that one of their campaign’s guys (Kansas City Councilman Bill Skaggs) got a little grabby and profane with a Republican video tracker. By that I mean that Skaggs apparently laid hands on the video tracker, threatened him, swore at him (not bleeped out on the video below, so keep that in mind), and called him ‘boy’*. Funny how these people hate being on | Read More »

    CT-SEN starts to reset.

    A funny thing happened in Connecticut lately: the Senate race started tightening. This Reuters article about the likely McMahon/Blumenthal match-up contains at least one major howler – to the best of my knowledge, Linda McMahon has never been an actual professional wrestler* – but the major point seems valid: McMahon has made up considerable ground in the last few months.  Of particular note is the | Read More »

    ‘Revolution in the air,’ forsooth.

    Today’s conservative pick-me-up of liberal gloom and despair comes from Brent Budowsky, whose I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-the-blackest-irony piece in the Hill (called “Revolution in the air:” again, forsooth) will provide you with a piquant, yet filling, compliment to your coffee-and-beverage. Budowsky has come to the realization that a: there is an epic-level anger out there with the people running things into the ground and b: everybody is extremely | Read More »

    Meet Joel Demos (R CAND, MN-05).

    Come, I will conceal nothing from you: Joel Demos has, by his own admission, a monster of a job ahead of him with regard to MN-05 (Keith Ellison’s district). We talked about his race today. Joel’s site is here: and let me talk a bit tactically for a moment. The peculiarity of the MN-05 seat is that while Keith Ellison gets a lot of money | Read More »

    DoJ: HIV transmission a *civil right*?

    (Via Instapundit) This is a joke, right? Surely not even this administration is going to let people die of AIDS – even if they’re convicts – by going after humane correctional policies designed to keep uninfected convicts from being infected while still providing the infected treatment and counseling. Even if it does mean removing terminally ill, infectious convicts from the general prison population. That’s just | Read More »

    Jesse Kelly (R CAND, AZ-08) ahead in primary two ways.

    How do we know this?  First, because there’s a new local poll out that shows Jesse Kelly leading the primary with 35% of the vote. Second, and more importantly, because one of his opponents put together a hit site.  Link’s via Instapundit – I’m not going to give said site traffic – and it’s quite the little collection of innuendos and assertions-stated-as-fact, in its way. | Read More »

    The DCCC’s Super-Genius November Strategy.

    In the process of trying to convince people that Tom Perriello might possibly have a chance at keeping his seat in Virginia’s Fifth District (given Perriello’s bad habit of voting as directed by his party’s liberal leadership) against Robert Hurt, the Washington Post tried to trot out this particular line of nonse… ah, conventional wisdom: Though polls suggest that Republicans are by far the more | Read More »

    “Who is Elizabeth M. Ackland?”

    No, I’m not doing an update of Atlas Shrugged – the name doesn’t really scan, does it? – but I’d like to note that Ms. Ackland features rather prominently in a Russ Feingold ad: One of the people whose Russ Feingold’s tireless work in the Senate has benefited with a job! Isn’t she lucky, in this wonderful, Democratic-controlled economic environment of 9.5% national unemployment! Just | Read More »

    Joel Demos (R CAND, MN-05).

    This is one of those memorable campaign ads. To set up: Joel Demos is the only Republican candidate in the MN-05 primary next week, which means that he’s going to be the Republican nominee to face off against Keith Ellison. And, trust me: Joel is fully aware of what that means. Actually, you don’t have to trust me. You just have to watch his own | Read More »

    Why the White House needs to worry about Proposition C.

    Read up on reports of the results of Tuesday’s vote on Missouri’s Proposition C* and you’re going to notice what James Taranto did: there’s an urge to declare the vote ‘largely symbolic‘ (amusingly, this includes Taranto’s own Wall Street Journal, or at least the portions of it that aren’t part of the opinion section).  This is generally political-speak for ‘the voting public just kicked our | Read More »